Review: Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral Vibrator

Alongside the highly anticipated release of the final film in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Lovehoney have launched the last official product collection for the range with each item named after quotes from the films and books. There have been a number of ongoing debates regarding this series, it’s representation of a dominant/submissive relationship and it’s accuracy surrounding kinky sex but we must take the time to acknowledge that it’s opened up conversations in mainstream society about incorporating toys, bondage and fantasies into our bedrooms. Lovehoney’s official ranges have further encouraged people to try to try some of the things they’ve seen or read about for themselves and I can’t argue that this is a bad thing as long as it’s all being done with consent and safety precautions in place.

Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral VibratorOne of the most common starting points for beginners are clitoral vibrators and the Desire Blooms seemed perfect for fans of broader external sensations, so let’s find out whether that’s the case! It arrived in a black and purple box with rose gold detailing. A glossy product shot adorned the front whilst a product description and general overview of the key features took over the sides. Inside the box, I found the toy with the storage pouch, charging cable and user manual stored neatly underneath.

I assumed that it would be quick and easy to start the charging process but unfortunately it was the complete opposite of simple. I attempted to unscrew the cap to twist it off several times but nothing happened. It just wouldn’t budge. I tried everything I could think of and had no luck so I decided to wait for my partner to arrive a few days later and ask for his assistance. He almost reached the point of giving up too but luckily managed to get the cap off on his final attempt. It’s so simple to charge once the cap comes off but it’s secured so tightly upon arrival that it’s like a round of total wipeout trying to set it up for its initial use. If you have weak wrists, joint problems or tendonitis like me then this may be an issue and would be something to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral VibratorWhen the cap is removed, the jack goes into the port inside the base of the vibrator and the usb into a suitable charging station. A constant red light appears during the charging process and turns green once complete. It takes around a hundred and fifty minutes to reach full battery and this is said to give ninety minutes of use time. Make sure the base is screwed back on firmly after charging or the vibrations will not work and the toy will no longer be completely waterproof.

Desire Blooms is made from a gorgeous purple silicone and finished with a rose gold plastic cap. The silicone is luxurious and feels very high quality, but the matte style finish causes quite a bit of drag and resistance. As a result I use a generous coating of water based lubricant each time it’s used to avoid any uncomfortable friction and I’d recommend others do the same. It is fully waterproof as briefly mentioned above so it can be rinsed with warm soapy water for cleaning or used in the bath or shower.

To get started press the singular button on the base twice in quick succession to remove the travel lock. You could also remove the lock by placing it on charge. It will buzz twice to indicate that it’s been locked or unlocked. To flick through the available functions continue to press until you reach the one that you want. There are ten to choose from, three of which are constant speeds and the remaining seven are patterns. There’s also a memory function so it will always start on the last setting used.

Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral VibratorOne thing that confuses me about the Desire Blooms is the order of the settings. It starts out on the highest intensity, then goes to medium, then low, before starting on the patterns. This seems to be a popular trend in recent toy designs but it doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

Many people like to start on low and build up to the high setting later so the fact that this toy does the opposite may put some people off. It only has the one button so you need to scroll through the highest to get to the lowest and if you miss the setting you want or decide to decrease the intensity later on, you have to scroll through all of the settings to find it again.

Personally I start out on high as I’m a power queen who likes her masturbation sessions to be fast and furious so the order of the settings doesn’t affect me directly but it’s a source of frustration for my partner and worth pointing out to people who need to go from low to high. I thought that the highest intensity was a bit buzzy and slightly numbing in the tip but not to the extent that it would put me off using the toy. The medium and low constant speeds are more on the rumbly spectrum. They both have some depth to them but the lowest setting in particular reaches all the right spots below the surface.

Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral VibratorWhilst direct clitoral contact is my preference and easiest method of orgasm, I’m not opposed to broad sensations. It just takes me a little longer to reach the point of climax. I noticed that I could achieve both types of stimulation from this vibrator though which makes it perfect for any mood.

Pushing the tapered and pronounced tip into my clitoris gives me the precise contact that I need to push me over the edge in seconds. I do have to use lubricant so that the buzzing of the high-speed doesn’t numb me before it could happen but the overall outcome makes that detail insignificant to me. Broad stimulation is made possible by resting the surface against my labia and clitoral area for maximum impact. You can also use it for penis stimulation in the same ways. Place the tip against the head of the penis for precise sensations or lay the surface flat against the head for widespread vibrations.

