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Adult Content

It’s pretty obvious from the name of my blog that I’m nsfwThis blog is dedicated to talking about sex, toys, lingerie and other adult content. All of my content is directed at a mature, adult audience. If you’re under the age of eighteen and/or the age of consent in the country you’re visiting from, this blog is not for you.

Product Reviews

Sometimes I receive a product free of charge in exchange for my feedback. This does not affect the content of the review in anyway. I base my opinions solely on my own experiences, my personal tastes and my partner’s thoughts, as well as the basic things such as specs, quality and aesthetics. I do not and cannot guarantee a positive review, whether it’s for a product that I purchased myself or one that I received free. I will not remove or edit the content of a review for any reason other than updating links, updating information, adding disclaimers or changing photos. I certainly would not remove a review because a company wasn’t happy with a two star rating. All of my reviews are my honest thoughts, but I try to be as fair as possible. I won’t hesitate to tell you if something is bad.

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links/banners/ads throughout this blog. I always disclose at the end of a post if these have been used within the content. You’ll also find a list of companies I affiliate with here and in my sidebar. What this means is that when you shop through one of my links, I earn a commission of the sale at no cost to you. This helps to support the cost of running my blog and I’m always extremely grateful when somebody shops through one of my links. If you’d like to access some affiliate exclusive offers, then I may have some and I’d be happy to share if you contact me and ask. I’m available for any questions you may have and I’m happy to provide product advice. I would much rather spend several hours going through options with you then let you buy something crap or toxic.