Review: So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

During the past twelve months there have been several new brands and companies that have managed to earn a spot on my sex toy radar but the only company that managed to consistently maintain my interest was So Divine. My partner and I have been so impressed with the quality of the products we have reviewed from them so far and their mission to produce safe, affordable sex toys for all is one that resonates deeply with us. So Divine’s journey started with mini bullets, single speed bullets, classic vibrators and massaging wands that doubled as internal vibrators. It continued with a petite jewelled plug which was followed by two larger plugs and it now expands further with the release of two rabbit vibrators.

The Let’s Go Crazy arrived in standard So Divine style – a minimalistic purple and white box with a striking product photo on the front. It points out a few key features on the side of the box and instructions for use on the back. Inside, the rabbit can be found alongside a three pin plug, charging cable, storage pouch and the information leaflet that comes with all of their toys. It gives a quick introduction to the company and basic cleaning directions for the product.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorLet's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorLet's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator





Charging couldn’t be simpler. Place the USB end of the cable into the port on the plug and then place that into an available socket. Next, attach the magnetic connector to the corresponding points on the back of the vibrator. It also has the helpful option of removing the plug for on the go charging. A flashing power light indicates that it’s charging, a steady light indicates a full battery and no light indicates that it’s not connected to the power or turned on. Full charge takes about four hours and gives two hours of use.

Let’s Go Crazy is made from soft, luxurious silicone. This means it’s non-toxic, odourless, hypoallergenic and completely body safe. No latex or phthalates either. A hygienic, non-porous material is what I recommend opting for with all sex toys but it’s an absolute must-have if sharing the toy between partners. Silicone is the only safe material that doesn’t have to be rock hard. The kind that’s used on this vibrator is incredibly silky and smooth. It feels delightful. There’s not much resistance to the material but I’d still suggest a generous slathering of water based lube for comfortable use. To clean, rinse this waterproof device under warm water and slather it with soap.

Operating time! There are five buttons on the control panel and the central button is the one that turns the toy on and off. It goes into standby mode when the light is blue which means other buttons will then work. To start the vibrations, press the top button for a couple of seconds. You also switch through the ten functions via this button. To increase the intensity of the vibrations use the plus button and to decrease them use the minus. The final button on the bottom controls the heat function with a simple tap. You can change the settings whilst the heat is on as normal and the lights will flicker between blue and red alternatively.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

If you like girthy rabbits or larger insertables, then this may not be the best choice for you. It has a maximum circumference of 4.25 inches which is rather slimline. I personally like both slim and thick toys so I wasn’t discouraged by the size at all and I feel that it would be a great choice for people who prefer smaller vibrators or simply want something non-intimidating for first-time use. There are also five inches of insertable length which is pretty standard for a rabbit. It’s long enough to hit the right spots but short enough to avoid the cervix.

When I saw the colour scheme and shape of this rabbit I thought back to my experience with the Lelo Ina 2, a rabbit that I tried a while back that just didn’t work for me. On paper, it looked like it would have been perfect for me but in practice it wasn’t due to the firmness of the internal arm and the positioning of the clitoral arm. I do like my internal vibrators to be firm, but there’s a line between ‘firm enough’ and ‘ouch’. It had no flexibility whatsoever which meant I couldn’t move it around to avoid the bashing it gave to my internal spots and it left me feeling disappointed and wondering whether rabbits were just a waste of my time.

I have said in every rabbit review I have ever written that they are notoriously difficult to get right and are completely dependent on the users anatomy. It can be hard to tell from looking at one whether it will fit or not so it’s usually down to trial and error. Our vulvas are all different, even if the changes are minimal from one person to the next. These subtle changes in anatomy can be the deciding factors as to whether a particular rabbit will work for the user or not. Subtle changes in shape between two rabbits can be another deciding factor. For example, the Ina 2 has a similar shape to the Let’s Go Crazy but this suits me much better due to the flex of the shaft and internal arm.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit VibratorBeing able to alter the positioning of the internal arm allows me to send it to the places where I want focused stimulation and avoid the spots where it pokes uncomfortably. The bulbous head and gentle curve of the shaft contour to my g-spot beautifully and caress it with rumbly, powerful vibrations. I stick to the constant speeds on high intensities and find myself riding out the waves of orgasm within several minutes.

