Review: Lovehoney Lingerie Moonlight Plunge Babydoll Set

I am a self-confessed lingerie lover and I’ll admit to owning a lot of it. I probably have more than a small boutique sells in three months crammed into my once spacious bedroom but that doesn’t stop me from adding new pieces as and when I spot something particularly beautiful, different or interesting. Lovehoney has become one of my first ports of call when I’m looking for something new to wear and I always seem to manage to find something over there that grabs my attention. Lovehoney stock multiple popular lingerie brands like Dreamgirl, Escante and Seven Til Midnight but some of their best-selling pieces are made by their own design team. I have been extremely impressed with most of the ranges that they have released so far and have accumulated a ridiculously large collection of their stuff over the past couple of years.

Many of my all-time favourites have been sadly discontinued as the ranges come and go with the seasons and trends but that makes room for new collections to be released and I can’t complain about that. The latest release is the ‘Moonlight Collection’. Made from a combination of satin and lace and adorning a gorgeous black and wine colour scheme, this range screams elegance and luxury. It’s made up of a total of twelve pieces that range from a size small to a four x. This range is perfect for the colder months and I can’t wait to bring out my first outfit from the range this Valentine’s. I know my partner is going to go wild when he sees this super sexy Plunge Babydoll Set for the first time and frankly, I can’t blame him.

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Babydoll SetThe only thing that isn’t luxurious about Lovehoney’s own brand range is the packaging. Everything except their one size bodystockings, hosiery and mini dresses come in plain plastic pouches. They do now stock lingerie gift bags (in a few different designs) and gift boxes for people who want to wrap their lingerie up for a partner beforehand so I suppose that’s the lining in this silver cloud. I would recommend keeping the tags on and trying items on over your own underwear first to ensure that they fit properly and don’t need to be returned under the new policy.

Admiring new lingerie is a given but I was besotted with this babydoll from the moment it arrived. It’s truly gorgeous, lives up to the photos on the website and honestly the design team deserves a round of applause for their work on this. There were no imperfections or flaws with the garment. It’s soft satin body feels luxurious and classic and the floral patterned lace elements are just as supple. The colour scheme is incredibly striking in the flesh and the glossy surface of the satin reflects under glimpses of light. Even the finishing touches are perfect, there are satin bows adorning each shoulder strap and a slightly larger bow between the cups alongside the traditional heart charm.

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Babydoll SetI ordered my usual size which is small (said to fit a six to eight) and I wear a four to six so expected that the babydoll would fit well but the matching underwear would be a little loose. This was exactly the case. The matching thong was nice enough but as it wasn’t the tightest fit in the world, I plan to swap it out for a pair of lace black knickers instead. For people who are more on the six to eight range on the bottom, this should be fine.

Cup wise, I only just managed to fill these out. I wear a 30A so this is never a surprise to me as the majority of the lingerie on the market seems to cater for the B-D market. I have come to expect some spare room in the cups and whilst there was room remaining in these, there was none of that awful gaping where it makes the situation obvious. If I had any less chest than I do then I don’t think I’d be able to make this work for me and I think the same rule would apply to those with a larger bust too. In my opinion, the small size would work for those who wear a C cup or below and those above that should size up to accommodate themselves properly.

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Babydoll SetDespite only just fitting inside the cups, I did feel comfortable and supported because of the included padding and underwiring that this babydoll has. The padding provides a happily accepted boost to the bust and accentuates what mother nature gave me. However, I did feel more self-conscious trying this garment on than I expected too due to the neckline. It plunges lower than I thought it would, showing off the natural shape and curvatures of the breast.

The back of this piece is absolutely gorgeous. It features adjustable, lace-trimmed shoulder straps that lead to a panel that fastens at the nape of the neck. I tightened the straps as much as they’d allow and fastened the hook-and-eyes onto the fourth and final setting to make the fit as accurate as possible and these adjustments made the babydoll rest perfectly on my frame. Being able to unhook the fastening around the back of the neck as well as the usual placements makes getting in and out of this item fast and smooth sailing for those times where a quick surprise may be warranted.

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Babydoll Set

Babydolls are one of my favourite categories of lingerie. I have a ton of them and I wear them the most as they are so versatile and can be doubled as sexy sleepwear. Moonlight’s Babydoll has a floaty finish on me, resembling the fit of an A-line skirt but I think it might fit more like a chemise on those at the top of the size range so that’s something to keep in mind. The material doesn’t cling as much as one expects satin to so I would be happy to recommend this to people who prefer to keep their stomach hidden underneath material.

It doesn’t cling to my legs because of the way it flares out on me and that’s exactly how I like my babydolls to fit. It skims past the thighs, which are a major problem area for me and the bane of my life, slimming them down and drawing attention away from them. Finishing on my mid to upper thigh, the length is flirty but doesn’t reveal too much. This is obviously height dependent though and I’m on the lower spectrum in terms of feet (I’m bang on 5′) so it will be shorter on most people.

Overall, I have said on a number of occasions that I don’t believe Lovehoney could outdo themselves in the lingerie department but each time I am proved wrong as they make a mockery of that statement by producing pieces like this one. Who knows what brilliance they will be bringing out next? I’m quietly hoping it’s not as amazing as this luxurious line turned out to be because the consequences for my bank account and storage system could be tragic otherwise.

You can purchase the Moonlight Plunge Babydoll Set (£34.99) from Lovehoney.

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