I have had some great orgasms with the Desire Blooms during the past couple of months and have been left feeling satisfied and content after each session. I think that it’s shape is wonderful and it works well with my anatomy. It is actually more comfortable to hold and use than one of my all-time favourite clitoral vibrators, the Je Joue Mimi Soft, so I can see this toy making a name for itself in my regular rotation of reliable orgasm givers. The bullet vibrator from this range is my favourite out of these two purely because of my preferences for precision but I would not hesitate to recommend the Desire Blooms to power lovers, fans of broad stimulation and people who are looking for something outside of the traditional pebble shape.

Overall, I think this toy is a blessing. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the vibrators from the original Fifty Shades Collection but Lovehoney have taken all of the feedback on board and raised their standards with the ranges that followed. The Freed range consists of several powerful, quiet vibrators that are aesthetically pleasing and made in an absolutely gorgeous combination of colours. The Desire Blooms was almost the perfect finale for me and if it wasn’t for the order of the constant vibrations and so-stiff-I-almost-quit base then this product would have been receiving top marks.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral Vibrator (£49.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark Vibrator

The clitoral vibrators category of sex toys is always expanding and producing new innovative designs, shapes and functions and as a fan of clitoral stimulation above everything else, I’m always eager to find new things to spoil my clit with. Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark stuck out to me for two main reasons, the first being the obvious hot red colouring and the second being the shape. It’s streamlined, ergonomic and different to other vibes I’ve tried in recent months. Too Timid describe the shape as ‘clit encasing’ which is the most accurate description of its aesthetics that I’ve come across. It has a closed hole that’s situated towards the tapered tip of the vibrator that is designed to surround the clitoris for maximum stimulation. In the past I have tried rabbit-ear shapes that have arms either side of the clitoris but no toys with an oval-shaped area have made it into my toybox yet so I was intrigued to see how it would perform in practice. So was it a searing success or more of a dying flame? Let’s find out!

Minimalistic, clear and non-intimidating packaging is the way forward in my opinion and I think Cal Exotics have achieved that here. The Spark is presented in a cardboard box with the key features and product information printed on the back and a transparent cover on the front to protect the toy inside. The cover features the product name and tasteful photo of a couple on the front whilst the box houses the charging cable and vibrator within some foam casing.

Along with the vibrant and attractive appearance, the Spark has a whole host of other positive features that become obvious after removing it from the box. It has been made from a soft, premium silicone so it’s body-safe, odourless, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and latex/phthalate free. Not only does it meet my safety requirements but it does so in a luxurious way with it’s silky seamless finish. It does have some drag to it and will attract its share of lint but neither of these things are uncommon with silicone surfaces and can easily be resolved. Water-based lubricants will remove any unwanted friction thus making use more comfortable and a quick rinse will take care of the lint. As there are no visible seams, cleaning is a breeze. Warm water, a squirt of soap and a lint-free cloth will have the toy as good as new in a matter of seconds.

Cal Exotics Red Hot SparkCal Exotics Red Hot SparkCal Exotics Red Hot SparkCal Exotics Red Hot Spark





Rechargeable via usb, there’s no need to hunt around in the dark for compatible batteries. Just plug the included cable into the port located on the back of the vibrator and the usb into a suitable connector. The power button on the base will brightly flash when the charge is connected and taking place and this turns off once complete. I was expecting the charge to take two and a half hours as indicated on the box but it was finished within the hour and ready to use. You can get thirty minutes of use from the high-speed and up to three hours on low which is rather impressive.

Cal Exotics Red Hot SparkOperation wise, there’s a singular button which controls everything. Press and hold down for a few seconds to begin the vibrations and do the same to turn them off. To cycle through the ten available functions simply tap the button. Out of the ten settings there are three constant speeds and seven patterns to choose from. The box describes them as “ten intense functions” so I was eager to test this claim out for myself and report back to my fellow power queens.

