Review: L’Amourose Denia

I had been lusting after a L’Amourose toy for a while and last Christmas, I finally gave in and treated myself to two, the Denia and the Rosa Rouge. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, having never used one of their products or a toy so costly before, but after trying and testing them in every way possible over the last six months, I’m declaring that I have definitely got my money’s worth.

The Denia arrived in a simple cardboard box, featuring a picture of the toy on the front. Inside that, there was a sleek black box, with the L’Amourose logo embossed in gold. This box housed the Denia, the docking station and charger, one sachet of personal lubricant, a warranty card, a vague multi-lingual instruction manual and a branded velvet storage bag.

Before I could use the Denia for the first time, it needed a full charge. I placed the Denia firmly onto the  docking station and plugged the three pin plug into the nearest socket, it then took me a few seconds to realise that the jack goes into the base, rather than the Denia, so stupidly I was looking for a charging point that didn’t exist. Once I’d figured out the misunderstanding, I placed the jack into the docking station and left it to charge. The manual gives no indication of how long this will take, but the first time took roughly three hours. It now only takes two hours and offers up an equal amount of playtime, depending on the setting I’m using.

L'amourose Denia

L'amourose Denia

L'amourose Denia

L'amourose Denia





The L’Amourose Denia is made from a smooth, seamless, high-grade silicone, which is non-toxic and completely body-safe. The docking station is made from robust ABS plastic. It feels like a well-made and luxurious product, which is what I expected from the price tag. I was impressed that the silicone didn’t have much of a drag to it, but I’d still recommend using water-based lubricant to maximise comfort and enjoyment. The Denia is fully waterproof, so is the ideal playmate for aquatic fun, as-well as being convenient and easy to clean. A drop of toy cleaner and a thorough rinse will do the job.

The Denia and the Rosa/Rosa Rouge have the same manageable measurements. The shaft offers 6 inches of insertable length and a girth of 4.5 inches at the widest point, which is around the bulbous head. The Denia is a rabbit vibrator, so it has the addition of a short, slim clitoral stimulator. The internal arm and the clitoral arm feel quite firm, but they are not cemented in to position, making adjustments no problem. You can adjust either arm, in either direction until you get the best possible fit for your anatomy. This flexibility of the Denia is lavishly described as ‘flex and shift technology’ (aka you can move the arms).

The Denia is operated by a simple three-button interface, a plus button, a minus button and a centre button resembling a coffee bean. The (+) button turns on the Denia and increases the intensity, whilst the (-) decreases and turns the toy off. If you press the (+) and (-) simultaneously you can activate or deactivate the travel lock, which is a handy feature to have. The centre button starts and cycles through the different modes.

What I love the most about this toy, is that it has two motors, one operates the internal shaft and the other powers the clitoral arm. There are 12 speeds of constant vibration to experiment with and 9 modes, which is two more than the Rosa has. This toy actually has some unique patterns that caught my interest and whilst they aren’t orgasm provoking, I don’t dislike them as I usually do with patterns. It may just be because they’re different to the six or seven usual functions you find on vibrators, but I find the patterns on the Denia to be tolerable. I also like that you’re able to change the intensity on the functions, as-well as the steady speeds.

L'Amourose Denia

So, build quality, presentation and ease of use have all passed with flying colours, but how did the Denia actually perform?

Answer: Like a charm.

The first time I used the Denia, I was nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’ll admit, the first attempt didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I found it to be slightly uncomfortable and thought it might just be the wrong fit for me. I really wanted it to work for me though, so I tried again a few days later and had completely different results. I used a thicker water-based lubricant on this attempt, which seemed to improve things a little.

The game changer was simply finding a new position to use the toy in. I discovered that if I lay on my back, the clitoral arm doesn’t quite reach the right spot, so I opted to lay on my side and this seemed to work much better. The external arm reached my clitoris perfectly and I could apply my desired amount of pressure, whilst simultaneously finding the perfect position for the internal arm to nudge and satisfy my G-Spot. The pressure from the bulbous head is exactly what I was hoping for and with a gentle twisting motion and the power of vibration, I orgasmed with the Denia for the first time.

I’ve found multiple other positions to work since this, which have actually been discovered with some help from my partner. He suggested trying it standing up, which I wasn’t sure would work, but it does. I can tighten myself around the shaft to keep it in place and do the occasional kegel to change the sensation. Once I’m getting more aroused, my partner kneels below me and begins to gently twist the shaft, which drives me crazy and usually results in me squirting. Outside of the Denia, I haven’t squirted because of a rabbit vibrator, so this was a first for me, but I’m certainly not complaining about it.

Overall, I think this rabbit vibrator is powerful, rumbly and pretty damn fantastic. I do wish it slightly more strength in the clitoral arm, but the internal arm is absolutely perfect. I mostly use the settings from 8 upwards, unless I’m feeling particularly sensitive as I find these to be perfect and around the intensity that I crave, desire and adore. There’s a setting suitable for most people, from someone who doesn’t need much power to those of us who need some serious rumble to get off. I’d highly recommend the L’Amourose Denia to anyone who’s considering purchasing it.

You can purchase the L’amourose Denia in Plum, Cerise or Black ($229.99/£179.54) from Betty’s Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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