Review: Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant (US version)

Lovehoney Discover Lube US VersionMy partner and I engage in anal play on a fairly regular basis so we rarely say no to trying lubes that can make those sessions go smoother. I’m a bit of a lubeaholic anyway, so I was excited to get my hands on an upcoming release. I wasn’t sure what the product would be when I put myself forward to review it, but after discovering it was Lovehoney’s Discover Lubricant I was rather pleased.

I was expecting it to just be the same as the version I already know and love, but then I read the ingredients list and noted a lot of changes. After spotting that I was naturally curious to give this a go and see how the two versions compared. Check out the quick review for a basic summary or read on full the full lowdown.

It arrives in a sturdy transparent bottle, which I liked as this enables me to see how much product is left, with a non-tacky, unobtrusive label wrapped around it. It doesn’t scream out sexual lubricant in comparison to other brands like Durex. It had been shrink-wrapped for assurance that it hadn’t been tampered with prior to arrival, which was another plus, and the bottle was also locked to prevent spills and mess. This lube dispenses via a pump which is convenient, removes the potential for mess and waste and is my preferred dispensing option.

Before I get into the consistency and how it feels in use, I want to cover some of the other most important aspects. Taste and odour. These are two things that I prefer to know about before deciding to purchase a sexual lubricant. My partner did the taste test and claimed that it’s not very desirable in that department. He likened it to hair gel or something similar and for that reason he would not recommend using this for any sort of oral contact. It was too chemically based for him. In regards to scent, neither of us could pick up anything, pleasant or otherwise, so that’s a positive.

We are very insistent on patch testing before applying lubricant to our intimate areas because of sensitive skin. We didn’t encounter any reactions such as itching, burning or rash developing so we decided to go ahead. I have used the UK version of Discover for vaginal use in the past, particularly when I’ve wanted to use bigger toys as its perfect for lots of comfortable cushioning, but I wouldn’t use this version for anything but anal. The reason for that is that this version includes Glycerin and I don’t like to mess up my vulva with a UTI.

I seemed to be fine with it anally, but I was a bit put off by the inclusion of Methylparaben. I really prefer to avoid any and all parabens in my lubes and would much rather recommend lubricants to others that are paraben free too. If you are like me and would prefer to avoid them or you’re sensitive to them, then I would not recommend this version to you. I would recommend Sliquid Sassy or Sliquid’s Gel Lubricant as an irritant free replacement. If you aren’t so bothered by parabens, then the lube itself is fit for purpose and does the job well.

When I placed a couple of pumps into my palm for the first time I was impressed with the consistency. It’s definitely thick and gel-like as described and I think that’s a great combination for any sort of anal play. It’s pretty thick in terms of texture and has no sticky, greasy feel to it (during or after use) which surprised me. I’ve encountered many lubricants that contain glycerin and nearly all of them have become tacky and gross quite quickly after application. It provides a thick layer of protection to the back door whilst reducing any discomfort that may occur. My partner is well endowed so anal can be painful if not sufficiently warmed up and lubricated. Discover solves that issue. It removes the uncomfortable friction for me without taking away the friction that makes anal sex so great for him.

Overall, I cannot deny that Lovehoney’s Discover Lubricant (US) is fit for purpose. It has a good consistency and thickness for anal play, has no offensive odour and lasts a reasonable amount of time. I’d estimate 20-25 minutes of use before needing to reactivate it. It can be used with any sort of sex toy as its water based and is perfect for removing the drag from a silicone plug, but the ingredients list is not going to be suitable for everyone. If you’re not in the US, Lovehoney’s Discover has a much better set of ingredients and by that I mean no parabens or glycerin. I don’t know why the ingredients had to be changed so much for Discover to be approved for sale in the US, but I’m glad that the consistency was not altered.

Product name? Lovehoney Discover Water Based Anal Lubricant (US)

Type? Water based

Amount? 8.5 fl oz / 250ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Condom safe? Compatible with latex and polyurethane

Does it contain Glycerin? Yes

Does it contain Proplyene Glycol? Yes

Does it contain Parabens? Yes

Price? $19.99

Ingredients? Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Proplyene Glycol, Cellulose Gum, EDTA, Carbomer, PEG-90M, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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You can purchase the Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant (US) ($19.99) from I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!