The clitoral arm is placed in the perfect position for my body allowing the arm to firmly push up against the clitoris rather than sitting above or next to it. I can make the most of these external vibrations because the fit lines up well and I don’t need to move the toy around much internally to get the stimulation that I’m looking for. I think this is due to a combination of the gentle shape and the heating function. Without the heat I think I would have to put in more work to get my orgasms.

Being the sucker for temperature play that I am, a heating function is always warmly welcomed. I usually choose to use cold temperatures with glass and metal sex toys but heat on silicone feels exquisite and each time I experience it I wish all of my toys had the option to warm up. Once the function has been turned on it takes about five minutes to gradually warm up to 38 degrees. It is certainly noticeable at that point and it feels out of this world when combined with the powerful rumbly vibrations of this dual-motored device. It’s something I would recommend everyone try at least once.

Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Overall, I love So Divine more each time a new product is released and this has made me all the more excited for further products in 2018. Let’s Go Crazy is a winning rabbit for me. It has everything that I could want in this style of vibrator as well as the bonus of heat. The shape is perfect, the motors are reasonably quiet, the dimensions are ideal for all players regardless of experience level and the amount of combinations that can be created left me wanting to have fun with this for several more hours after I finished testing it.

You can purchase the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator (£64.99) from So Divine.

 We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion of the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: Javida Heating Vibrator

Having tried one heated vibrator in the past, I was wholly looking forward to trying another. I had fantastic experiences with L’Amourose’s Rosa Rouge so I couldn’t wait to see what the Javida Heating Vibrator could do for me. I haven’t had the best experiences with dual stimulators overall, but I had a feeling that the shape of the Javida would be fine as it’s similar to the shape of a couple of my favourite rabbits. It’s also quite flexible, which means I’m able to adjust it to work with my body and maintain constant contact with the clitoral arm.

Javida Heating VibratorBefore I get into that though, let me tell you about the packaging. The black and pinkish purple box is decorated with floral graphics and features key product information on the back and sides. The front of this box has a magnetic flap that can be opened up to reveal the vibrator behind a window of plastic which is a nice touch. Inside, there’s the charging cable, generic instruction leaflet and the toy. My only complaint is that there was no included storage bag as I think this a must-have for toys that are on the medium range of the pricing scale.

The Javida Heating Vibe is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic, body-safe silicone that has been coated with PU and the handle is made from a robust ABS plastic. All of these materials are free from latex and phthalates and are high quality. I was particularly impressed with the feel of the silicone on this product as it’s super smooth surface feels wonderful to the touch and it has a very minor amount of drag. It should only be used with water-based lubricants to avoid degradation of the material, but as the drag is minimal and the dimensions aren’t overbearing, only a small amount was needed. The box nor the websites description mention whether this product is waterproof or not so I did not want to risk it and have been using antibacterial toy wipes and cleaner instead.

Javida Heating VibratorIn order to charge this toy you must pierce the silicone. On the reverse side of the vibrator there is a small sun design underneath the brand name. The middle of which houses the charging port. I placed the jack into the port and the USB into my laptop, then left the vibe to refresh. It took around two hours and I knew it was ready as the flashing lights across the control panel had gone steady. It lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes on the stronger settings before it needed to be plugged back in which I think is rather reasonable.

This dual stimulator has a three-button control panel. It consists of a power button, an upwards arrow and a downwards arrow. Tap the power button to turn on, press the down arrow to control the internal arm and the upwards arrow to control the clitoral arm. Each arm has ten settings. Three constant speeds and seven patterns. You can use the arms separately or together on whichever settings suit best. That might mean a combination of patterns internally and constant vibrations clitorally or vice versa. Unfortunately, there is no option to scroll back through the previous settings so you have to go through them all again if you miss your preferred pattern.

Javida Heating VibratorNeither of the arms could provide rumbles behind the vibrations, but the buzzy sensations released from the Javida Heating Vibe were not high-pitched or numbing. I can tolerate buzzing in scenarios like this, so I wasn’t too upset that they didn’t have more depth to them. Having said that, I do wish there had been some rumbles to the clitoral arm as I can’t keep buzzy vibrations in constant contact with my clitoris for too long.

