Review: Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Wand Attachment

We haven’t tried many wand attachments. In fact, I think the only ones we had tried prior to the arrival of Lovehoney’s new Hummer Deluxe Wand Attachment were the three that were designed to be used with the O-Wand. The O-Gasm was the model designed for penis owners and it seemed to work very well for my partner. We didn’t have anything to compare to that attachment until now but I have to say that we struggled to compare these two. Mostly because the two materials used are so different and this makes the sensations feel distinctly fresh. I have seen a lot of similar products on the market to the Hummer so I don’t know whether Lovehoney’s is any better or worse than those, but I do know that I should have ordered my partner one years ago as he flippin’ loves it.

Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand AttachmentIt comes in the standard packaging that we’ve come to know and love for Lovehoney’s own-brand products. It’s simplistic and minimal in design. A white box with blue lettering and a clear product shot on the front. Inside, the Hummer can be found within some plastic wrap. It doesn’t come with any storage, so do be sure to pick up some sort of storage pouch if purchasing as this material should not be stored touching other toys or materials.

Y’all know that I am only here for body-safe products but it seems to be difficult to find silicone masturbators that aren’t realistic. My partner and I make the exception for external toys that are used on him and will use sex toys that are made from TPE. It is porous so it can never be properly cleaned and should be checked regularly for mold spots or material changes. It should be discarded and replaced at least once a year, maybe even more frequently if used often. We do rinse it with water and toy cleaner as best as we can after each use and leave to air dry for as long as required.

I was half expecting an odour upon removing the Hummer from the plastic, but neither he or I could pick up on anything. Materials like this generally have some sort of scent, although it’s not as unpleasant as PVC or Jelly, but we seemed to avoid that hurdle on this occasion. This was great news for both of us as an unpleasant odour would have certainly put us off wanting to use it. It did meet my expectations in all other areas such as stretchiness and quality though. There is some give to this squishy material, but water-based lubricant is an absolute must have.

Adding a slick coating of Lovehoney’s Enjoy Lube to himself and the sleeve, my partner placed the Hummer on top of our gorgeous new Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand and guided himself inside the sleeve. He is slightly above average in the girth department so it was definitely a learning experience in regards to how much lubricant was required to get him inside comfortably. Once we had figured out a suitable amount for him, getting his penis in and out of the sleeve was quick, painless and friction free.

Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment  Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment





I started the vibrations on low and asked him how he’d like to use the attachment. After all, this experience was all about his needs and preferences. He decided that he should take control of the wand first and move it back and forth gently to massage his penis and get a feel for the textured sleeve. He said that the ridged end felt better for him than the noduled side, so he entered from this side on each further test run. He liked that the ridges made contact with the sensitive areas such as the underside of his penis head. The vibrations, even on low intensity, made the texture feel more intense apparently and the combination of the two was definitely successful in extracting orgasms from him.

Later, he wanted to try it with me in control of the wand. I turned the vibrations up to max and held the wand in place. He claimed that this felt fantastic and I could see that for myself from the squirming that occurred. It was his preferred method of using the attachment when a quick release was on his mind. He did mention that it could be too intense for those with a super sensitive penis, but for him, it was good. He liked that this method was hands free as this allowed him to either stimulate his nipples or touch me, which are both great sources of extra stimulation for him.

Overall, I cannot believe that it has taken us this long to try a stretchy penis attachment for a wand. I was caught up in the safe silicone of the O-Gasm attachment so never considered something like this, but I’m glad my partner put himself forward to review it as it actually worked wonders for him. His final thoughts were that this felt good for him regardless of how it was used and he’d be happy to recommend it to other penis owning peeps out there. The only downsides for him were the squelching noises it makes (not dissimilar to the sound of a Tenga egg) and the fact that it won’t last forever like his silicone one will.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Magic Wand Attachment (£19.99) from Lovehoney. We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. Thank you!

Review: Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet

Back when I first heard about the Tokidoki x Lovehoney collection, I didn’t know much about the brand or what they sold. I decided to do some research and discovered that Tokidoki make a whole plethora of products based around their own adorable characters. Cute and colourful items are all over their website, so of course the sex toys were made to match. I love this because the products aren’t just limited to pink and purple tones. I don’t mind a hot pink vibrator on some occasions, but other times I want blue and red, and thanks to Tokidoki, I can now do that. I think I only own one other red toy out of the 200+ plus I own, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this third-generation mini bullet.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe packaging follows the same theme and style as that of the past two series. It has remained true to branding and is decorated entirely with their famous characters and other adorable things. The bullet protrudes through a cut-out window in the front of a cardboard sleeve, safely secured within some plastic casing. It can be a bit of a pain to get out, so keep some scissors on hand. I think this packaging is lovely and simple, but it’s nice enough that it could be given as a gift as is.