Review: The Butters Original All Natural Lube

Oil based lubes and I have not gotten along well in the past, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Butters. It has been described by some of my fellow bloggers as a “sex toy testers dream product”, so naturally I had to get my hands on a tub and see for myself. It doesn’t look like a typical lube and that’s because it isn’t. Each tub has been handmade rather than mass-produced and the ingredients are all natural as the name suggests (you can see the full list in the quick review). The Butters are a proudly queer, poc owned brand and this resonated hard with my partner. I believe he was sold on this company from the moment he spotted the black lives matter hashtag on the front of the tub. As a black man himself, he’s incredibly supportive of poc businesses especially when they relate to something he’s passionate about such as body-safety.

It comes in a bunch of different sized tubs but I received the size that Peepshow Toys stock which is the 8oz. It features a bright yellow label that reads “free of scents, dyes, sugar, glycerin, sweeteners, parabens, silicone, alcohol, gluten, phthalates and bullshit”. I particularly love that last one as who wants a lube that contains bullshit? Certainly not me. It also has a statement from the creator on the back that reads “my lube has been called the best lube you’ll ever use and not just by me. It’s super long-lasting, softens insides, moisturizes outsides, feels lush and helps keep your ph even. It’ll even help prevent yeast infections. No it’s not a miracle. It’s the butters.” I couldn’t wait to put it to the test after reading that encouraging sales pitch.

When I opened up the tub for the first time, I immediately noticed the colour. Yellow. Most lubricants are clear or white, but this one actually resembles butter. I guess that’s fitting considering the brand name. It dissipates into a clear form once it has begun to be rubbed into the skin and absorbed. I was expecting to not like this product when I first placed it into the palms of my hands as I picked up on a minor greasy texture. I’m not really fond of this with anything I put on my body, but particularly lubes. However this soon subsided once I had started massaging it into my skin and it left no sticky residue afterwards.

The Butters All Natural Lube and Moisturiser

The Butters All Natural Lube and Moisturiser

The Butters All Natural Lube and MoisturiserThe Butters All Natural Lube and Moisturiser





The Butters All Natural Lube can be used with numerous sex toy materials including silicone, glass, wood and ceramic. It can also be used on leather and pvc items, as-well as lamb skin and polyurethane. It is not recommended for items made from jelly, rubber, cyberskin, tpe/tpr, abs plastic and latex. I have used it on silicone and glass dildos with no problems whatsoever and found no residue on the surface of either after use. I preferred using it with silicone as I found it removed almost all of the drag from the material and made it glide so much easier into the body. It’s a gem of a lubricant to use with bigger toys like the Primal Hardwere Fluffer.

As a lubricant for sex, I tried it for both vaginal and anal penetration. It was nice enough vaginally, but I felt that it shined the most during anal play. It provides the perfect level of cushioning and comfort for back door sessions. My partner is above average in girth and length so anal can be somewhat uncomfortable without a good lube and a ton of warm-up but this lube is a game changer. I don’t know if anything can ever come close to how this feels again. Just a small amount of this creamy, luxurious goodness is more than enough to get the job done. It lasts absolutely ages and we have not needed to top up at all so far.

This product is not just a personal lubricant. It has a ton of other uses. The ones that creator Jerome has listed on his website are as follows:

  • Hair and Skin Conditioner
  • Ashiness Eraser
  • Massage Lotion
  • Face Cleanser
  • Make-up Remover
  • Wood and Leather Cleaner
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Shaving Cream
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Skin Protector
  • Tattoo Aftercare

But I am sure there are multiple other uses we don’t even know about yet. I personally found it great for my dead ends, cracked heels and dry skin. I’ve used it as an overall body moisturizer, massage product and a shaving cream so far. It was amazing as a shaving cream. It’s super thick so the razor does need to be rinsed under running water more often than it would with the thinner lotions, but it gets the job done a lot better than I anticipated. If I finish up with Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil I have legs that can compete with a Venus advert.

The Butters Original All Natural Lube has a subtle aroma that’s quite hard to pinpoint. I asked a couple of other people for their opinion on the scent and it seems that the consensus was just oil-like. One person said it was more of a cooking oil smell than a relaxing massage oil smell, but all agreed that it wasn’t unpleasant. It’s barely even detectable unless it’s held very close to the face. Taste wise, I can’t comment as I didn’t try it but my partner said that it’s not bad. It doesn’t really have a taste according to him, but he isn’t too fond of the texture on his tongue.