Initially I had some doubts about whether the vibrations would be able to travel the tip due to the shape of the encaser but surprisingly, they did. I couldn’t feel much of them on the low setting but during use of the medium and high modes the vibrations could be felt throughout the entire body of the toy. The first constant speed verges on having rumbly vibrations but the rest are firmly on the buzzy platform. None of the constant modes are buzzy or high-pitched enough to create a numbing sensation but some of the patterns are. Luckily I don’t use them as I think they’re distracting so this didn’t bother me and I was happy enough to use the constant modes in all their buzzy glory.

There are a couple of ways in which this vibrator can be used so we’ll start with the way in which it was designed to be used, as a clitoral surrounder. I wasn’t sure whether the shape would work for me as I thought it may be one of those scenarios where anatomy comes into play. However my clitoris fit perfectly within the space with some room remaining for occasions where it may be enlarged from prior stimulation. The ‘arms’ are quite stretchy so can be adjusted to suit a whole host of different bodies and anatomies, which is a huge bonus. Cal Exotics had designed an inclusive vibrator in the form of the Red Hot Spark but could it make me orgasm?

With my clitoris placed comfortably within the silicone exterior, I turned on the vibrations and lay back to let the Spark do its thing. I liked the rumbles of the first speed but sadly this wasn’t strong enough for my made-from-steel sweet spot so I skipped straight to the high intensity. I was impressed with what I was on the receiving end of from this point forwards. I was expecting less sensation than I got so it was a welcome surprise to find a surge of power that had the potential to take me all the way. It proved able to meet its full potential as I was quickly able to achieve a gratifying climax from the strength that it was delivering to my clitoris.

Cal Exotics Red Hot SparkThe stimulation from the above method is somewhere between pinpoint and broad as although it’s providing constant contact with the area, the tips or ‘arms’ in either side of the clitoris make the vibrations travel though a wider area than a tapered bullet would. If you like direct types of stimulation then you can position the toy so that the tapered tip is pressing against the clitoris rather than encasing yourself within the ‘arms’. For broader stimuli, using the vibrator on its side across the clitoris and labia works well.

Overall, the Red Hot Spark was a success for me. I was able to find three different methods of using this vibrator that produced different types of sensations, variants in pressure and ultimately, orgasms. As it’s so versatile and can be used for direct stimulation, broad stimulation and stimulation that rests somewhere between the two, it’s likely to work for a variety of people with different preferences. It has power levels that are suitable for someone like me, who’s used to mains-powered wands and heavy-duty bullet vibrators, so power queens who don’t mind buzzy vibrations may be able to make some use out of this. On top of all of that, it’s quiet enough to use with others in the house with a splash of background music and the aid of a duvet cover so I have little to no complaints to make.

You can purchase the Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark ($67.95/£47.85) from Too Timid.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching which means that the final film installment in the popular Fifty Shades trilogy is too. Alongside this highly anticipated release, Lovehoney have launched another official product range with each item being named after quotes from the film and book. There have been lots of ongoing debates about this series and its representation of a dominant/submissive relationship but we must acknowledge the fact that it’s also opened up conversations about kinkier sex, toys and bondage in mainstream society. The official product ranges have further encouraged people to try some of the things they’ve seen or read about for themselves and I can’t be mad about that as long as it’s all being done safely.

My partner and I have tried various products from past collections so were excited to be asked to review a few from the Freed range. The item that I was most drawn to will come as no surprise to those who know I love clitoral stimulation but was it as enjoyable to use as it was to look at? Let’s find out! The Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator arrived in a black and purple box with rose gold detailing. There was a product shot on the front, key features on one side and product description on the other. Inside the box, the vibrator was stored on a plastic tray and the charging cable, user leaflet and branded storage pouch housed underneath.

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator





Frustration was the first emotion I met with after opening the box. I wanted to set it aside to charge but instead I ended up wanting to throw it at a wall. Not because the charging system was complicated but because I could not get the rose gold base unscrewed. I even tried the old towel over the hand trick and twisted as hard as I could but it didn’t budge. My partner then gave it a chance, thinking I was just having issues because of my weak joints, but he encountered the same problem. He ended up getting it off after a long battle and several attempts, but by this point I was so unaroused that I could not care less. It takes around 150 minutes to reach full charge and a green light will appear when finished. This is said to give 90 minutes of use but it depends on the settings used.

