Review: Icicles No 8 

If you read my review for the Scarlet Rouge Hot and Cold Subscription Box, then you might remember that I got this dildo as part of that box. You might also remember that I said I’d purchased one not long before that, so I now have two. I’d prefer to not support a company like Pipedream as I disagree with lots of their products, press releases and offensive marketing, but inexpensive glass toys within the UK can to be hard to find outside of the Icicles collection.

Icicles No 8I have to admit that I like the packaging for these glass products. The front of the box shows off an image of the toy and pulls open to reveal it behind a window of plastic, display case style. This is quite classy, especially for Pipedream and was a nice surprise. When I opened the box, I found the Icicles No 8 protected within a layer of foam casing. It’s a shame that these products don’t come with storage bags, as these boxes are just too bulky to store them in.

The Icicles No 8 is not a big dildo at all, in fact, it’s rather petite. It has a girth of just over 3 inches and an insertable length of 5.5 inches. Its overall length is just over 7 inches, which doesn’t leave much handle room if it’s inserted fully. It would be a fantastic place to start for those new to toys, glass, or penetration altogether. It’s also great for those like me, who still enjoy a slimmer toy now and again. I would actually have preferred a little bit more girth on the No 8 though.

This dildo doesn’t have any texture to work with or make up for what it lacks it width, but it does have an undulating shaft and some decent length to experiment with. I would say the description of this toy is quite accurate, as it’s described as a ‘glass massager’. I find that’s exactly what it does, as it’s not the most orgasm-inducing toy available, but it’s great for warming up to larger toys or teaming up with a strong, rumbly clitoral vibrator for a lazy blended orgasm.

Icicles No 8 Glass DildoI find the length of this dildo to be comfortable and within my limits, it’s long enough to be enjoyable, but short enough to miss my cervix. I can fully insert this toy without worrying about hitting against it, ending up in pain or causing myself discomfort, which means this toy is often reached for when I’m craving some fast thrusting. I can happily hand this over to my other half for him to use on me, without the fear of him taking things too deep and scraping against my cervix, which has happened a couple of times with larger toys.

My favourite thing about glass toys? You can change the temperature. I am still living at home, so putting a toy in the fridge isn’t an option for me, but you can leave yours in there for a few minutes before playtime if you have that option. I simply place mine into a bowl of cold water and leave it for around 20 minutes. I absolutely adore icy, cold glass, it feels divine internally and is my preferred way of using glass toys. I rarely warm them up, but if I do, I just repeat the same process with warm water.

Icicles No 8 Glass DildoGlass dildos can be used with any type of lubricant, I opt for water-based with this one most of the time as the size is more than manageable, but silicone lubricant comes in handy if I want to use this in the bath or shower. Cleaning is quick and easy, as all that’s required is a spray of toy cleaner and a rinse. If you’re sharing the toy between partners or switching between vaginal and anal use, then I’d recommend placing it in the top rack of your dishwasher (if you have one) for a deeper clean.

In conclusion, there aren’t many faults with this toy. I’d like a little more girth and handle room for easier grip, but that’s about it. I think it’s a nice toy, considering the manufacturer and is affordable for most. I like the colourings of the toy and the lightly pronounced waves in the shaft provide a lovely, cooling and gentle intimate massage. I think it’s quite the versatile dildo, as it’s suitable for vaginal, anal and outer body massage. I would recommend it if you’re looking for something in this price range, but this dildo is a nice alternative if you want to avoid the company who make the No 8.

You can purchase the Icicles No 8 Glass Dildo (£32.99) from Lovehoney.

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