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Hi! I’m Natalie, known to most as Nat. I’m a sex blogger and adult product reviewer. I’m learning how to take back control of my sex life and turn it into a positive thing. I mostly write about my experiences, both good and bad, and things that interest me in the nsfw world.

Pronouns: She/her.

Age: Twenty something.

From: England, but I am part Spanish/German.

I’m currently in a semi long-distance, long-term relationship with my boyfriend of two years. We are both introverts and prefer to spend our time indoors watching Netflix and doing some actual chilling. I’m a big fan of series like Criminal Minds, CSI and Law and Order. I don’t know what that says about me other than I have slightly morbid taste in entertainment and a bit of a passion for forensic science. He is more of a Marvel and DC kinda guy.

If you met me in my day-to-day life, which would be ironic as I barely leave the house, you’d see an animal loving, sensitive but sarcastic gal with a tendency to dwell on the small things. I’m an anxiety sufferer and find animals to be one of the only things that bring me peace, along with the sound of thunderstorms and rain hitting my window. I guess that makes me a pluviophile.

I love to write about my experiences, the industry and sexy topics in general. I particularly enjoy writing reviews, which makes up a huge portion of this blog. I only use toys that are made from body-safe materials now, such as glass, metal, abs plastic, silicone and even wood. I have a preference for vibrators and migrate towards those, but I have realised on this journey that a toy doesn’t have to vibrate for me to think it’s great. If it does vibrate, then I have a rumbly, powerful craving that hopes to be satisfied.

Favourite vibrators: We-Vibe Tango, Doxy Die Cast, Satisfyer Pro 2, Womanizer Pro 40L’Amourose Rosa Rouge, Bodywand WandPlus G-Spot Vibrator and the Happy Rabbit 2 Natural.

Favourite dildos: Crowned Jewels Marylebone, Desirables Dalia, Icicles No 24, nJoy Pure Wand, Split Peaches The Rivetor, Tantus Uncut 2, Lovehoney Nubby and the Tantus Flurry 02

Favourite butt plugs: Fun Toys G Plug Small, Crowned Jewels Globe Aluminium Classic Butt Plug and the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug.

Favourite kinky toys: Coco de Mer Teach Me a Lesson Spanking Ruler, Dragon Claws, Liberator WedgeTantus Snap Strap and the Liberator Jaz Motion.