Review: L’Amourose Prism V 

I think every review I’ve written for a L’amourose toy so far has sounded like some sort of love letter and I guess that’s just because I love their products. I was super excited to get my hands on a Prism, especially when I saw Lovehoney had stocked it in this ridiculously gorgeous light blue colour (more of this please!). I had extremely high hopes for this vibrator after loving my Denia and Rosa Rouge and I can honestly state that I was not disappointed.

L'amourose Prism VWhen the Prism V arrived I will admit that I was somewhat underwhelmed with the packaging, but I still thought it was pleasant. It’s not quite as luxurious as the packaging for the other two L’amourose products, but I think it’s still nice enough to give as a gift to your loved one. The box features a see-through lid with L’amourose embossed on the front in gold. Inside the box, the Prism lay protected within some velvet lining and underneath I found the user manual, charging cable, warranty card and a velvety storage bag.

The Prism V is made from high-grade, hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone which feels absolutely amazing to the touch. I think the head in particular is extremely smooth and the shaft only has a minimal amount of drag to it. It does start to develop some minor drag towards the gentle texture surrounding the control panel, but as this is not an insertable portion, it doesn’t matter too much. I would still recommend using a small amount of water-based lubricant with this, despite the lack of drag, just for maximum comfort. After use, soapy water will suffice for cleaning as there’s no ridges or seams for fluids to get trapped in, so it’s all that’s necessary. It’s completely waterproof so can be submerged, which makes it a great companion for the bath or shower.

To charge, place the USB into your chosen charging port and attach the magnetic clip to the base of the vibrator. It connects easily and seems to hold that connection well, I don’t find it constantly disconnects like the We-Vibe systems. A light will appear and flash whilst the Prism is charging and this will turn to a steady light once the charge is completed. It takes roughly one hour to charge and gives around two hours of playtime on a medium speed. In my experience it lasts just under two hours when used consistently on the higher settings.

L'Amourose Prism VIt is operated via a three-button control panel. It has a plus, a minus and a coffee bean button. The plus turns the toy on and increases the intensity, whilst the minus decreases intensity and eventually turns the toy off. The coffee bean button cycles through the five vibration patterns. Just like the Rosa Rouge, this toy features twelve different intensity levels and all of these, in my opinion, are rumbly although the twelfth is very slightly buzzy. As I expected the patterns are not my thing, but I can tolerate the first two.

I decided to try out the Prism as a clitoral toy before I used it for its intended purpose and found that I could get two different types of stimulation depending on the way I angled the vibrator. If I turned it on its side then I could feel broader stimulation, which is great for warming-up so I could later adjust the toy so that the tapered tip presses against the clitoris directly. I really like direct contact with a fair amount of pressure behind it and I think this vibrator can offer that well. I don’t think the vibrations differ depending on the position and they certainly don’t feel dulled due to the silicone.

I can orgasm with the Prism clitorally if I’m using the constant vibrations on intensities nine or above, but this isn’t my preferred way to use this toy. I think I’ll continue using the Rosa for clitoral stimulation and keep this for what it’s best at (and designed for) which is g-spot stimulation. I feel that the shape of the head and the curvature of the shaft are absolutely perfect and seem to fit extremely well with my anatomy. I had doubts prior to inserting this vibrator that the head may get caught on my pubic bone, but this hasn’t happened as of yet.

L'Amourose Prism V

In my experience, this toy is really comfortable to use internally due to its great size, shape and smooth surface. It finds my g-spot easily and manages to stimulate it with or without the vibrations. I can leave internal vibrations if the shape of the toy is right, but I can’t leave the Prism’s alone. I think L’amourose make absolutely fantastic vibrators and they’re becoming my ideal, go-to brand due to the amount of rumbles and powerful that goes into their toys.

One thing that I didn’t find perfect about the Prism V is the fact that the vibrations carry right through to the handle. I find this can make my hand go numb, sometimes even before I’ve orgasmed too, which can be off-putting. If you’re a person who dislike the sensations to travel through the entire shaft down to the handle, to the point where you’d consider sending a toy back, then I’ll tell you outright that the Prism is going to be right for you, so you don’t waste £95.

There is one more small thing that stops the Prism from beating my perfection scale and that is simply the fact that it warms up quite quickly. It doesn’t get extremely hot, but after 15-20 minutes you can definitely feel a rise in temperature coming from the toy. I never really need to use this vibrator for that long as I can orgasm with it usually in under ten minutes, but I do think it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re a person that takes longer to orgasm, even with help from a powerful toy.

In terms of noise, this vibrator is not that loud. A closed-door is more than enough the cover the sound that this toy makes, but I would keep some background noise on standby if you’re using the higher settings or are particularly conscious about noise.

L'Amourose Prism V

Overall, I am seriously impressed with the Prism and it’s gotten so much since it arrived, I’m surprised it hasn’t burnt out yet. The Prism V has well and truly taken over from the Mona 2’s position as my favourite g-spot vibrator. I love almost everything about it and despite the couple of minor issues I encountered, I think it’s a wonderful vibrator and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it if those things don’t bother you.


              You can purchase the L’Amourose Prism V (£94.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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