The strength behind the buzzing was a surprise to me. It’s generally known amongst this community that rabbit vibrators tend to have one stronger arm and one weaker, which was the case here, but neither were lackluster. I often find the clitoral arm to be a complete disappointment, but it was pretty good on this occasion.

If you like girthy rabbits, or girthy toys of any kind for that matter, then I probably would not recommend the Javida Heating Vibrator to you. It has just over 4″ inches in circumference, which is rather slimline, especially for its g-spot targeting shape. I personally like both slim and large toys, so I wasn’t discouraged by its width at all. I feel that it would make a great first-time rabbit vibrator for someone with little sexual (be that with toys, masturbation or partnered play) experience, who prefers slimmer internal vibrators or those who find discomfort with the stretching sensation larger toys provide. It also has around 4.5″ inches of insertable length which seems to be the standard for rabbits.

I found that the firm, shapely head was everything that I wanted it to be. It has the perfect amount of rigidity to satisfy my stubborn g-spot and it seems to nudge against it, rather than bash against it as others have done, *points at Lelo Ina 2 with a look of annoyance on my face*. I don’t need to a use a ton of movement to get the stimulation that I’m looking for and I think that has something to do with the heating function. I think that without the heat I would have felt as though the internal arm was missing something and I’d have probably started to long for girth.

Being the sucker for temperature play that I am, a heating function is warmly welcomed by me. I usually prefer cold temperatures with my glass and metal sex toys, but I quite like heat on silicone. It feels better than body temperature in my experience. On this vibrator, the heating begins when the vibrations are turned on and it gradually increases over a time period of around five minutes. It takes about the same amount of time to cool down after use. I feel like the heat adds that extra something I’m looking for in a vibrator and the combination of buzzing and change in temperature is absolutely divine. A heated vibrator is something that I’d recommend everyone try at least once.

As the Javida Heating Vibe has two motors, I expected it to be loud. It wasn’t. Even when I use both arms on their top settings, the sound is easily drowned out with a duvet and a closed-door. I can happily use this when there are other people present in the house, which is always a bonus, and for that reason I’d be willing to point those who need discretion in the direction of this subtle seducer.

I received the Javida Heating Vibrator (€59.95/£51.52) from Orion in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

Review: L’Amourose Rosa Rouge 

I finally got myself a Rosa Rouge and it is definitely the best £160 I’ve ever spent. It’s one of the most expensive toys that I have ever purchased (up there with the Doxy Die-Cast), but it is worth every penny. I have had it for several months now and have been glued to it since our first encounter, which tells me that its probably going to be my trusty companion for many years to come. I would not hesitate to replace this beauty if I ever needed to.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 1I knew I was in for a treat from the second I opened the plain, boring delivery box. I had ordered a few other luxury toys at the same time but this is the one that stood out to me. The outer box for the Rosa Rouge is just a simple cardboard box featuring a picture of the toy on the front. Inside this box, was a sleek, black storage box with the L’Amourose logo embossed in gold. This box housed the Rosa Rouge, the docking station and charger, a warranty card, a vague multi-lingual instruction manual and a branded velvet storage bag.

The Rosa Rouge is made from a smooth, seamless and high-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, free from phthalates, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. I was super impressed with the feel of the silicone as it’s luxurious to the touch but has minimal drag to it. I’d still recommend a drop or two of water-based lubricant to maximise comfort. It feels and looks like a high-quality, well-made product and that’s exactly what you’d hope for considering the expensive price tag. It’s completely waterproof which makes it the perfect playmate for aquatic fun as-well as being convenient to clean. A squirt of toy cleaner and a thorough rinse will do the job.

