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When I saw that Lovehoney were offering Je Joue products for testing, I eagerly put my name down and hoped the toy fairies would grant my wish, and to my surprise, they did. I was chosen to review the Je Joue Fifi , which is a delightful g-spot rabbit vibrator. I do own one other toy by Je Joue, which is the Mimi Soft and I love it, so I hoped my experiences with the Fifi would be just as good. I had my doubts though, as I know all to well how tricky it can be to find a rabbit vibrator that works with my body.

I was blown away by the luxurious packaging, as I hadn’t actually looked at photos of it beforehand. The Fifi’s outer box is beautifully designed and features floral detailing. Inside, there’s a sturdy black storage box, with one half housing the Fifi and the other containing the instructions and charger inside a small compartment. My other half thought the packaging was striking, which is unusual for him, as he usually just wants to get straight to the toy and completely disregards the presentation. I was slightly irked that this toy doesn’t come with a storage bag, but I expected it after facing the same disappointment with the Mimi. This isn’t a cheap toy, so I don’t think included storage is too much to ask for.

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi





The Fifi is rechargeable via a three-point plug and magnetic clip. I’m not fond of magnetic charging systems as I’ve been disappointed with the finicky chargers that We-Vibe use, but Je Joue’s seem to be much better.  They don’t seem to disconnect as easily and their toys don’t have to be placed in a particular position to accept the charger. So this was the first good thing about the charging system, but there are a couple of other things I liked too. The plug features a Je Joue sticker, which makes it so much easier to locate in a drawer full of sex toy chargers. Plus the magnetic clip is pink, making it distinguishable from the Mimi charger.

A full charge takes roughly two hours, which gives the same amount of playtime. It flashes whilst charging and the light becomes a steady glow when it’s ready to use. The charge holds well and the power doesn’t begin to decrease as the toy starts to tire, which I’ve found happens with lots of other toys, so that’s great.

Fifi is made from a lint-hoarding, premium silicone, which feels highly luxurious to the touch and incredibly smooth. Fifi is seamless, so there are no tough areas to clean, making the process much faster and easier. It’s also 100% waterproof so can be rinsed under the tap and then spritzed with toy cleaner and left to dry.  This toy does have quite a bit of drag to it, as I had anticipated, so water-based lubricant is a must-have when it comes to using the Fifi. It seems to swallow lubricant, so don’t hesitate to be generous with it and be prepared to reapply.

Before I get to my experiences, I’ll just quickly mention the stats. The Fifi is 7.5 inches in overall length, with 4 inches being insertable and a girth of 4.5 inches at the widest part. The shaft has a fantastic shape, with a lovely, bulbous head, that’s specially designed to target the g-spot. The body begins to slim down towards the clitoral stimulator to a girth of just over 3 inches. The shaft is completely rigid, but the ears have the ability to be shifted slightly.

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi





Fifi is operated through a simple three button interface. Press and hold the + button to turn on the toy and tap to increase the vibration intensity, tap – to decrease intensity and press and hold it to turn the toy off. The middle button operates the different functions. It has five varying intensities of steady vibrations and several pulsating functions to choose from, so there’s something to suit most tastes.

How did I find the intensities? I couldn’t really feel the vibrations in the ears with the first, and only noticed a very gentle vibration in the shaft. It’s quite low in power and honestly more of a tickle than a vibration, which doesn’t do much for me. The second is great for warming up the clitoris, as the ears start to become prevalent, but the shaft still isn’t very strong. The third intensity is where things begin to improve as the clitoral vibrations become more intense and the shaft slowly starts to perk up. The fourth has much stronger and consistent vibrations from both the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. The fifth is fantastic. The clitoral arm becomes a jack hammer and the shaft finally becomes strong enough to please my inner power queen.

What about the patterns? if you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know I am not fond of patterns, but the ones on the Fifi are surprisingly not bad. There are a couple that actually appeal to me. The first is all about the ears, which is great fun. The second is this rather unusual fast pulsation that really got along with my vagina, which I wasn’t expecting at all. The third and fourth are the typical functions I avoid, being the stop and start/slightly buzzy type. The fifth is an average, fast paced, buzzing that really isn’t anything to write home about. Then there’s a trick up the Fifi’s metaphorical sleeve, which is the sixth setting. It’s unlike any pulsation I’ve ever felt before. It’s fast and powerful and I love it.

I haven’t had the best experiences with rabbit vibrators, but Fifi is up there on the short list of dual stimulators that have worked with my body. I found it worked quite well with my anatomy, which I wasn’t really expecting, as the shaft isn’t flexible and the ears are quite short, with limited movement. It took me by surprise and I seem to be the perfect fit for the Fifi and my body responds well to it.

It hits my g-spot with enough force that I can have a solo g-spot orgasm with this if I wanted to. Likewise the clitoral stimulator is strong enough that I can have the occasional solo clitoral orgasm too. It all depends on the setting and my mood as to how strong each orgasm is, but I’m yet to find myself feeling disappointed with the Fifi.

Overall, I love the Fifi and it’s a great addition to my toybox. It’s rumbly, powerful, rechargeable, body-safe and even waterproof, making it everything I look for in a toy. It is a little louder than I’d like, but it’s nothing a TV can’t disguise. It was difficult to decide whether I’d recommend this toy or not, as not every shape works with every body, but I would suggest giving it a try if you like the Happy Rabbit 2 and you can afford it.

I received the Je Joue Fifi (£89.99) in exchange for my review from the lovely folks over at Lovehoney. As always, this doesn’t affect the content of my review in any way. All opinions are based on my experiences with the product. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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