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I was recently contacted by Adrien Lastic, who asked if I would like to review a product of theirs. I of course said yes and after browsing through their site, I decided on something unique called the Couple Secrets. This is one of their newest products and is the type of toy I’ve always been curious about, although I had never found one that was body-safe and within the right dimensions, until now.

The packaging for the Couple Secrets is quite simple, just a white cardboard sleeve featuring a picture of the product on the front and its key features on the back in multiple languages. Underneath the cardboard sleeve is a simple pink box with the Adrien Lastic branding on it. Inside the box, I found the Couple Secrets and compatible remote complete with two spare batteries, the charging cable, instruction manual and a small satin storage pouch.

To get started, the Couple Secrets needs to be fully charged. Insert the USB into your chosen charging port and the jack into the base of the toy. It will glow a steady ready light when it’s charging, that will turn off once the charge is complete. I did find that the toy had to be on a completely flat surface or the charge would disconnect. A full charge takes around 90 minutes, which gives an approximate play time of 40 minutes, although this varies slightly depending on the settings used. I found the remote control much harder to get ready as the back doesn’t slide off easily, it’s incredibly stiff and I had to enlist the help of a screwdriver to remove it, which was not very sexy. Once I finally got the back off, I placed in the singular CR2032 battery and placed the back into place.

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The Couple Secrets is an innovative hands-free vibrator that is designed for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. It is made entirely from silicone, so is completely body-safe and non-toxic. Unfortunately, it is only splashproof, not waterproof, which is a bit of a shame. I think any toy that is being used anally should be fully waterproof to ensure a thorough clean can be done after use. It can be rinsed under water, providing it’s not for long periods of time and it’s kept completely away from the charging port. I’ve resorted to using antibacterial toy wipes when cleaning this toy, although I don’t think that’s going to keep it sanitary for long.

This vibrator is quite small, in terms of both length and girth. The longer arm (including the base) is 9.3cm long, which is roughly 3.6 inches, leaving the insertable length an inch less than that.  The smaller arm is 6cm long, which is approximately 2.35 inches, with around an inch being accounted for in the base. The girth is minimal too, with the widest part of the longer arm being only 3.4cm, which is about the same width as two fingers.

To start the vibrations, press the A on the product (located near the charging point) for a few seconds and wait for a quick vibration. Once this has happened, this means the toy is ready to use with the remote. To activate the remote, press the small button and then tap the larger button to cycle through the various modes. To turn the toy off, press the A on the product again for a few seconds and the second vibration will tell you that it’s been properly disconnected from the remote, to finish off simply press the smaller button on the remote again.

Out of the ten functions, three are constant speeds and the remaining seven are patterns. I tried out the constant speeds first as these are primarily the only functions I use on a vibrator and I wasn’t surprised to discover the vibrations were buzzy. They weren’t weak, but the vibrations were definitely surface-level, which doesn’t particularly do it for me. I found the smaller arm to be less powerful than the longer one on the first two speeds, although it seems to catch up on the third. If I had to rate the vibrations on a scale of 1 to Doxy Die Cast, I’d give them a 4 on the lower settings and 5 on the highest. I think they will be strong enough for non power-queens, but it wasn’t strong enough for me. The patterns were interesting and although the majority of them didn’t do it for me because I’m a pattern hater, I did like the third one which was a mix of constant vibration that had a slight dip in intensity before surging in power.

How does it work?

Basically, the small arm is inserted into the anus whilst the longer arm enters the vagina. I found both arms to be so short that they just sort of sit in the entrance of the orifice, rather than penetrate it. It was comfortable to wear, but not exactly stimulating, even with the vibrations. I tried to use this alone on several different occasions and didn’t really get anything from it, regardless of the position & setting I used, so I decided to try it out with my partner as recommended instead.

This is where I began to understand this toy. It seemed to actually be doing something when used with a partner. The way Adrien Lastic recommend you use it is by inserting the toy and then having sex with your partner whilst wearing it. It’s very petite so it was easy to accommodate both the toy and my partner, although he did complain about it causing discomfort in positions other than slight variations of missionary. I still didn’t get much from the internal vaginal arm, but having a sense of fullness combined with fast thrusting from my partner made the internal anal arm feel much more intense. The more pressure I feel vaginally, the better the anal sensation usually is, and that was exactly the case with this toy.

Another way I found to use this toy, was to turn the vibrator around so the curve of the longer arm was facing upwards and the smaller arm was leaning against my clitoris, as then it sort of felt like the stimulation a rabbit vibrator would provide. It didn’t have enough power to induce an orgasm, but it did feel good and was a nice warm-up to using other toys or having sex, although there are other toys I’d prefer to use for this purpose.

Adrien Lastic Couple Secrets 5

Overall, I don’t think this is the right toy for me but I think that it could be right for somebody else. There are a few things that let it down for me and that includes not being waterproof, the stiffness of the back of the remote and the buzzy vibrations. I did like the fact it was rechargeable, quiet, easy to use and something different from your average vibrator, it just wasn’t compatible with me. If you’ve always been curious about double or even triple penetration, don’t mind small toys with slim girth and surface-level vibrations, then this could be the toy for you.

I received the Adrien Lastic Couple Secrets (£58.99) from Adrien Lastic in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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