My Thoughts On Ask a Porn Stars Horror Set Stories

ASK A PORN STARI was going to write a review today, but I came across a series of videos that I wanted to talk about instead. I can’t remember exactly how I came across this series, I just ended up on the weird side of Youtube and found a video entitled ‘Ask A Porn Star: What was your grossest on set experience?’. I became intrigued, so I decided to watch said video.

I don’t know much about porn or the porn industry as I don’t watch it and never really have, obviously I’ve seen the odd video here and there, but it’s not something that I personally find appealing or seek out. I don’t need the visuals to get off, but for those who do, I think you’ll be surprised by some of the stories these adult performers talk about in this video. I almost turned the video off at the sight of one male performer who’s been in the headlines quite a bit and I don’t think I need to mention any names here but I’m glad I watched the rest of the video because it turned out to be eye-opening.

First of all, I have major respect for these performers after watching this. Some of the horrific things they have to go through to put on a show for the viewer, I could never do. If any of the things I’m about to mention ever happened to me, I’d call it a day and be absolutely mortified. I have to give them props for cleaning up and carrying on.  I love that they’re so open about what they do and embrace it, rather than be ashamed of it. It’s definitely not a job that’s easy to do, so I have some respect for the performers, even though porn isn’t and will probably never be my thing.

So, onto the topics mentioned in the video… There’s lots of shit stories. Literally.

I assumed accidents happened during anal scenes now and then, but apparently, it’s a very common/regular thing to happen on shoots. So many different examples are mentioned in this video, it’s actually quite shocking. I feel so sorry for everyone who’s ended up with it on their face, but again, major respect for carrying on, I would not feel up for sexiness after that. There are so many stories about people not understanding their bodies, so to me that just proves that this taboo subject needs to be talked about more, even amongst adult industry professionals.

The damn make-up sponges. I could have gone my whole life without knowing that. I have never heard of people putting a sponge inside their body to stop bleeding and I’m still not understanding how people can forget it’s there. Can you not feel it?

Thirdly, how reassuring is it to hear that even porn stars struggle with squirting? I think it’s very well assumed that every porn star or woman can, but it’s just not the case. We are all different and we can’t all orgasm in the same ways and that is ok. Judging by the stories in this video, you might never know if your favourite porn star can really squirt or if they’ve just had water pushed into them that they let out on cue. I hope that people out there who are putting pressure on themselves to squirt can take a minute to watch this video and understand that even some ‘professionals’ cannot do it, it’s not the be-all and end-all of orgasms. There is nothing wrong with you if you can’t do it.

*photo and video links can be found on or the woodrocket youtube channel, which is the source of the content spoken of in this post. no copyright intended*