Review: Crowned Jewels Aluminium Shaftsbury (C Curve)

Crowned Jewels Marylebone1I purchased the Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury as a birthday present to myself after deciding it was finally time to try out metal. I have fallen in love with the material because of this experience and have gone on to add three more metal toys to my collection since then. I’m a huge fan of glass toys, so this wasn’t much of a step-up and it’s one I’d definitely recommend everybody try at least once, because despite the extra cost, it’s so worth it.

The Shaftsbury arrived in a wax-sealed tube, which is some of the classiest and more luxurious packaging that I’ve ever experienced. Inside the tube, the dildo is wrapped inside some black tissue paper alongside a branded storage pouch  and a small leaflet.

When I held the Shaftsbury for the first time I checked for any signs of imperfections within the material and I’m pleased to say that I couldn’t find any. This toy has been made excellently and finished to an extremely high standard. I cannot fault Crowned Jewels in terms of quality control at all, I actually feel this is an area in which they excel. All of their products are made by hand and crafted to order, with each being thoughtfully designed and created.

Crowned Jewels strive to make exciting, luxurious and beautiful adult toys that are crafted from completely body-safe and high-grade materials. They partake in regular quality testing to maintain the standards they’re putting out there and also make sure they’re in compliance with all British and EU rules regarding safe metal sex toys. The Shaftsbury is made from medical grade, pure aluminium and does not include nickel, latex or phthalates.

As the Shaftsbury is made with aluminium, any type of lubricant can be used with it, be that water-based, hybrid or silicone. I generally choose to use water-based when I’m using this in the bedroom to avoid any sheet staining, but I will switch to silicone lubricant if I’m using this toy in the bath. I haven’t and probably never will use this in the shower as I imagine dropping it on your foot would hurt more than stepping on a piece of Lego. I have often found that I don’t need to use any additional lubricant with toys made from metal as the material glides pretty easily with natural lubrication. After each use, I spritz with toy cleaner and rinse thoroughly although it’s impossible to remove all of those pesky fingerprints that this material picks up.

Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury

The Shaftsbury has an overall length of seven inches and an insertable length of six, which is ideal for me personally and should be enjoyable for most. It has a maximum girth of 3.75 inches which is fairly slimline and a size I’d consider to be suitable to beginners, particularly those who are new to rigid materials such as this one.

It was lighter than I had expected it to be, which makes it comfortable for long-term use and I would definitely advise you to consider this brand over njoy if weight is something you struggle with for whatever reason. I personally have weak wrists, so I find this toy much easier to use than my beloved pure wand.

I do think it’s slightly heavier than glass, so if weight is something you’re interested in, alongside firmness and rigidity, then metal is a material you’ll probably enjoy.  You might be enthused to know that you can experiment with temperature play, which just so happens to be one of my favourite things to do in the bedroom, and this material holds temperature much better than glass does. It can be warmed up or chilled, although warming is something I don’t really explore much as I prefer my dildos cold. It can be placed in a bowl of warm or cold water for twenty minutes to create your desired temperature or it can be placed in the fridge for an extra chill.

In my experience with the Shaftsbury, I have found that the smooth end is absolutely perfect for vaginal and in particular, g-spot stimulation. I have the C curve edition and I find it’s angled perfectly, managing to find my g-spot very quickly. If I begin thrusting quickly, then the deal is sealed within minutes. It’s almost effortless to have an orgasm with this toy and I can even reach multiple climaxes from this end, which is more than can be said for the pure wand, as I have to be done after one orgasm due to the weight of it.

The other end features four raised bulbs and this has proved to be the best for anal stimulation. I’m not fond of girth anally, so the slim size of this dildo is absolutely perfect for me and the texture does all the work once it’s inserted, so again, it’s almost effortless. I can feel every one of those raised bumps as this toy is gently rocked back and forth at the hands of myself or my partner and this eventually leads to some repetitive thrusting and a powerful orgasm.

Crowned Jewels Marylebone 4

Overall, I am very glad I decided to try out metal and even more glad that I chose the Shaftsbury to kick-start my experiences with this material. I am very pleased with the aesthetics, size and quality of the Shaftsbury and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I really enjoy the sensations it offers, both vaginally and anally, and this dildo is one that I’ll be keeping close to the bed for many months to come. If you’ve been curious about metal for a while but don’t want to spend £100 on a pure wand, why not try this toy instead? It’s just as good!

You can buy the Shaftsbury Aluminium C Curve (£69.99) from Crowned Jewels. No affiliate links have been used.

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