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Doxy SkittleSo, I must admit that I’m running late with this review. In my defence, I purchased it late and I kept getting distracted using it, but I’m finally ready to put my thoughts down. I will mention now that because I’m so behind on this review, this product has now changed names. It’s no longer the Skittle. As far as I can tell, the product itself hasn’t changed but the marketing, name and packaging all have. I would usually describe the packaging here, but as its changed since I received mine, I’m not going to bother this on this occasion.

It’s made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic and body-safe premium silicone which is smooth to the touch. It has a silky finish, so it glides easily against the skin and has minimal drag to it. A small amount of water-based lubricant is recommended to remove that drag and to make the experience more comfortable if you plan on using it internally. It is a mains-powered toy so it’s not waterproof, which means toy cleaner and patting dry with a cloth is the best way to keep it clean and sanitized. I use antibacterial toy wipes between uses too, just to be on the safe side.

The Don is 7.25 inches in total length and it has a small protruding arm which is around 2 inches long. The maximum circumference of this arm is around 3.6 inches, which is fairly slimline and should be suitable for most people to take comfortably, be that vaginally or anally. The body of the toy is much wider and has a maximum 7.5 inch circumference, which means there’s plenty of toy to hold onto. As I mentioned before, this toy is mains-powered and I was really impressed with the length of the wire as it’s 12 foot long and stretches across from the socket to the middle of my bed with ease.

Doxy Skittle ReviewThe control panel is on the wire, rather than the body of the toy, which makes controlling very easy for your partner to do. I think this makes it a great couples and anal toy as you don’t have to get into awkward positions to change the function. It has a three-button interface, a power button, a plus and a minus. The power turns the vibrator on, but it also takes you to a pulsation mode if you hold it down for a few seconds. The plus button increases intensity and the minus decreases, as you may have already figured out. The control panel lights up blue when in use, which is really helpful if you’re using this in the dark.

It can be used for a multitude of different things, from clitoral and g-spot play to penis and prostate stimulation. It can even be used for body massage, although I prefer a wand for that. My personal preference for this toy is to use it as a clitoral stimulator. If I hold the short arm against my clitoris, I can use as much pressure as I want and all of these lovely, rumbly vibrations pour out of it. It’s not quite as powerful as the wands that Doxy make, but it’s definitely stronger than a lot of vibrators that I’ve tried. The vibrations travel deep below the surface and penetrate every single nerve within the clitoris, leaving a rumble passing through your entire body. I’m often shaking and trembling for a few minutes after orgasming with the Don.

It kind of forces the orgasm out of you, whether you’re ready and willing for it to happen or not. It has this raw, aggressive strength that just rips a climax out of you, which makes this toy a fantastic option if you’re looking for something reliable. If I want a quick and intense orgasm, but my Tango isn’t charged and I don’t want to hold something as heavy as the Die-Cast, then this is the toy that I’m going to reach for, knowing I’ll be satisfied within a matter of minutes.

I would have liked maybe one more intense for clitoral play as I did find myself wanting to hit the plus button one more time, but it’s still strong enough to take an orgasm from me. I am a power queen, so this vibrator will probably be mind-blowing enough already for those who aren’t, but as I can handle something a little stronger, one more setting would have given me everything that I wanted.

I don’t find it does much for me vaginally as it’s too short to hit my g-spot, but it is wonderful for anal stimulation. I don’t need much girth or length anally, the vibrations are more than enough to get me off. If my partner inserts the Don anally whilst we have sex, I’m going to be spasming on the other side of the bed within a minute or two and that is guaranteed. I haven’t tried it on him yet, as he’s not keen on prostate toys at the moment, but I will return to this review if that changes within the near future.

I think the Don is a quiet toy, in fact it’s almost silent. I would say this toy is suitable for those who need discretion and a closed-door or bit of background noise will cover the sound. This is a fantastic solution for power kings and queens living with thin walls, parents or away at University who need discretion, but also the type of power only mains-powered vibrators can offer.

Doxy SkittleOverall, I’m super happy I own the Don and whilst it’s now being marketed as an anal toy – it still has its uses for clitoral stimulation. I think this is a great couples toy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who can handle the power.

You can purchase the Doxy Don ($129.99/£95.65) from Betty’s Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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