Once I had the bullet removed from the packaging I gave it a once over. I found no faults with the build design, but I did find a love for the design. It’s my favourite of the three bullets that I have from this range so far. The Jolly Roger is made from a robust, body-safe plastic and is very soft to the touch. It has a velvet-like finish because of the coating that has been used on the plastic. It is recommended to use a splashing of water-based lubricant with this toy although I didn’t feel like I had to use much as the material has basically no drag.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorIt’s operated via a single triple A battery which is inserted by unscrewing the cap of the bullet and placing inside the compartment as directed. It’s essential for the cap to be screwed back into position firmly to ensure that the vibrator functions properly and remains completely waterproof. As it is water-friendly, it can be used in the bath or shower and cleaned easily after use. Just add a drop of toy cleaner or soap and rinse off.

As I have tried a couple of these bullet vibrators now I had a good idea of what to expect regarding the power and type of the vibrations. I wouldn’t class them as lacklustre or unimpressive, but there is only the one speed which limits play options. I usually associate single-speed vibrators with the cheap kind that you can buy for less than £5 that provide barely there buzzing, but these Tokidoki bullets are different. Instead of tickle-like, boring vibrations, these bullets offer a decently powered speed. I may be a power queen by default who relies on strength to get her rocks off, but these bullets can get me off if I leave them pressed against me for long enough.

You may now be wondering how something that’s powered by a single battery can please a girl who likes her power straight from the socket and to be honest, so am I. I don’t have any answers. It’s rare for me to orgasm with vibrators like this, but I can get there if I’m patient. It does take quite a while, but it’s not impossible to reach the end result. I can’t say that the orgasm is the most intense, satisfying kind that I’ve received either, but hey, an orgasm is still an orgasm. If I press the Jolly Roger against my clitoral hood then I could orgasm in about fifteen minutes and directly against the clitoris could take about ten minutes. This is long for me as I prefer fast-paced clitoral climaxes, so I wouldn’t use this bullet in the heat of a give-me-an-orgasm-now moment, but it’s ideal for prolonged play or multiple orgasms.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorThe only thing that I’m not particularly fond of is the buzziness of the vibrations. I don’t feel that the Tokidoki bullets reach below the surface as a rumbly vibrator like the Tango would, but it’s not so high-pitched that it becomes numbing. I have a strong preference for rumbles or at least a motor that is somewhere between the two, but this is definitely on the buzzy side. It does not make me hypersensitive, tingly or numb though so I will happily use it every once in a while.

My partner (who happens to be more sensitive than me) does not mind buzzy vibrations. I think he actually prefers them, and for that reason, he gets on incredibly well with the Tokidoki bullets. I think he’d have the entire collection of them if I’d let him. He likes it when I place the Jolly Roger (with some pressure) against his glans during a hand job or against his nipples during a blowjob or some of kind of penetrative sex. He can also use them on himself during masturbation. He says that these bullet vibrators bring him to climax faster than some of our other bullets as the strength is perfect for him.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet VibratorNoise wise, the Jolly Roger is quite fair down on the scale. It’s not completely silent, but I’ve never used a vibrator that is. I think this is one of the closest things to it though. It does sound louder up close due to the buzzing of the motor, hardly surprising, but it can’t be heard from outside of the closed bedroom door. I think this bullet would make a great choice for someone who relies on discretion because of their privacy preferences or living situation.

Overall, I’d be happy to recommend the Jolly Roger to anyone, regardless of anatomy. In our experiences, the power is decent enough to bring us to separate orgasms despite having polar opposite tastes in vibrations. It can be used in multiples ways, making it highly versatile, and it’s also hand-held which is great for easy storing and travelling. I can definitely see why more designs of these cute bullets have been added as they are such fun, effective models for those looking for something a bit different. They are non-intimidating, couple-friendly and perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the kawaii scene. Tokidoki x Lovehoney is not a range that will appeal to all age groups and tastes, but for the market it’s aimed at, I can see why it’s successful.

I received the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Jolly Roger Bullet (£12.99) from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links were used within this post.



