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As a sex blogger and adult product reviewer, I receive the same questions quite frequently, so I thought it would make sense to note down the most commonly asked questions in one place along with my answers. I’ll add more as they come!

How did you start reviewing?

I didn’t set out to become a sex toy reviewer, it just sort of happened. I had purchased a few items from Lovehoney and left some vague, three sentence reviews on those products. I then became more involved with their forum and I started reading others reviews, noticing how much more depth they went into than I did. I decided to start writing more thorough reviews and my love for reviewing sort ofstemmed from there. After a couple of months I got the chance to review a couple of new products for an upcoming bondage launch and I never looked back.

Where did your blog name come from?

I’m sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t much of a story behind it. I know some bloggers have funny or interesting anecdotes that they can share, but my case was simply a matter of picking something I could tolerate. Coming up with titles has never been a strong suit of mine. One day I started thinking about my love of glass and temperature play, so I decided to do a play off that with the name of my blog. My partner suggested this one and it stuck. Sometimes I wish I’d gone for something simpler such as Nat’s Reviews, but hey, what can I do now?

What was your first ever sex toy?

A huge disappointment. I joke, but not really. I purchased a stereotypical rabbit vibrator. I didn’t even know other types existed. I’d only heard of rabbits and wands. The one that I chose was on the popular page and I didn’t do much research, simply picking it because it was cheap. It’s a decision I regretted immediately. It gave me chemical burns, itching and extreme discomfort for a few days afterwards. I had a reaction to the Jelly (or whatever was in it) that it was made from and almost gave up on sex toys for good after that experience. I believe this was what I decided on next.

Have you ever used something other than a sex toy to masturbate with?

Yes. I think most toy fans have experimented with something other than at least once. I never inserted anything odd, but I was in a pretty steamy relationship with my shower head at one time. I remember having the sheets tangled between my legs on one specific occasion when I was younger and it felt good, so I believe I masturbated that way for quite a while too. As soon as I was of legal age to buy a sex toy, I went and got one.

Do you prefer dildos or vibrators?

I am definitely a vibration kinda gal. I can rarely get off without them. I think they are so reliable and I wouldn’t want to be without the rumbly, below-the-surface stimulation that many of my favourites offer. I am not a dildo hater by any means, but I don’t use them as often and I have to be in the mood for them, so I’d go for vibrators if I could only use one for the rest of my life.

What materials do you use and what do you stay away from?

I use abs plastic, silicone, metal and glass for the most part. I do own a stone, porcelain and a wooden dildo, but these are rarities and I’m cautious of the coating/finish used. I’d love to try something ceramic, so that’s next on the list. Everything that I own is body-safe and free from latex and phthalates. My partner will occasionally use good quality TPE for external toys (pleasure cups like this) but tends tostick to trusted brands like Tenga, as we know their products are non-toxic.

What does your partner think of what you do?

He’s proud and supportive. He will help me out with testing, editing and product photos if I need him and he also manages a lot of the tech stuff that I can’t do. He enjoys trying new things with me in the bedroom, so this is as much fun for him as it is for me. He appreciates that it’s not all fun and games though, so he’s there for me if I get stressed out or overwhelmed.

What is your desert island sex toy?

It’s impossible to just pick one. If you ask any toy reviewer, they’ll probably say the same thing. Can I have one from each category? No? Well, then I’ll narrow it down to six. It would of course depend on whether this island has electricity and plug sockets, but I’m going to assume that it does so I can take my beloved Doxy Die Cast. I would also need to have my We-Vibe Tango, Satisfyer Pro 2, L’Amourose Rosa Rouge, Tantus Uncut 2 and the Crowned Jewels Marylebone.

Do your friends and family know about what you do?

A few of them know I review products and I blog, but I’ve never gone into much detail about the type of content that I make. Some know that I test lubes and things like that, but haven’t asked too much about it. I think they’re happy that I’m happy doing this and that’s all they need to know. I am anonymous for a reason though as I feel that certain people in my extended family would not be so supportive.

What was the first sex toy you were ever sent to review?

The Motorhead Ace of Spades Bullet. It was shortly followed (on the same day) by the Tease by Lovehoney Blindfold and the Tease by Lovehoney Silky Handcuffs.

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