Review: Adrien Lastic Bonnie and Clyde 

Adrien Lastic Bonnie and ClydeAfter reviewing for Adrien Lastic recently and having a really pleasant experience with the company, I was more than happy to review another product of theirs. This time, I received the Bonnie and Clyde which is a dual stimulator with a rotating shaft. I must admit that I was slightly apprehensive about receiving this, as rabbit vibrators are notorious for being tricky to get right, due to the differences in female anatomy, but I was willing to give it a chance. Read on to find out how we got on.

The packaging for this vibrator is quite simple, just a white cardboard sleeve featuring a picture of the toy on the front and its key features on the back in multiple languages. Underneath the sleeve is a pink box with the Adrien Lastic branding on it. Inside this box, the rabbit is placed within a plastic tray, along with the charging cable, instruction manual and a branded storage pouch.

The Bonnie and Clyde is made from a smooth, seamless and high-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, non-porous and free from latex and phthalates. It’s odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. I was really impressed with the quality of the silicone as it feels luxurious to the touch, with little to no drag to it. I’d still recommend using some water-based lubricant on the shaft to maximise comfort and a small amount on the clitoris if you need to. It looks well-made and feels better than I had envisioned. It is completely waterproof which makes it a great playmate for the bath or shower and extremely convenient to clean. A spray of toy cleaner and a rinse will do the job.

Adrien Lastic Bonnie and ClydeThis is a rechargeable toy and as I expected, it needed a full charge before I could use it. Insert the USB into your chosen charging port and the jack into the base of the toy to get started. It will glow a steady red light when it’s charging, that will turn off once the charge is complete. It takes around three hours, which is said to give four hours of playtime, but as I haven’t yet needed to recharge it, I cannot be sure of this.

The Bonnie and Clyde is around nine inches in overall length, with an insertable length of six inches and a maximum circumference of five inches. I think these are pretty manageable measurements for those who are used to things inside them, but it might be too much for a complete beginner. The internal arm is quite rigid, particularly around the bulbous head so when this is combined with the rotation, it makes the toy feel bigger than it is. The clitoral arm is completely flexible so it can be moved and adjusted to fit your anatomy. It is a total of 3.5 inches in length, 2 of which are the arm itself and the rest is the singular ear.

It is operated via a four-button interface. Two of which control the clitoral arm and the remaining two control the shafts rotation. The clitoral arm controls are on the left side next to a wave pattern on the base of the toy. The plus begins the vibrations when pressed and held for a few seconds, then cycles through the ten options with each further tap. The minus button cycles back down through the settings and turns the toy off when pressed and held. The rotation controls are on the right side of the base next to two arrows. The plus button begins the rotation when pressed and held, then continues through the ten options with each further tap. The rotation is turned off in the same way as mentioned above.

Adrien Lastic Bonnie and ClydeI was expecting three rotations maximum, as that is what the majority of rotating toys seem to have, but this one has ten functions. It has everything from a slow, gentle rotation which is great for warming-up or getting used to the sensation of rotation to an intense, fast spin-cycle. I have only tried one other rotating rabbit and that was recently, but I will say that this is a type of stimulation that I’d love to experience more of. I tried all of the settings out in my hand first, to get a feel for what I was about to try internally and I was almost certain from the outset that I would be able to get some g-spot stimulation from this.

I lubricated the shaft and inserted it, just focusing on the rotation at this point and as I expected, it found the g-spot quite quickly. I mentioned earlier that the shaft is rigid, particularly in the head, which makes this toy fantastic for this type of stimulation. I have a stubborn g-spot that will only be stimulated to the point of orgasm from a rigid material and a bulbous head, so luckily for me, this toy has both. It applied a close-to-perfect amount of pressure, which then made it easy for me to orgasm. My favourite setting is the third one, which is one of the faster rotations as I find this is the function that hits all of the right places with little effort. It combines g-spot stimulation with some fierce attention to the vaginal walls and as this toy has a reasonable girth, it also adds a further sensation of fullness.

Adrien Lastic Bonnie and ClydeAs for the clitoral arm, I found that I needed to insert the vibrator further than I usually would to make it touch the clitoris. If I inserted 3/4 of the length, like I usually do, then I could only feel the singular ear against the clitoris and it doesn’t vibrate, so it wasn’t stimulating. Once I got going with this, I felt like I needed the vibrations to be stronger. The internal arm feels so great, that the vibrations from the clitoral arm are disappointing in comparison. I have found this is often the case with a rabbit, but it’s usually the other way around.

It has three speeds and seven patterns, so I automatically went for the third speed hoping for the intensity I was looking for, but it didn’t quite get there. It’s not a bad level of vibration and for those who aren’t power queens it would probably be enough, but it took me a long time to orgasm with it. So it is possible for me to orgasm, but when it happens, it’s mediocre and I haven’t got time for anything less than intense. As for the patterns, I don’t generally like them anyway but I think it’s necessary to this review that I tried them out. The second pattern is so gentle, I thought that I’d turned the vibrator off, until I got close to it and realised the toy was still making noise. It’s a useless function in my opinion and could have been made so much better.

In terms of noise, the Bonnie and Clyde’s clitoral arm is extremely quiet, but the rotating shaft makes a small amount of sound. It’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect from a toy such as this and it can be easily disguised or hidden by the sound of the television in the background and/or a closed-door.

I received the Bonnie and Clyde in exchange for my review from Adrien Lastic, thank you! You can purchase your own Bonnie and Clyde ($119.95/£71.36) from Mimi De Luxe. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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