Iroha Mini, Fuji-Lemon Review;


You may be saying to yourself, what is that adorable little thing right there? The answer…its the iroha mini in fuji lemon, and it is a powerful, and welcomed addition to my toy box. I was sent this toy from Tenga after hearing so many rave reviews. As you can see it is not the normal shape or size for most personal vibrators, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I did know i couldn’t wait to give it a try.


The iroha mini is about 3 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It is waterproof and of course vibrates…obviously. The vibration is buzzy but very silent, with my fan going in my room I was unable to hear it when it was on which I appreciate. As you can see in the picture to the right, its powered by 1 AAA battery and comes with a tester to make sure the toy works. The instructions say specifically to only use this battery as a tester. I followed that warning considering it seemed like a lower quality battery and better safe then sorry when you want your toy to last. The “on/off” button for this toy is somewhat inconvenient compared to others. They could’ve just as easily put this button on the bottom part considering they are around the same width but thats just my opinion. I didn’t find any problems with it during use but it is flat on the one side of the pointed end, and it can be hard to locate in a rush. also where the two pieces meet, the seam is very noticeable. This is also a part that you need to make sure you clean very well.

As far as my final verdict goes, I am somewhere in the middle. This product is really quiet and really discreet, but the button placement and the type of vibration aren’t my favorite. It is very powerful, and waterproof which are keys in a toy but with the uncertainty I’m having about elastomer as a material, I wouldn’t suggest this for someone who shares toys, or doesn’t always follow proper care and cleaning. When you take price into consideration however, it is very well priced and worth it if clittoral stimulation is something you look for.

Overall I’d give it a 3 out of 5, as i’m somewhat in the middle on my feelings towards the product, but i would still suggest giving it a try, especially if your looking for something discreet.

The iroha mini comes in discreet, non-descriptive packaging. The shipping label only list “fulfillment center” and an address as to where it came from. I imagine depending on where you live will change how fast it gets to you but i received mine in about 2 full business days. This is exponentially faster then most other companies i’ve ordered from, and depending on how eager you are to get an item, it is something to consider. The packaging of the actual product is very nice as well. As you can see to the left it has a peek window to see your product, as well as a brief description of its features.

The iroha mini is made of ABS plastic and Elastomer and comes in 3 color combinations. I could not find a definitive answer on Elastomer and if it is porous or not but what i did find is that it is a softer material, that is sometimes used in combination with other materials. This product is smooth and firm to the touch, with no odor so pending verification from the company, I would feel confident in saying it is most likely either non-porous or slightly porous, but make sure to clean after every use regardless.

When i was using this product I found pro’s and con’s. I do like its size and shape. I enjoy having a toy that is easy to transport and that doesn’t automatically look like something personal. I used it both solo, and with my partner and I personally enjoyed it better with a partner. The way it is shaped you can fit it nicely between your labia and over your clittoris when on your back during sex. I only had to hold it in place a few times when things got more vigorous but overall it did its job. During solo play I did find it a little harder to reach climax then with other toys purely because the “buzzy” factor made things go numb after awhile. This toy can’t be used for anything other then personal massage so it is not very versatile but, again it is designed for only one area. I personally don’t mind toys that run on batteries but it can be a pain as far as how long one battery will last. The box says 5 hours but that can vary depending on the quality of the battery used. As far as price goes, on the website they are listed in yen (it is a Japanese company) so after converting yen to US dollars its about 16 dollars, but it is sold in various other retail sites so just keep that price in mind when shopping around.