Made from silicone and finished with abs, this bullet is completely body-safe. Both materials are latex and phthalate free, odourless and non-toxic. The silicone feels high-quality and luxurious but it’s matte finish causes quite a bit of drag. As a result, I would recommend using a good coating of water-based lubricant on the smooth surface to make use more comfortable. This material also attracts a ton of lint so washing before and after use is essential. It’s fully waterproof with no seams or texture to trap dust or fluids so is very easy to clean up with soapy water.

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet VibratorThe travel lock was activated upon arrival so the button needed two consecutive taps to remove it. It could also be removed by placing the vibrator on charge. Two buzzes indicate that it’s been unlocked. Repeat the double tapping process to deactivate the travel lock. To change through the ten different functions tap the button once. There are a total of three speeds and seven patterns to decide between and there’s even a memory function so it will always start on the last setting used.

One thing that I didn’t like about this vibrator, other than its stiff charging cap, is the fact that its vibrations start on the highest intensity, then go to medium, down to low and follow-up with patterns. It should be the other way around, starting on low to allow people to build up in strength. Not everybody can handle full throttle power straight away so this may put some people off. I usually wack vibrators up to high instantly so it’s not a direct issue for me but I still find it frustrating on behalf of others. There’s only one button so you have to scroll past the high-speed to get to the lowest and if it’s accidentally missed then you have to go through every function to get back to the right place. If the settings had been ordered in the standard way or there had been plus and minus controls then this issue would not exist.

If it had started on low then I could have built up through the constant speeds easily enough. The low setting is borderline rumbly where the rest of the sensations are buzzy. The highest is perhaps a little numbing in the hand but not to the extent that it puts me off wanting to use it. It never reached the stage of making the clitoral area extra sensitive or uncomfortable, so that’s good news, but I personally prefer rumbles to buzzing vibrations. I can’t fault the strength of the settings at all though, the power is more than sufficient. It’s on par with Lovehoney’s Desire Bullet in that department and is one of my favourites after my fond favourite, the Tango.

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet VibratorOrgasms from this bullet have been strong and fulfilling. The adorable heart-shaped tip that initially drew my attention in its direction is gently slanted which allowed me to apply direct, precise contact to my clitoris. This is my preferred type of external stimulation so nothing gets me off quite as fast as this masturbation method can. If direct contact is not your preference or you’ve noticed in the past that precision can quickly become overwhelming or cause discomfort, then the Desire Blooms vibrator from the Freed range may work better for you. It has a wider surface area which provides broader stimuli.

Penis owners don’t need to feel left out or that this isn’t a toy for them to use as this bullet works just as well on the glans and other sensitive erogenous zones. My partner enjoyed using it very much although I think the shape of the tip is better suited to my anatomy rather than his. He would rather use this than the Tango due to its softer silicone surface and buzzy vibrations. He prefers buzzy sensations to rumbly, so the Tango can become too much for him at times whereas this is perfect. We would both recommend it to people who like power but want something soft and don’t mind buzzing. We’d also recommend it to patterns lovers as there’s a wonderful variety to choose from.

Overall, I think this is one of the best toys to come from the Fifty Shades collections. I was not particularly impressed with any of the vibrators from the first range but Lovehoney seem to have taken all of the feedback on board to make something much better. It is one of the stronger rechargeable bullet vibrators that I own at the moment and it’s a massive improvement on the Pure Pleasure Bullet from the original collection. It’s quiet, aesthetically pleasing and the colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous. If it wasn’t for the stiff base, buzziness and the order of the vibration modes I would give it top marks. As it is now, I think it’s above three-quarters of the way to perfection.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator (£44.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


Review: Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators make up a large percentage of my sex toy collection as they are what I seem to reach for the most. This isn’t surprising as I’ve always preferred clitoral stimulation over everything else and these toys are usually small enough to hold between my partner and I during penetrative sex or other intimate activities. It does however mean that I have lots of vibrators that are similarly shaped and this can become boring at times. Whilst I do love the traditional bullet shape, I enjoy experimenting with something different every once in a while and that’s where this little gem comes in. Rocks Off have definitely stepped up their game with their most recent releases, adding interesting new shapes, funky designs and bright attractive colour schemes to their catalogue. Their silvery-blue Atomic may have caught my attention visually but did it manage to please me clitorally? Read on to discover my verdict!