The Rosa Rouge has some flexibility to it that is lavishly described as ‘Flex and Shift Technology’ which basically just means that you can move the arm. I thought it might mean something fancier than that, but it’s just a fancy way of saying adjustable. It isn’t as flexible as you may think though, as it’s nowhere near single density dildo flexible, but it’s adjustable enough that you can find the best position to use it in and make the experience comfortable. Despite the flexibility of the arm, the Rosa Rouge is probably one of the firmest silicone vibrators that I have in my collection, particularly around the bulbous head.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 2

Before I could use the ravishing Rosa, it needed to be fully charged. I placed it firmly onto the docking station and plugged the three-pin plug into the closest socket and the jack into the small entry point in the back of the dock. I left it for the recommend 2 hours for a full charge, which seemed to be about right.  A steady flash indicates that the toy is charging and a solid light indicates the charge is complete. A fast flashing light shows that the vibrator needs charging and trust me, you don’t want this one dying on you at a critical moment! It is supposed to offer around three hours of use at a medium speed, but in my experience it’s slightly less than that. It’s about half of that when using the toy on high-speed.

This vibrator is operated by a simple, easy to use three-button interface that’s made up of a plus, minus and central button that resembles a coffee bean. The plus button turns on the toy and increases the intensity of the vibration whilst the minus decreases the intensity and turns the toy off when pressed and held for a few seconds. If you press both of these buttons simultaneously then you activate the travel lock, which is super convenient to have if you plan on travelling with this toy or simply don’t want it turning on accidentally whilst stored. I will probably never travel with this as I don’t want to risk losing it, but it’s a great feature to have nonetheless. The central button starts and cycles through the various modes and the heat activates on its own once the toy is turned on. It takes around 5 minutes to reach its final temperature of 40-42 degrees celsius.

The Rosa Rouge has the same circumference as the Denia at 4.5 inches, which should be manageable and comfortable for most people with some experience of penetration. It has 6 inches of overall length with 4.5 inches being insertable. This might not sound like much, but it’s certainly long enough to reach and maintain contact with my g-spot.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 3This vibrator has two motors, one is located in the shaft and the other is in the base. When I turned on the Rosa for the first time, I was immediately blown away by the sheer generosity of power that it has to offer. It’s unusual to find a dual-motor vibrator that has similar strength and rumble to both, but this one pulls it off, although the motor in the base is slightly weaker than the one in the shaft. This vibrator honestly stimulates nerve endings I didn’t even know existed or could be stimulated. It’s so rumbly, it’s divine. I was expecting it to be quite loud because of this, but it’s not even noticeable behind closed doors.

It has a huge selection of options to choose between as there are twelve speeds and nine vibrating modes to explore. I liked that this toy gives you the option of increasing the intensity of any setting, rather than just the constant speeds like most vibrators. This makes more of the patterns accessible to me, as usually I find them too weak to enjoy. I am not a big pattern fan, but I have to admit I enjoy the variety and uniqueness that this vibrator offers. It has some patterns that are different from the typical ones you’d find which definitely caught my attention and I may have even enjoyed using them from time to time. I can’t orgasm from them, but they are great to use in-between orgasms or for a bit of fun.

In use, I found the firm, rounded and bulbous head to be everything that my g-spot craves. It has the perfect firmness to satisfy this sweet, stubborn spot and nudges against it with extreme precision without much assistance from me. It doesn’t take much movement for stimulation to begin and usually, shallow, subtle thrusting is enough to be pleasant. I find a gentle rocking or thrusting incredibly satisfying and I don’t really need the majority of the shaft to get off as the heated head of the Rosa does most of the work. I can easily lay back and let this vibrator do its thing without having to interfere much, which makes it the perfect vibrator for lazy day reliable orgasms.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 4

Whilst it feels fantastic as a g-spot vibrator, which is obviously it’s intended purpose, I have actually found myself preferring to use this against my clitoris. The heated rumbles of the Rosa Rouge against this sensitive location are breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve felt before. I love vibrations that penetrate deeply below the surface and this combined with the heat is almost out of this world. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the heating sensation, but it turns out that I absolutely love it. This makes me feel much more sensitive and enables a faster, stronger orgasm.

Overall, I can’t get enough of it. It’s extremely well-made, beautifully designed, body-safe, waterproof, and even rechargeable. What more could I want? Oh yeah, a fantastic, gorgeous shade of red. I praise L’Amourose for making functional toys in this shade as I’m a sucker for toys in my favourite colour! If you like and/or need deep, below the surface, toe-curling, knee-trembling, eyes rolling back in your head vibrations, then look no further than the Rosa Rouge.

You can purchase the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge (£159.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this review.