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I was really pleased when Fun Toys agreed to send me their Geisha Balls in exchange for a review, because I needed to branch out and explore kegel exercisers beyond the Lovehoney Basic Jiggle Balls I’ve been using for the past eight months. I’ve only ever used those and these starter Fifty Shades of Grey ones, so I felt it was time to look beyond these and try something different. Kegel exercises are massively important for women of all ages and I take them very seriously, making sure I do them at least five times a week, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes at a time. Doing these exercises regularly tightens and strengthens the PC muscles which can improve sexual experiences as well as providing health benefits like better bladder control.

From the moment the Geisha Balls arrived, I was impressed. I could tell just by the packaging that this was going to be a high-quality product and I wasn’t disappointed. A simple red and white cardboard box, with a product photo on one side and more artistic image on the other. One side of this box flipped up to reveal the Geisha Balls, which were all positioned in their respective places. Underneath the layer of foam that housed the Geisha Balls and holder, was a small leaflet with pictures showcasing how to insert and remove the balls into the holder and a list of all the weight combinations that are available. There was also a lovely branded storage bag to keep all of the balls in one place when not in use.

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As you’ll know by now, I only use body-safe products and these Geisha Balls are entirely safe to use. The balls themselves are made from a rigid ABS plastic and the holder is made from non-toxic, phthalate-free silicone. The silicone feels smooth to the touch and doesn’t attract much lint, but it does have a fair amount of drag to it, so I would definitely advise using a high-quality water-based lubricant when using the balls within the holder. I use lubricant with or without the holder as I find this makes insertion easier. Cleaning is very easy as everything can just be spritzed with toy cleaner and rinsed, before being left to dry and put away.

There are four different weighted balls included in this set, all of which are pink. The four balls weights are as follows 24g, 34g, 44g, 56g. The lightest weighted ball is the lightest shade of pink and the heaviest ball is the darkest. Each ball has a manageable diameter of 1.29″. As you can see from the conversion chart provided above, there are five weight combinations to experiment with. The lightest weight being 58g and the heaviest being 100g.

The Geisha Balls are really easy to insert with the help of lubrication. It doesn’t take long to get both balls into the correct position and it becomes almost second nature once you’ve done it a few times. I found that inserting one ball at a time is the best way to go and being relaxed is essential for comfortable insertion. I then tug the string in-between the two balls to make sure the first one is perfectly placed before moving onto the second. It takes only a few seconds to get the second into place and some minimal pressure before my body takes over and does the rest. The retrieval cord then hangs just outside of the body, allowing a fast and smooth removal once you’re finished.

My previous pairs of jiggle balls have been 56g and 70g total, so I found the first two sets (24g + 34g = 58g) + (24g + 44g = 68g) to be fairly easy to handle. These are the options I’d go for if I was wanting subtle stimulation or hadn’t exercised for a few days and needed easing back in. I can wear both of these sets for long periods of time and almost forget they are there, because they’re gentle and quiet. I can feel them more when I’m moving around as the internal weight inside starts to move, but this feels quite subtle compared to the heavier options.

The third and fourth options (34g + 44g = 78g) and (34g + 56g = 90g) were definitely the next step that I was looking to take in my kegel adventure. The fourth one in particular was a bit of a challenge at first, but now I can handle the weight fairly easily after a few weeks of gradually increasing the time-worn for. I can now wear the 90g for an hour or so before I begin to get sore and want to remove them. I’m going to continue to work on this weight and see if I can build them up to wearing them for the whole working day. I’m going to need to revisit the 100g at a later date too, as I can only wear this combination for around half an hour, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t had as much practice with this set as I wanted to get the review done within a reasonable timeframe! I’ll probably revisit and update in a few months time with how I’m getting on.

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Overall, my experiences with the Fun Toys Geisha Balls have been great and there’s not much that I don’t like about this kit. The only thing I’m not crazy over is the colour, as there are so many pink products around, but I can certainly look past this to reap the benefits. My partner has noticed a difference, saying that I am now able to tighten around him during sex in a way that I couldn’t before, so for me, and him, that is a result! I would highly recommend the Fun Toys Geisha Balls to anyone wanting to tone up and better their orgasms.

I received the Geisha Balls from Fun Toys in exchange for my review. Thank you!

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