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Liberator WedgeI never knew how much I need a Liberator Wedge until around six months ago. My partner and I had been together for just under a year and had given many positions a try, finding several quite difficult due to the rather large difference in our height. (I’m 5ft and he’s 6ft 2). I had given up stacking pillows as they just seem to collapse – which doesn’t really help the problem – so I decided to look around and see what my options were. After reading several reviews and asking for a little bit of advice, I decided to splash out on the Wedge.

It arrived quickly in possibly the biggest brown box I’ve ever had delivered, although when I opened it, the Wedge was inside a box half the size and the rest was packing paper. The packaging for Liberator items is couple-friendly and non-tacky, which is always nice to see. Inside the box, there was the microfiber cover, a compression bag containing the Wedge and an instruction poster. It can’t be placed back in the compression bag once it’s out, so make sure you have somewhere to store it before you do. I was shocked to see the Wedge double in size upon removal and surprised at how well it had been compressed. All that’s left to do then is to place the Wedge into the cover and zip it up.

I received the Wedge with this dark blue microfiber cover, which I love, but find it attracts quite a bit of lint and picks up every last one of my white cat’s hairs. It can thankfully be washed, either in the machine or by hand and this removes most of the lint and/or any fluids that may have come into contact with the cover. My cover seems to have scuffed a little bit whilst it’s been stored, so I’m on the lookout for a replacement but unfortunately they’re not available in the UK at the moment. It is very comfortable against the skin and more stable than I thought it would be. I’d imagined that I would be sliding around on it or constantly slipping off, but that’s not the case. I stay firmly in place unless my other half gets a little bit too excited and tips me off it!

Liberator Wedge

The Wedge is 14 inches wide and 7 inches tall, which might not sound like much, but it’s wide enough to accommodate and support both of us simultaneously. It’s titled at a 27 degree angle of elevation, which allows for deeper penetration in many positions.

We started out with the basic missionary, placing the wedge underneath my hips. I noticed a much more intense feeling during sex because my hips were elevated at the perfect angle for him to hit all the places he usually can’t reach when I’m flat on my back. He can also get much deeper without uncomfortably hitting against my cervix, which has actually led to some of my first and best penetrative vaginal orgasms.

Usually, I would need clitoral stimulation from a bullet or wand at the same time, but I don’t need to when I’m using the Wedge in this position. We are also able to explore different variations of missionary thanks to that extra bit of height and support. I particularly enjoy resting my legs on his shoulders, which is a position we struggled with pre-Wedge era as he’s over a foot taller than me.

We then tried it out during oral sex (me receiving) as suggested on the box. I honestly hadn’t even thought about using it for that purpose, but it’s now included almost every time we engage in oral play. My partner had previously complained of a sore neck when giving, but he hasn’t since we got the Wedge which is a win-win situation. I get longer and more enthusiastic oral sex and he has a pain-free experience, which means he can enjoy giving more.

We’ve been slowing working through the positions from the Tracey Cox Supersex Deck which we couldn’t do before, which has led to a whole host of new positions that I’d hoped we’d be able to do when I purchased this Wedge. We have also gone back to a few popular positions that we previously had to rule out, such as doggy and found that they are now manageable due to the elevation and firm support that it provides. I am so thankful for this bit of kit and I honestly do not know how we used to have sex without it. We no longer have to miss out on fantastic positions and it’s opened up a multitude of other possible positions for the future that we may not have tried without it.

Liberator Wedge

Overall, I believe that the Liberator Wedge was worth every single penny that I paid for it. I would recommend this to anyone who is in a similar height predicament as us and wants to find a way to make sex positions more achievable. It’s also perfect for those who gets aches and pains during sex, or people with disabilities who may not be able to do certain positions without it. It’s a worthwhile bit of kit and I think this should be in a staple in everybody’s collection. It’s a huge aid to our sex life and I will never go back to having sex without it.

           You can purchase the Liberator Wedge (£84.99) from Lovehoney.

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