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Fun Toys GBalls2 1I expressed an interest in upping my kegel game and Fun Toys agreed to help me out by sending me their Geisha Balls and G Balls 2 to review. I had always thought that an app-controlled kegel system sounded pretty interesting, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and see if the wait was worth it. Since I outgrew my basics kegel balls, I’ve been branching out and exploring more intermediate and advanced options, which is one of the reasons why I love this product. It has suitable levels for everyone, through from beginners to the owners of steel PC muscles.

From the moment the plain, discreet package had been opened up, I knew that I was getting a high-quality product. I noticed immediately that the packaging was lovely and I wasn’t disappointed by what was inside it. The packaging for the G Balls 2 is as pictured – a small white tube with product photos on either side and a few key details written in-between. The rest of the necessary information is included in a small user manual. Along with the G Balls and the manual, the tube included the USB charging cable and a branded storage pouch.

The G Balls 2 is primarily made from a high-quality, waterproof silicone that is free from latex and phthalates, but it also has some ABS plastic elements. This toy is completely body-safe, but due to the materials used, it should only be combined with water-based lubricant to avoid any damage. It is very easy to clean, all it requires is a squirt of toy cleaner and a rinse. It’s quite a petite exerciser at 31x82mm and weighs just 54g, which is the same weight as the basic balls I mentioned earlier, but this one offers vibration and varying levels of training that those do not.

To charge the G Balls, simply insert the USB into your chosen charging port and insert the jack into the charging point on the toy, which is located on the base. It is made from silicone and needs to be pierced each time, which can take a little force on the first few attempts. Once the charging is complete, remove the jack and the charging point will re-seal, ensuring the product is kept fully waterproof. The first charge took around four hours, but it doesn’t say how long a charge takes after that, so I’ve been going by the charging lights on the front of the toy. The LED light will be on whilst charging and turns off when complete. I’ve found it’s taking roughly two and a half to three hours after several uses. It provides around the same amount of usage time, which is pretty impressive.

Fun Toys G Balls 2 2

To get started, download the Magic Kegel app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the download is complete, run the app and follow the guide. To connect the G Balls to your device, press the power button located near the base and an LED light should turn on. The app should then show that the device is connected, but this doesn’t seem to work every time. If it doesn’t work, then find the button in the top right corner and press it, it should then find the G Balls and connect. If it still isn’t working, double-check that your bluetooth is turned on and your settings are allowing access. After a few times of using either method, you can simply open the app, turn on the G Balls and shake your phone to create the connection.

Then find a comfortable position for insertion, which for me is laying down on my back with a cushion under my hips for comfort. If you choose to use this position, remember to keep your knees apart and the removal cord fully outside of the body so that the signal isn’t affected. I slathered a small amount of water-based lubricant to the tip and inserted it slowly. I found it quite comfortable and fairly easy to insert, although it feels bigger than it looks. Remember that this is a vaginal toy only and don’t be tempted to use it anally as there is no flared base. It’s not worth the risk of it getting lost/sucked into the anus.

Once you have connected your G Balls and inserted them, a virtual coach will guide you through a series of exercises. These exercises generally consist of clench and hold, quick reps and long holds, all of which are in time with vibrations. I loved the feature of the small bird on-screen that you have to help fly by clenching around the toy, as when you clench harder, he flies higher. This indicates how well you’re doing the exercises and can also be a way of noticing progress. The data from the sensors is then recorded within the app and will give you a score based on your progress.

When you fulfil your daily goal you are rewarded with beans, which can later be exchanged for vibration patterns within the ‘Fun’ mode. This is supposed to be a good incentive to keep up with training, but at times can feel like I’m a kid trying to win treats for doing chores! Once you have these vibration patterns though, you can turn the G Balls into an app-controlled clitoral vibrator or even a love egg, which can be lots of fun. The intensity of the settings is even adjustable, so there’s a range suitable for most people. It’s not mind-blowing rumbly territory, but it’s definitely powerful enough to be enjoyable.

There are six training courses to choose from, including: Entry Level, Honeymoon, Young Mum, Muscle Recovery, Hot Lover and Planning a Baby. The courses each have four difficulty levels to unlock and explore. I have been primarily using the Entry Level course so far, but I have experimented with Hot Lover a little bit and was pleased to discover you can switch courses at any point without losing progress and having to start over.

Fun Toys G Balls 2 3

You can also the G Balls 2 without the app and these are called independent modes. The first (and default) mode is called ‘Squeeze for Vibration’ which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Once you’ve turned the G Balls on, you simply squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to control the strength of the vibrations. You can turn the balls off by pressing and holding the power button down for a few seconds.

The second mode is called sustained vibration and you can activate this by pressing the power button once more. Tap again to go back to the default mode. This mode is pretty self-explanatory too as it simply vibrates constantly whilst you work out, which provides some subtle stimulation. It’s a good option when you fancy a quick workout or don’t fancy getting your phone out, but it’s not particularly challenging or a great way of tracking progress. It’s probably best for rest days or days where you don’t have time to work your way through the course. I think it may also be a good mode for beginners who are wanting to get a feel of the product.

Do they work? From my experiences with the G Balls over the past eight weeks or so, I am going to conclude that they do work. I find the app has been a great way to track my progress and notice where I’ve been going wrong or slacking. I feel that there’s already a noticeable difference, I’m feeling much stronger and toned, so I’m looking forward to this continuing and improving over the next few months as I work my way through the courses. I think that there truly is a course and intensity for everybody on this app and it’s extremely to use, which is perfect for those who aren’t technologically inclined. The app has a few glitches and can sometimes disconnect from the device, but what app doesn’t have hiccups every now and again?

I received the G Balls 2 directly from Fun Toys in exchange for my honest review thank you! You can find the G Balls 2 (£79.95) at Simply Pleasure. Affiliate links have been used.

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