Review: Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle III 

I have become a huge fan of wooden spanking implements, so when I noticed this Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle at Lovehoney for less than £10, I had to add one to my basket.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger PaddleIt arrived quickly and discreetly as expected, but I noticed there was no outer packaging with this item. It simply had a Fetish Fantasy tag attached to it and that was all. I think a plastic pouch would have been better as it attracted some dust on its travels. I would have loved to have seen a safety guide included as I think the inexpensive price tag will attract beginners who might not know about spanking dangers, but let’s be honest, it’s made by Pipedream and safety isn’t their priority.

I ordered this paddle shortly after purchasing the Dominix Bamboo Paddle, partly because the options for wooden implements are limited and partly because it’s quite similar, so I knew I’d probably get on with it. I also knew not to assume that it wouldn’t be capable of causing pain if used harshly enough. The Singapore Stinger is very rigid, but it feels somewhat fragile so I do worry that this will break/snap with aggressive regular use. I haven’t encountered any issues so far (few months of use), but time will tell if this is true or not. It’s also quite lightweight and thinner than I expected it to be, but don’t let this fool you because it is capable of pain in the wrong (or right, if that’s what you like) hands.

It isn’t the highest quality paddle that we have, by a long shot, but the surface is smooth and decent enough. The edges aren’t as decent as they feel rough and unfinished in places, but it’s something I can look past as the surface is the only part making contact with my body. It’s comfortable and easy to hold due to the handle and handy wrist loop, both of which are wide enough for my partner to use comfortably.

I’m really enjoying harsher spankings in recent month and have yet to be disappointed by wood, as it provides a much more intense experience than many other materials. It’s definitely the one to go for if you’re looking to progress from faux leather/satin/dual sided paddles. It’s not quite as harsh as silicone, but it still feels pretty brutal and can be quite painful if swung hard enough. I think wooden paddles sound extremely threatening and intimidating in use as they make an amazing, loud slapping sound even when the taps are gentle. This of course goes along with the rough, sharp sting that it provides upon meeting the skin.

Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger Paddle 2Due to the wideness of this paddle (4 inches), the sensations it provides cover a broader area of impact, meaning spanks are not as direct, pin-pointed and intense as they would be from a ruler made from the same material. It’s still harsh enough that it’s capable of doing some damage though. From my experience with the Singapore Stinger, it leaves temporary red marks, but no bruising or long-lasting impressions. It leaves marks that can be felt for the rest of the evening, but isn’t very memorable the next day.

We use this paddle after some gentle warm-up with something softer like the Tease by Lovehoney Paddle as this gets all the blood rushing to the surface before we introduce the stinger. Gentle taps from the stinger are what I’d describe as suitable for beginners and not harsh enough for my tastes anymore, which was somewhat disappointing, but at the same time, this tells me this product could be used by someone new to spanking, providing they know their limits and what wooden implements are capable of. Harsher slaps are much more my thing and they feel fantastic from this paddle, particularly stingy on the backs of my thighs.

Overall, I like the sensations and impact of the Fetish Fantasy Advanced Singapore Stinger, but it’s not the harshest tool in the kit. It’s cheap and cheerful, so a great introductory wooden implement, but invest in something better if you decide wood is something you want to experiment more with.

You can purchase the Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger III Paddle (£9.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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