Overall, I think Jerome is a genius. He has created a marvellous product and completely changed my mind about ruling out oil based lubes. I would put this product on a pedestal alongside Sliquid’s Satin and Pjur’s Original Bodyglide as I like it that much. The only downside that I could find is that it comes in tub which means you need to wash your hands thoroughly before dipping your hands back in to the pot to avoid contaminating it with bacteria or bodily fluids. A tube may be more convenient but could bump up the price slightly. Jerome works hard to keep his products affordable stating that he prices his items at the price he’d wish to pay for them. I think that’s integrity at its finest. I would be happy however to pay a little bit extra for a tube that is more sanitary.

Quick Review

Product name? The Butters All Natural Lube and Moisturizer

Amount? 8 oz

Type? Oil based

Condom safe? Can be used with polyurethane but not latex

Vegan? Yes

pH balanced? Yes

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? No

Price? $12/£9.23

Ingredients? Pure organic aloe vera fillet gel, raw grade a golden ghanaian shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil, pure soy lipid emulsion, apple cider vinegar, arrowroot gel

You can purchase The Butters Original All Natural Lube ($12/£9.23) from Peepshow Toys. Get 10% off your order with code NatandTom. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


Review: Meo Stroke Masturbation Cream

Something that my partner and I had never tried before was masturbation cream/lubricant, but when we discovered a bottle of Stroke Cream was on its way from Meo for a review, he was more than willing to give it a go. He would usually just reach for whichever lubricant was closest to him, which is almost always water-based, but he complains that it doesn’t always last long enough or it isn’t thick enough. When I did a little bit of research into this product prior to its arrival, I noted that it was a hybrid concoction, which means it has a small amount of silicone for that extra lasting power and slickness that he’s been craving. Read on to find out whether he enjoyed the Stroke Cream or jump to the quick review if you just want the facts.

Stroke Masturbation CreamThe package arrived quickly and discreetly as advertised, with the labelling for the product itself being very simple and inoffensive. It was sealed with plastic for full assurance that it wasn’t tampered with prior to use, which we liked. It operates and dispenses via a pump nozzle, which is our personal preference for lubricants as it ensures that we get the perfect amount of product each time. A pump also avoids unnecessary spills, waste and mess. This particular bottle has a stopper in front of the nozzle, which has to be removed each time you wish to use the product, therefore reducing any remaining risks of leaking and waste.

The Stroke Lubricant appears in a faint off-white appearance at first, but this dissipates to completely clear once the product has been worked into the skin. It starts with a similar consistency to gel, before later turning into a slicker, unnoticeably textured lubricant. It’s not extremely thick, but it has more cushion to it than most of the water-based products he has tried. He likes the consistency and says that there is nothing off-putting about the texture. He hates creams and lubricants that leave his skin feeling sticky, tacky and greasy, but this product leaves his skin feeling the complete opposite.

He said that it really reduced the friction during masturbation and it felt particularly great to use something thicker around sensitive areas like his foreskin and glans. He is now convinced that he should have been using a hybrid lubricant all this time, as it apparently creates a much better, smoother glide and it lasts much longer than any water-based can. He estimates forty minutes of use without needing to reapply, which is great during sessions of edging and teasing. It didn’t cause any skin irritations, itching or uncomfortable sensations which he was pleased about, as he’s almost as sensitive to these products as I am.

It doesn’t stain bed sheets, towels or other fabrics and is much easier to remove than some of the other hybrid mixes we have tried. A little bit of a scrub under running water seems to be enough to get the residue removed. It doesn’t have any off-putting or even noticeable odours, which is a huge plus for my partner who will flat-out refuse to use a product if it smells chemical or artificial. It doesn’t taste great though, so I wouldn’t recommend giving your partner oral sex if they have just used this product.

Stroke Masturbation CreamOverall, I think his first experience with masturbation cream was successful. He found Stroke to be an enjoyable product and he was pleased with pretty much everything about it. I asked him for any criticisms or things he’d change and for once, he had nothing to say. This is a product that he would definitely use again and after this positive experiment, I’m sure he will be trying other similar lubricants in the near future.

Quick Review

Product name? Meo Stroke Masturbation Cream

Type? Hybrid Lubricant

How much product do I get? 100ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? Yes

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? Yes

Cruelty free? Yes, no testing on animals!

