Review: Fun Toys G Vibe 2 

I love interesting, unique looking toys and the G Vibe 2 by Fun Toys is definitely that. I have never seen a vibrator that is split like this (other than the original G Vibe of course) and I was rather intrigued as to how it would work and how comfortable it would actually be to use. I didn’t try the original, but Fun Toys say that the silicone has been improved and the motors are located slightly differently in the updated version, which makes it perfect to be used for prostate massage, now I can’t vouch for the prostate massage as this is something we haven’t explored yet, but I can say that the silicone feels fantastic, although I’ll tell you more about that later.

Fun Toys G Vibe 2My package came directly from Fun Toys and was discreet as promised. Inside the box, I found the G Vibe 2 and the G Balls 2, both of which were packaged beautifully. The G Vibe arrived in a tube container with a picture of the toy on the front, an artistic drawing on the back and some of the key features listed on the side. When I removed the lid, I found the G Vibe 2, the manual that features illustrations of ways to use the vibrator, a branded storage pouch and the charging cable. I must admit that I was super stoked to receive this toy in Blue Lagoon, as this is the colour I’d secretly hoped for, but it’s available in Royal Noir (Black) and Sweet Raspberry.

As I briefly mentioned above, the G Vibe 2 is made from silicone. It’s a premium, medical grade material, so it’s non-toxic, odourless, free from phthalates, hypoallergenic and entirely body-safe. It’s even 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and fun under water. Fun Toys say that the silicone has been improved by being ‘even smoother with extra flexibility’ and I must admit that the silicone is extremely smooth to the touch, it’s almost velvety. It has minimal drag to it, but I’d still recommend using water-based lubricant for maximum comfort, especially if you’re using this anally or in more of an unusual position. The vibrator has a decent amount of flexibility too, but this is confined to the tips of the toy to partway down the shaft. The tips can be moved separately in any direction for perfect adjustability or they can be moved when placed together, although not as much.

Fun Toys G Vibe 2I have seen the sizing scale differ slightly from site to site, so I measured my own for a more accurate representation and found it lines up with the majority of sites that agree there’s nine inches of overall length (including handle) and just under six inches of insertable length to play with. The girth of each tip is just under 2 inches, which makes the widest point of girth double that at roughly 4 inches. The length is in my perfect comfort zone and the girth should be manageable for most people, but of course this depends on the way that you’re using this toy. If you’re only inserting one tip into an orifice, the girth is much less and only around the width of a finger.

Before beginning to explore the numerous ways to use the G Vibe 2, a full charge is required. This takes roughly around two hours, which is much better than the eight-hour charging I’ve seen mentioned in reviews for the original version. This full charge will give you around four hours of playtime, which is fantastic. It is obviously going to be less if you’re constantly using the vibrator on the highest intensity, but it still has a brilliant charge to play time ratio regardless. It is charged via USB, so all that’s necessary is plugging in the USB into your chosen charging port and attaching the fancy magnetic clip to the points located on the base of the toy. This is similar to the We-Vibe charging system in that it disconnects easily, so make sure to charge your G Vibe on a flat surface to avoid this. The control buttons flash/light up whilst charging and go steady once the charge is complete.

Fun Toys G Vibe 2The G Vibe 2 is operated by a straight forward three-button interface, a plus, minus and a central button featuring some wavy lines. The + button begins the vibrations and also increases the intensity, the – button turns off the vibrations and decreases intensity. The intensity can be increased on all settings, whether it’s a constant speed or a pattern, which is something I love to find on vibrators. The central button operates the patterns with a single touch and you can cycle through them by tapping once again. Once you have reached the end of your options, they start from the beginning again, which makes your favourite quick and easy to get back to if you accidentally go past it.

There are three constant speeds, low, medium and high, and six different vibrating modes. These vibrations are powered through three motors, one in each tip and one near the base, which should indicate this toy is powerful right? It kind of is, although it’s not the strongest vibrator I’ve ever felt, which was somewhat disappointing as I had expected more from the triple motors it has to offer. It does have a nice variety of intensities though with the lowest feeling like a light tremor or gentle tickle and the highest feeling quite strong and buzzy. I found the vibrations feel the strongest about half way down each tip and despite buzziness not being my preference, they were still enjoyable. I think the vibrations travel well through the toy, although the vibrations near the base are significantly weaker than the ones in the tips.

It’s definitely not the quietest toy I have by any means and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this toy isn’t going to be ideal for those who rely on discretion, as even I don’t use this with others in the house. I think the noise primarily comes from the third motor, which is strange as this seems to be the weakest of the three. It sounds like a whirling mechanical sort of noise, particularly on the higher settings and patterns. It is a little louder than I would like it to be, but I can look past it if I’m really in the mood to use this toy.

Fun Toys G Vibe 2

As you can see from the photos included in the instruction manual, there are multiple possibilities when it comes to using this toy.  It truly doesn’t matter what equipment you have, because this is a vibrator that can be used for clitoral, anal, vaginal, penis and even nipple stimulation. I thought I’d give all of these options a chance being that they were recommended, but right away I ruled out number 4, the one where a tip is placed on each nipple. I don’t have a big rounded chest as the picture shows and I don’t know any humans that have nipples that close together. I know the arms are flexible, but the vibrator will not stretch to accommodate both of my nipples at the same time like the picture shows. I have tried placing both tips around one nipple simultaneously like a clamp, which was fun, but not really orgasm-inducing. It did create more sensitivity, but that was the extent.

I have a couple of main ways I like to use this toy in the bedroom and the first is for joint clitoral and vaginal stimulation. I think it feels very different to a rabbit vibrator, but in all the right ways. The arm reaches my clitoris affectively and sits resting over it whilst the vibrations from the shaft work on my labia. The other arm sits inside comfortably and can be tilted upwards for wonderful g-spot stimulation. It isn’t firm enough to bring me to a g-spot orgasm on its own, but when combined with the clitoral/labia stimulation, I can reach a climax within 15 minutes or so. I can’t orgasm as fast as I can with many other toys, but I think this is due to the buzzy vibrations rather than anything to do with the design.

Fun Toys G Vibe 2The second way this toy is enjoyed is by placing an arm either side of my partner’s penis and setting the vibrations on high. This is usually accompanied by some sort of oral stimulation that mainly focuses on his glans. The combination of oral sex and vibrations is something my partner has always enjoyed, but this toy seems to affect him in a way I haven’t seen before. He describes it as unusual, because he usually will just use a vibrator against the tip of his penis until he’s close to orgasm, but he likes to keep this toy close to the base and allow the vibrations to continue until he’s finished.

Last but not least, I like to insert both arms inside my vagina simultaneously. I sort of push the tips together whilst inserting and let them slowly separate inside once I’ve found a comfortable depth and position. It creates a sensation of fullness without needing to use a bigger toy or invest time in a long, tiring warm-up. I do find that the tips can catch my cervix in this position, but minor adjustments to the position or angle fix this quite quickly.

Overall, I’m pretty sure I have missed many ways that this toy can be used and I’m sure it would take me months to exhaust the possible options, but that for me is enough to keep my interest peaked and wanting to come back for more. I have had it for a couple of months and the ways I mentioned above have been the best I’ve found so far, but I’d love to hear from you if you have any other suggestions! I do like this toy, but it’s one I have to be in the mood for, so it’s not going to be making my favourites drawer. It is very interesting though and had it had slightly less length (to avoid the cervix poking) and rumblier vibrations, it might have got top marks from me.

I received the G Vibe 2 directly from Fun Toys in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can find the G Vibe 2 (£99.95) at Simply Pleasure. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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