Review: L’Amourose Rosa Rouge 

I finally got myself a Rosa Rouge and it is definitely the best £160 I’ve ever spent. It’s one of the most expensive toys that I have ever purchased (up there with the Doxy Die-Cast), but it is worth every penny. I have had it for several months now and have been glued to it since our first encounter, which tells me that its probably going to be my trusty companion for many years to come. I would not hesitate to replace this beauty if I ever needed to.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 1I knew I was in for a treat from the second I opened the plain, boring delivery box. I had ordered a few other luxury toys at the same time but this is the one that stood out to me. The outer box for the Rosa Rouge is just a simple cardboard box featuring a picture of the toy on the front. Inside this box, was a sleek, black storage box with the L’Amourose logo embossed in gold. This box housed the Rosa Rouge, the docking station and charger, a warranty card, a vague multi-lingual instruction manual and a branded velvet storage bag.

The Rosa Rouge is made from a smooth, seamless and high-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, free from phthalates, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. I was super impressed with the feel of the silicone as it’s luxurious to the touch but has minimal drag to it. I’d still recommend a drop or two of water-based lubricant to maximise comfort. It feels and looks like a high-quality, well-made product and that’s exactly what you’d hope for considering the expensive price tag. It’s completely waterproof which makes it the perfect playmate for aquatic fun as-well as being convenient to clean. A squirt of toy cleaner and a thorough rinse will do the job.

The Rosa Rouge has some flexibility to it that is lavishly described as ‘Flex and Shift Technology’ which basically just means that you can move the arm. I thought it might mean something fancier than that, but it’s just a fancy way of saying adjustable. It isn’t as flexible as you may think though, as it’s nowhere near single density dildo flexible, but it’s adjustable enough that you can find the best position to use it in and make the experience comfortable. Despite the flexibility of the arm, the Rosa Rouge is probably one of the firmest silicone vibrators that I have in my collection, particularly around the bulbous head.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 2

Before I could use the ravishing Rosa, it needed to be fully charged. I placed it firmly onto the docking station and plugged the three-pin plug into the closest socket and the jack into the small entry point in the back of the dock. I left it for the recommend 2 hours for a full charge, which seemed to be about right.  A steady flash indicates that the toy is charging and a solid light indicates the charge is complete. A fast flashing light shows that the vibrator needs charging and trust me, you don’t want this one dying on you at a critical moment! It is supposed to offer around three hours of use at a medium speed, but in my experience it’s slightly less than that. It’s about half of that when using the toy on high-speed.

This vibrator is operated by a simple, easy to use three-button interface that’s made up of a plus, minus and central button that resembles a coffee bean. The plus button turns on the toy and increases the intensity of the vibration whilst the minus decreases the intensity and turns the toy off when pressed and held for a few seconds. If you press both of these buttons simultaneously then you activate the travel lock, which is super convenient to have if you plan on travelling with this toy or simply don’t want it turning on accidentally whilst stored. I will probably never travel with this as I don’t want to risk losing it, but it’s a great feature to have nonetheless. The central button starts and cycles through the various modes and the heat activates on its own once the toy is turned on. It takes around 5 minutes to reach its final temperature of 40-42 degrees celsius.

The Rosa Rouge has the same circumference as the Denia at 4.5 inches, which should be manageable and comfortable for most people with some experience of penetration. It has 6 inches of overall length with 4.5 inches being insertable. This might not sound like much, but it’s certainly long enough to reach and maintain contact with my g-spot.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 3This vibrator has two motors, one is located in the shaft and the other is in the base. When I turned on the Rosa for the first time, I was immediately blown away by the sheer generosity of power that it has to offer. It’s unusual to find a dual-motor vibrator that has similar strength and rumble to both, but this one pulls it off, although the motor in the base is slightly weaker than the one in the shaft. This vibrator honestly stimulates nerve endings I didn’t even know existed or could be stimulated. It’s so rumbly, it’s divine. I was expecting it to be quite loud because of this, but it’s not even noticeable behind closed doors.

It has a huge selection of options to choose between as there are twelve speeds and nine vibrating modes to explore. I liked that this toy gives you the option of increasing the intensity of any setting, rather than just the constant speeds like most vibrators. This makes more of the patterns accessible to me, as usually I find them too weak to enjoy. I am not a big pattern fan, but I have to admit I enjoy the variety and uniqueness that this vibrator offers. It has some patterns that are different from the typical ones you’d find which definitely caught my attention and I may have even enjoyed using them from time to time. I can’t orgasm from them, but they are great to use in-between orgasms or for a bit of fun.

In use, I found the firm, rounded and bulbous head to be everything that my g-spot craves. It has the perfect firmness to satisfy this sweet, stubborn spot and nudges against it with extreme precision without much assistance from me. It doesn’t take much movement for stimulation to begin and usually, shallow, subtle thrusting is enough to be pleasant. I find a gentle rocking or thrusting incredibly satisfying and I don’t really need the majority of the shaft to get off as the heated head of the Rosa does most of the work. I can easily lay back and let this vibrator do its thing without having to interfere much, which makes it the perfect vibrator for lazy day reliable orgasms.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge 4

Whilst it feels fantastic as a g-spot vibrator, which is obviously it’s intended purpose, I have actually found myself preferring to use this against my clitoris. The heated rumbles of the Rosa Rouge against this sensitive location are breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve felt before. I love vibrations that penetrate deeply below the surface and this combined with the heat is almost out of this world. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the heating sensation, but it turns out that I absolutely love it. This makes me feel much more sensitive and enables a faster, stronger orgasm.

Overall, I can’t get enough of it. It’s extremely well-made, beautifully designed, body-safe, waterproof, and even rechargeable. What more could I want? Oh yeah, a fantastic, gorgeous shade of red. I praise L’Amourose for making functional toys in this shade as I’m a sucker for toys in my favourite colour! If you like and/or need deep, below the surface, toe-curling, knee-trembling, eyes rolling back in your head vibrations, then look no further than the Rosa Rouge.

You can purchase the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge (£159.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this review.

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