Review: Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines Pack

It’s not often that I win things but I got lucky in more than one way this past Feb 14th. Tenga set a Twitter giveaway to win one of their Lovers Valentines Packs and I happened to be one of the chosen ones on this occasion. My partner had not tried any sort of masturbation toy outside of vibrators at this point, but he has registered interest in trying some Tenga products, so we were both really pleased to have won. I was particularly happy as I’d read a lot of reviews for this lovers heart texture egg and we were to be in possession of five.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackThe pack arrived in a brown patterned box with the product name on the front. There was no directions for use or anything like that on the box but these toys are pretty self-explanatory I think. There were five eggs inside the box, all of which have the Lovers texture. The wrapping for each egg was different to the regular presentation of this particular product and I thought a couple of them were very striking. I liked the red lips pattern and the love you text pattern. Both are perfect for a romantic occasion and I’d love to see them return next year.

Tenga’s masturbators are made from TPE, which is probably the least offensive material that they could choose outside of silicone. I’d obviously prefer silicone, but as these are for external use only, we don’t mind too much. I don’t think silicone masturbators have as much stretch, nor are they so versatile, which makes TPE the only real option to use. It does set our minds at rest knowing that Tenga is a trusted brand within this industry and they are known for making their products non-toxic. These eggs are still porous so are not completely body safe but as they are designed to be thrown away after a couple of uses, this isn’t too concerning for us.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackTo use, open the wrapping from the bottom as directed to reveal a brown plastic egg. This outer casing then pops open to reveal the textured sleeve inside. There’s an insert inside the toy containing a sachet of lubricant and I assume this also holds the eggs shape as it’s packaged away. Remove the insert and pour the contents of the sachet into the egg. It can be a bit messy on the first attempt, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes second nature, kinda like riding a bike, but sexier.

So, how are these used? Well, he pinches the tip of the stroker as he places it on his penis (as he would do with a condom) and then rolls it down over his head. My partner is uncut so he found that best results for comfort and sensation were achieved when he pulled his foreskin back a little bit to reveal his very sensitive glans. He then glides it up and down his shaft, following the motions that he’d do to himself when having a wank. He said that the texture was pleasurable and got him to an orgasm faster than usual. We enjoyed having these on hand to change-up his masturbation techniques and prevent him falling back into his death grip style of jerking off.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackI have also used these on him by placing one over the head and twisting it up and down the shaft in a circular motion. He said that this technique rubs over his coronal ridge with each twist and feels fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him squirm quite like this. It was very hot for me to watch and it certainly made giving a handjob more interesting for the both of us. The only negative thing I can think of is the squelching noise it makes because of the lube/material/speed combination.

We also tried one of these eggs for another purpose. I had seen another blogger, although the name has slipped my mind at the time of writing, who used one of these sleeves over the head of a magic wand. I thought this was a brilliant idea and simply had to test it out for myself. I found a wand with a plastic head as I didn’t want any of my silicone wands to be potentially damaged by the TPE and placed it over the top. I turned on the vibrations and pressed the textured sleeve up against my clitoris. The heart-shaped nubs rubbed against that sweet spot as the vibrations got to work and this made for a very unique, pleasurable experience. I’m not sure I’d be able to tell the differences between textures with this method, but I will probably try it again and see.

Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines PackOverall, I think the Tenga Egg Lovers Valentines Pack was an absolute blessing to our sex life. These eggs were one of the first toys that my partner tried and he will definitely want to get some more of these for our toybox. I think he is very interested in trying some other textures soon, so I’m thinking Stepper or Thunder may be the next best thing. Tenga Eggs are great for on the go use/travelling as they are small, discreet and come with their own lube.

You can buy a single Tenga Egg Lovers Heart (£9.99) from Lovehoney.

Review: Tokidoki x Lovehoney Single Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator Honey Bunny

Tokidoki x Lovehoney Bullet Honey Bunny
When I discovered that the Tokidoki range was going to be extended into series two, especially this quickly after the first collection had launched, I was really excited. I have a small group of products from the original range now and have been pleased with all thus far, so I had high hopes that round two would be just as good.

When I first heard about this collaboration, I wasn’t initiated with Tokidoki and had no idea what I was in for. I decided to do some research and discovered that this is a brand who make a plethora of cute products based around their own adorable characters. Everything they make is colourful, so of course the products are made to match. I’d class these pleasure products as non-intimidating, friendly and perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the anime/kawaii scene. It’s been marketed to appeal to those in the 18-30 age bracket, so it won’t be appealing to all, but for the audience it’s aimed at, I can see it being a big hit.