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorPresented in usual Rocks Off fashion, the Atomic was secured within two pieces of plastic casing inside a simple black box complete with cut-out viewing window. A gold banner runs across the bottom of the box showcasing the brand logo and product name whilst the back reads basic product information and a few of the key features. This vibrator comes with the required triple A battery included and inserted so the toy can be used almost instantly upon arrival. Just remove the white paper disc first.

Made from rigid abs plastic, this vibrator is non-toxic, non-porous, phthalate free and completely body safe. It can be used with any water based lubricants for comfortable positioning but I’d be strict with the amount used as lubes tend to make plastic, glossy surfaces hard to grip on to. Thankfully it is fully waterproof so can be rinsed before and after each use and properly cleaned in soapy water. It doesn’t attract lint or pet hair and can be stored safely with other body safe materials.

There is a singular button on this vibrator which is located on the base. This makes it extremely easy to operate. One press will turn on the first setting, each further press will cycle through to the next function and pressing and holding for a few seconds will turn off. It offers a total of ten settings, consisting of three constant speeds and seven patterned modes. I am used to lots of power after being spoiled by vibrators like the We-Vibe Tango so I half expected this toy to not be strong enough for me. Whilst that is somewhat-true as it is not as powerful as I’d usually request, I was able to hit the point of orgasm on a handful of occasions.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorOf the ten settings, my favourite has to be the highest constant speed. The vibrations are buzzy as expected but not numbing or uncomfortable to feel against my bare skin. Patterned vibrations have never been my thing so it was no surprise to discover that these weren’t for me.

For people who do enjoy using these modes, there is the usual selection of patterns to be found on the Atomic ranging from faster pulsations, slow waves and stop and start pulses. There is something to suit most tastes here and although the power behind these sensations isn’t mind-blowing, it should be more than enough for beginners and people who don’t need industrial level strength.

Aesthetics aside, I thought the Atomic looked interesting. There are two precision prongs located on the top with a gap in the middle for the clitoris. It reminded me of a rabbit-ear style clitoral vibrator and although these can be notoriously difficult to get right, I wondered whether the hard plastic surface would allow for a level of pressure that soft silicone can’t. The fit was fine with my exterior anatomy but the gap between the points is rather small so people with an enlarged clitoris may struggle with finding accurate positioning or even coverage. If this is the case, I’d recommend placing the vibrator on its side and letting the vibrations travel to the sensitive spots that way. It provides broader stimulation as the surface area is larger but manages to get the job done.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral VibratorI’m a precision kinda girl, so the points resting against the sides of my clitoris provided the direct contact that I like during masturbation. It made the clitoris feel extra sensitive which in turn made me more reactive to stronger vibrators and clitoral clamps later on in the session. The Atomic needed a couple of test runs before I could get the combination of placement, pressure and precision exactly right but once I found the right match I was able to orgasm easily enough. If the vibrations had been rumbly and able to reach all the nerves below the surface of this hot spot I think I’d have enjoyed it even more.

I often hand over clitoral vibrators to my partner as they seem to work well for penis stimulation and sometimes he actually enjoys them more than I do. He doesn’t have the lust for power that runs through my veins, as he’s quite sensitive and finds too much intensity overwhelming, which makes battery-operated buzzing beauties like this one perfect for him. He used the Atomic on its side, as described above, and was soon on his way to a gratifying climax. This just shows that vibrators like this one aren’t solely limited to clitoris owning people and can be used in a variety of sexual scenarios.

Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator

Overall, I was surprised by how much I liked the Atomic Clitoral Vibrator. It has the same motor as the Unihorn but the shape of this one worked much better for me. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not the strongest vibrator out there and I’d prefer rumbles to buzzes but there’s just something about this toy that ticks my boxes and allows me to look past those things. Quiet enough to use with others in the next room, this would be a suitable choice for students, parents and people who value discretion and I’d happily recommend it.

Bondara Toys

You can purchase the Rocks Off Atomic Clitoral Vibrator (£18.99) from Bondara.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review but Rocks Off currently do not have this item listed on their website. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.