Review: Blush Novelties Aria Lotus Flutter 

When I saw the Lotus Flutter for the first time, I was intrigued. Something about the shape called to me and I had a feeling that it would work well with my anatomy. Luckily for me, Blush Novelties agreed to send me one to review so I could see for myself.

This package arrived much faster than my previous parcel from Blush, so I guess customs and Royal Mail were feeling generous this time around! The packaging was plain and discreet, with the name only mentioned in small print on the customs information. The packaging for the Lotus Flutter is classic and well-designed, just a simple cardboard sleeve with visible window that slides up to reveal an open cardboard box with plastic casing containing the toy.

Blush Novelties Aria Lotus Flutter

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The Lotus Flutter is made from a very smooth, velvety silicone which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and body-safe.  I found that this silicone had minimal drag to it, but a little water-based lubricant makes it glide inside with ease. The material appears to be seamless and is only obvious that it’s not once really close up. The silicone does attract some lint, not as much as I expected, but this can easily be removed with running water and sprayed with toy cleaner. This vibrator is waterproof, but the base has to be properly secured to stop water from getting into the battery compartment and causing damage.

I think the Aria Lotus Flutter is the perfect size for someone looking for their first dual stimulator as it’s quite slimline with a girth of just over 4 inches. The head is the widest part and is slightly bulbous and well-defined, but the vibrator then slims down heading into the shaft, before widening again slightly as it meets the clitoral arm. It is 7.25 inches in overall length with 4.25 inches being insertable, which should be comfortable and manageable for most people. The clitoral arm finishes roughly an inch below where the insertable portion ends, which means that there isn’t much handle room left over. I’d have liked another inch or so for the most comfortable grip.

This vibrator is battery operated and takes two AAA’s. Unscrew the base to reveal the battery compartment and look closely to see which way the batteries should be inserted, then simply screw the base back on firmly and you’re all ready to go. There is only one button on the Lotus Flutter, so it’s pretty easy to understand and doesn’t take long to get to know. Simply press the button to begin the vibrations, tap to cycle through the various functions and press and hold for a few seconds to turn the toy off.

There are ten lovely functions to choose from on the Lotus Flutter, it offers up 5 speeds and 5 functions. I was expecting 3 speeds and 7 functions, but I prefer the choice of extra speeds, so I’m glad! The first speed is quite tickle-like, very delicate and the clitoral arm is pretty weak, although the shaft is  noticeably buzzy. The second speed was very similar, the clitoral arm was still being ignorant, but the shaft was firing up. The third speed is where the clitoral arm finally becomes noticeable and the shafts vibrations begin to intensify. The fourth and final speed have great clitoral stimulation and the shaft is fairly powerful, but because the vibrations are buzzy, I find them to be numbing after a couple of minutes.

I’m not a huge fan of patterns, but I did think it was quite cool that you can actually see the lotus flutter when these functions come out to play. It’s predominantly at the highly flexible tip and the top portion of the wings. The first function is a growing pulsation and sets the fluttering off to a gentle start, the second and third are quite similar, both are fast paced buzzing, with the third being higher in intensity. The fourth function is a similar fast buzzing, but this time it’s followed by a power surge and last but not least, the fifth is a rollercoaster function that’s followed by a surge. I quite like this one and this is typically the only function that I will use. As for noise, this toy sounds loud when up close and personal, but cannot be heard from the next room, even on the loudest setting.

Was I right about the fit?

Yes. I could tell from the first moment I’d inserted the shaft that I would get along with the build of this toy. The clitoral arm is quite wide and also comes up quite highly, so it rests around my clitoris very easily. The shaft has enough flexibility to it than I can make it touch my front wall and rest against my g-spot with some minor adjustments, without losing the contact it’s made with my clitoris. I think this is one of the best-fitting rabbits I’ve tried and had it had two motors rather than two vibration points by the same motor, I think this toy would have been an absolute winner. I often find the clitoral arm of a rabbit suffers as the majority of the power goes to the shaft and that seems to be the case with the Lotus Flutter.

Blush Novelties Aria Lotus Flutter 5If the clitoral arms power had been amped up or there had been a second motor placed inside, I think I would have found this easy to orgasm with. As it stands, the power is the wrong way around for me, as I need the strongest vibrations sent to my clitoris, not my front wall or g-spot. I did find the stimulation to be pleasant and I could manage an internal orgasm with this if I tried hard enough and waited a while, but if I’m going to use a rabbit/dual stimulator, I want to use both points of focus simultaneously and enjoy them.

I received the Aria Lotus Flutter from Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the Lotus Flutter ($44.99/£35.12) in Lime, Tangerine, Cherise or Plum from Bettys Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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