The packaging follows the same theme as that of series one. It’s true to branding and decorated solely with their famous, well-loved characters and other cute things. It’s lovely and simple, but could be given as a gift quite easily. The vibrator protrudes through a cut-out window in the cardboard sleeve, safely secured within some plastic casing. I found this was a pain to get out, so definitely keep some scissors on hand for this one.

Once it had been safely removed, I gave the toy a thorough once-over. I could find no faults with the build quality or design and I was immediately drawn to eye-popping shade of blue that has been used for the base colour. I can’t get enough of it. It’s so nice to see something other than pink and purple for a change. The vibrator has been made from a robust, body-safe plastic and is incredibly soft to the touch. It even has a delightful velvet-like finish due to the smooth coating that has been used. It’s a material with little-to-no drag, so only a very small amount of water-based lubricant was needed.

okidoki x Lovehoney Bullet Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is operated via a single triple A battery, which is inserted by unscrewing the cap of the toy and placing inside the compartment as directed. It’s vital that the cap is screwed firmly back on to ensure the vibrator works properly and remains 100% waterproof. Speaking of being waterproof – that makes it extremely easy to clean. A drop of toy cleaner/soap followed by a rinse is all that you’ll need to do.

Generally speaking, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear single-speed vibrator is those tacky vibrators that cost less than £5 and barely even buzz. I have been conditioned by my past experiences to associate lacklustre vibrations with one-speed toys, but I had hoped this one would make it into the rare category of being better. I enjoyed the Rainbow from series one and it seems that this is the exact same bullet, featuring a new character and design, so I expected the same sort of intensity and feelings to follow.

I was right in thinking that as the vibrations felt familiar and expected. They don’t blow my socks off or radiate on my intensity scale, but they are much better than the below-average vibrators that I described above. I found that the speed is actually rather strong and surprisingly, it is just about capable of bringing me to orgasm.

For those who have read my reviews before and know my tastes, you might be confused. I’m a power queen by name, game and trade, so it’s rare for me to orgasm from anything less than, but somehow, someway, I am able to get myself off with this. It obviously takes much longer than a Tango or Satisfyer, but it can happen. I would estimate needing around ten minutes of firm pressure against the clitoris to be the time frame I need to get the desired outcome. It’s not a toy that I would opt for in the heat of an I-need-an-orgasm-now moment, but it can be enjoyable on other occasions, particularly those where prolonging an orgasm is beneficial.

tokidoki x Lovehoney Bullet Honey BunnyI would class the vibrations as buzzy as they don’t reach below the surface, hit every single nerve ending and satisfy every button that needs pushing. I will say that they’re not the high-pitched, numbing, desensitising types of buzzy vibrations, which makes them usable to me. I can happily use this vibrator directly against my clitoris or vulva with any amount of pressure without needing to worry about going numb and feeling desensitising tingles in the area after just thirty seconds of use.

I had been wanting to get my partner his own version of this bullet last time around, but now I don’t have to. He’s been given the rainbow design as I wanted to keep this cutesy vibe all to myself. He has experimented with it once or twice, just to confirm it felt the same for him as before and he enjoys it greatly. I think it works best for him when it’s placing some pressure against the glans. He seems to orgasm much faster with help from this bullet. It’s also fun for him when used against his nipples or simply run up and down his shaft. He has stated that it’s the perfect amount of power for him as he doesn’t need much to start reaping the benefits.

In regards to how much noise the Honey Bunny makes, I’d describe it as minimal. It’s not completely silent, as no vibrator is, but it’s one of the closest bullets to it. It can sound loud up close due to the whirling of the motor, but it can’t be heard from outside of the room, especially if the door is closed. It would be ideal for someone who requires discretion and wants to maintain privacy because of their accommodation/living situation.

tokidoki x Lovehoney Bullet Honey Bunny

Overall, I would be happy to recommend this adorable little vibe to anyone, regardless of anatomy. It’s incredibly versatile and the petite size makes it great for those looking for something discreet. In our experience, the power is decent enough to bring us both to separate orgasms, despite having completely different tastes in vibrations. I can definitely see why more designs are being made as it’s such a fun, effective toy for those looking for something a little bit different.