Condom safe? Yes

Ingredients? Aqua, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Acrylate/Acryloyldimethyl Taurate, Dimethiconol, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 80, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

We received the Stroke Masturbation Cream (16,90€/£14.74) from Meo in exchange for our review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: O-Glide Toygel Lubricant

O-Glide Toygel LubricantI recently received a silicone clitoral vibrator to review for Orion and they kindly sent this water-based lubricant along with it. It’s called O-Glide and is specifically designed to be used with sex toys. It arrived quickly and discreetly, presented in a delightful boutique-style branded bag.

If you want to find out if I loved or hated this product, then read on or simply jump to the quick review to find out the facts.

I found the cap hard to open on this product, it was so difficult in fact that I ended up breaking a couple of nails, which is not exactly helpful for getting in the mood. I thought it might just be a one-off, first time only situation, but it has been a struggle every time I have tried to open it. It might be that I just got a tube with a stiff cap, so it won’t be the same on others, but if it is a universal issue, then it may be worth looking into finding a less stiff option for future bottles.

I didn’t pick up on any immediate or strong odours but as I got closer to the product, it had a slight medical scent similar to the Just Glide Silicone Lubricant that I recently reviewed. It has a fantastic consistency, which for me means that it’s clear and thick. I am a fan of thicker water-based lubricants as I find they tend to last longer and be less stringy, which is exactly the case with the O-Glide. It reduces the friction that’s caused by materials such as silicone and can easily last for 20 minutes without needing a top-up, which is usually more than enough time for me to orgasm with a clitoral sex toy.

O-Glide Toygel LubricantIt doesn’t leave the skin feeling tacky, sticky or greasy which is a huge plus for me as I hate lubricants that make me feel the need to shower immediately afterwards. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed, causing no irritations or reactions. I have sensitive skin, so irritations are always a possibility in my mind, but I didn’t have any with this product. I will admit that I have not used it on any internal toys due to it containing glycerin, as this is an ingredient that tends to upset my ph scale and cause infections. I am still happy to use it with clitoral vibrators and would recommend it to others for that purpose.

Quick Review

Product name? O-Glide Toygel Lubricant

Type? Water-Based

How much product do I get? 100ml

How does it dispense? Flip top and squeeze

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? Yes

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? Yes

Vegan friendly? Yes

Condom safe? Yes

Ingredients? Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid, Tromethamine, Ethylhexylglycerin

Orion Logo

         I received the O-Glide Toygel Lubricant (7,95€/£6.85) from Orion in exchange for my review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Just Glide Silicone Lubricant

Just Glide Silicone LubricantAfter testing the Womanizer Just Glide Lubricant, I noticed that the same brand also make a few other products. I was particularly interested in their Silicone version as I really like this type of lubricant for penetrative sex. It’s also great for shower or bath fun and it glides so easily on toys that are made from glass and metal, which are my two favourite materials. Orion sent me a bottle to see what I thought, so read on to find out more or jump to the quick review if you just want the facts.

The bottle is similar to the previous version I reviewed, but this time it has a darker colour scheme. It’s nonchalant enough that it could be left out and not looked twice at. It was sealed with plastic for full assurance that it wasn’t tampered with prior to use, which I liked. It operates and dispenses via a pump nozzle, which is my personal preference for lubricants as it ensures that I get the perfect amount of product each time. A pump also avoids unnecessary spills, waste and mess.

Upon pumping the bottle for the first time, I noticed that the lubricant had a medical/hospital scent to it, which told me that this product was high-quality. I only associate this particular smell with hospitals and trust me, I’ve been in and out of them a whole lot. I don’t think it’s an off-putting or negative smell, but it’s not the sexiest of scents either.  This lubricant is quite thin, possibly one of the thinnest silicone lubricants I’ve tried, but it is extremely slick and lasts for a decent amount of time. It begins to dry out slightly after 20-30 minutes though, so a quick top-up may be needed if you tend to have longer sessions.

It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy and once I’d removed it, my skin was left feeling soft and refreshed. It is difficult to get off, as all silicone lubricants are, but simply applying some water-based over the top of the area before rinsing removes the majority of the product. A good scrub is sometimes needed to remove all traces of it.

Quick Review

Product name? Just Glide Silicone Lubricant

Type? Silicone Based

How much product do I get? 100ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? No

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? No

Condom safe? Yes

Ingredients? Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicnol, Ethylhexyl Stearate

       I received the Just Glide Silicone Lubricant (11.95€/£10.38) from Orion in exchange for my review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.