I received the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Single Speed Mini Bullet Honey Bunny (£12.99) in exchange for my review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: The O-Wand

O-WandEver since I decided I’d had enough of Lelo’s unethical practises and closed the door on supporting them, I’ve been looking for alternatives to the handful of their products that I enjoy. I no longer want to recommend their stuff to you guys, but I don’t want you to scrimp on quality, power or aesthetics either, which is why it has taken me a while to find a suitable replacement for their Smart Wand Large.

When I was introduced to the idea of the O-Wand via Twitter, I was instantly intrigued. Its marketing suggested it was the “most powerful, safe and stylish personal massager on the market” – which meant that I just had to give it a try and see if it lived up to these claims. It’s not often that I agree with companies who say that their product is the best, but on this occasion, I have to applaud their statement. This wand is by far one of the greatest rechargeable massagers that I’ve used, making the Smart Wand look and feel unimpressive in comparison.


It’s packaged beautifully, giving the impression of luxury and elegance from first glance. It comes with a glossy instruction manual, an attachment (more on that later) and the required charging cable. They have even included some adapters for international use, so you don’t have to worry about picking those up separately, which is a nice touch. It charges via a three-pin plug and the attached jack is inserted into the self-healing silicone port on the underside of the toy. It takes roughly one and a half hours for a complete refresh, which can give up to three hours of use depending on the settings used. It’s just less than an hour and half of use on the top speed.

It is made from a gloriously luxurious silicone, which is platinum-grade and completely body-safe. It doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates, so is non-toxic and hypoallergenic too. It feels silky soft to the touch and has a very minimal amount of drag to it without the attachment. I like to use a small-amount of water-based lubricant if I’m using this on our intimate areas as this reduces any minor friction, but I found I needed to use a little more lube with the attachment. This wand seems to love lint, as many silicone products do, but thankfully it is fully waterproof so any fluff, cat hair or dust can be removed with a quick rinse. After it has been used, it can be rinsed again with soap to get it all clean, fresh and ready for next time.


It has a three-button interface, the power button simply turns the toy on and off when pressed and held for a few seconds, the top button controls the speeds and the middle button operates the patterns. There are eleven settings to explore on the O-Wand, four are constant vibrations with varying intensities and the remaining seven are patterns. There are three pulsation settings that are followed by four rhythm settings. I quite like the fast pulsation, but as expected, the other settings aren’t really for me. This is nothing to do with the toy, it’s just my personal preference. If patterns are exciting for you, then I think you’ll love the variety of the ones on offer.

Before I tried it out intimately, I compared the vibrations to those of the Smart Wand and was surprised with the results. This wand came out on top. The vibrations seemed to be stronger, deeper and rumblier than the Smart Wand’s offerings. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Once against the clitoris, I expected that I’d want to ramp up the vibrations to the high or maximum speed straight away and simply ignore the others, after all they always feel stronger in my hand, but surprisingly, I didn’t. I enjoyed the depth behind the lowest settings and definitely felt that I’d be able to orgasm using those if I was left alone with them for ten minutes. The highest settings can make me orgasm in just over a minute, which is pretty impressive and extremely satisfying.

O-WandIt’s not just for use against the clitoris though, it can be used pretty much anywhere. Outside of intimate pleasure, the O-Wand is fantastic for massage. It’s comfortable to hold due to the sturdy, ergonomic handle and it can really get into those tight knots beneath the skin. The vibrations really sooth out any tension and my partner really enjoys it when I incorporate a product like this in a sensual session. He also enjoys it for personal use and finds it highly stimulating when placed against his glans, shaft or nipples.

When we browsed the O-Wand website we noticed that there are attachments available outside of the included textured stimulator and the one that particularly caught our attention was The O-Gasm, a silicone stroker designed for the penis-owning people. He’s not usually a huge fan of strokers, but the promise of it being open-ended and made from silicone has intrigued him. We may purchase it at some point and come back and update this review with our thoughts.

In terms of noise, I have no complaints. The sound level is pretty much what I expected. It makes less when in contact with the body and/or water, but when it’s pulled away, the noise isn’t extreme. Wands are not typically the go-to toy for those who need discretion, but this is quieter than the mains-powered options and I think the noise aspect is a small price to pay for something that provides such powerful orgasms. I’m pretty sure I drown out all the noise that the toy makes with my own sounds anyway.


My final thoughts on the O-Wand: I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did and I wasn’t sure it would be all the things it promises to be, but it is. It’s a top product, with a sleek, luxurious appearance and the power to satisfy us stubborn power queens, I couldn’t recommend it more.

I received the lovely O-Wand (£199) directly from the source in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!