Review: Kiiroo Pearl 2 Interactive G-Spot Vibrator

Every year there seems to be a rise in the amount of sex toy designs that are created to be used with apps, websites, remotes, partners, headsets and other interactive resources. I think this is a category that’s only going to continue to grow and improve as the demands for these products increase. Technology is becoming more prevalent within all areas of life so it makes sense that it’s now reaching the sex toy market at full force. When I was presented with the opportunity to test out a new and improved interactive idea from Kiiroo, I was looking forward to seeing how this teledildonic device would work in practice and what exactly it could do that similar options couldn’t.

Kiiroo’s Pearl 2 comes in a white and purple box with a product shot on the front, specs on one side and a brief description plus the compatible interactive features listed on the back. Inside, the toy rests upon some foam casing alongside the charging cable, warranty card, quick set-up guide and a little card that tells you where to find the full user manual. The warranty is for one year after purchase and can be registered at this section of their website. A downside to the contents of the box was the lack of storage. It’s disappointing to me as this retails at just under $100 and it wouldn’t have upped the cost much to throw in a drawstring pouch.

It has been made from a smooth silicone that feels decent to the touch and has all the usual benefits of being the only soft material that’s completely body safe without being rock hard. It is odourless, non-toxic, phthalate free and hypoallergenic. It is soft but has a ton of drag to its surface so a thicker water-based lubricant has been required for comfortable, friction-free use. It attracts lint, not obsessively so, but it’s fully waterproof so can be rinsed before each use to remove traces of fluff and pet hair. After use, soapy water and a thorough rinse will clean it up perfectly.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorKiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorKiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator





Charging wise, there is a port located on the base that is covered with self-healing silicone. Stiff at first but this becomes easier after several charges. The light on the front will blink slowly to indicate that it’s charging and turn to a steady green glow once complete. A full refresh takes about two hours and gives around an hour of use. There are two other light alerts to watch out for. Red and flashing means the battery is running low and yellow means there’s an update that needs checking or an error has occurred.

To control the Pearl, there is one button. Power on by pressing down for four seconds, a solid blue colour will show to indicate the Bluetooth mode has been activated, press again for a white light to head to touch sensitive mode. Each press after that goes to a preset mode of vibration. To turn off press and hold down again for a few seconds. Having just one button sounds simple and practical, but for me, it caused massive frustration and broken nails. I have brittle nails, amongst other brittle areas of my body, and they bent back and snapped every time I tried to connect with the button. This is because it’s stiff and not raised enough. It doesn’t stick out enough to be comfortable to interact with and its hard to find in the dark even with the light glistening. It irritated the hell out of me and would absolutely need to be improved on a future version for me to consider getting one.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorAs mentioned above there are a couple of settings that aren’t preset vibrations and that may leave some questions lingering. So to answer them, the Bluetooth mode is the only one that can be used to receive signals from a partner. You have to go to the website feelme (or the FeelConnect app) to set up the device to connect with a partner or use the interactive content provided.

Follow the instructions given to pair the Pearl to the website or app. The touch sensitive mode is almost self explanatory. It responds intuitively to touch, making the surface vibrate whenever it comes into contact with the body. You can see from the guide where the sensitive zones are to figure out how to target the vibrations to your advantage.

It has 7.8 inches of overall length, with just under five inches being usable. It doesn’t bash my cervix during internal use but it’s theoretically long enough to hit the g-spot. It doesn’t hit mine but that is an issue that doesn’t relate to size. Girth wise, there’s a maximum of 4.5 inches around the widest point which is on the slim side for this style of vibrator. It would be a great size for someone who’s new to sex toys/penetration or simply prefers a smaller insertable. Do remember that there’s no flared base so this should never be used for anal.

So it’s marketed as a “g-spot vibrator” but for me it was everything but that. It didn’t do much for me as an internal toy because it didn’t hit the spots it promises to. It’s simply not curved enough for this kind of contact. The head does not differ much in girth from the rest of the shaft and it has a lack of defined curve/angle. It functions better as a classic vibrator from my perspective as it doesn’t have the right shape or definition to work for my g-spot. I like classic vibrators every once in a while although there needs to be at least one of the followings things: a taped tip, texture or a thick girth. This has none of those features so I wasn’t enthused with it at all.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot VibratorUntil this point, I couldn’t decide how I felt about the Pearl. I had written a list that consisted of a handful of cons and a handful of pros, with the pros being some of the basic things like rechargeable, body-safe, waterproof etc. I wasn’t particularly impressed as the most important features seemed to have been overlooked (good control panel, shape, dimensions) but then I turned on the motor and the pros list began to look a little brighter.

The vibrations were rumbly and resonate well below the surface. I felt that they were fairly strong and suitable for most users. I can’t say that they’d impress a hardened power queen but they were just about enough to bring me to a clitoral orgasm. I stuck with the constant vibration mode as I didn’t want to frustrate myself trying to change to any of the other functions. The shape isn’t too bad for clitoral stimulation either. I wouldn’t argue with a tapered tip for more precise contact, but broad stimulation can be fun sometimes too.

People seem to be asking for sex toys that do more than just vibrate these days and the Pearl 2 is a perfect example of that. You can pair with a partner through the FeelConnect app and allow them to control the device from anywhere in the world. This is the perfect feature for those of us in long-distance relationships or those who travel often for work as it allows us to be involved in a partners pleasure even from a distance. Other features available include listening to erotica, watching porn videos, engaging in live cam shows, playing games and even VR for those who own headsets.

Overall, there are things I like about Kiiroo’s second generation Pearl but it became apparent to me over time that the focus was on making it interactive, rather than anything else. I would need someone to take a harder look at the build and shape for this to get full marks. The button needs to be raised from the surface more and easier to press whilst the shape needs a revamp and a bit more research. A curve or angled head is the prominent feature of almost every other g-spot marketed sex toy and this lacks that entirely. It needs that if it’s going to be advertised as a toy that will hit that spot successfully. As a clitoral or classic vibrator this could work well for people who like decently powered, deep sensations and want to explore interactive content for the first time.

You can purchase the Pearl 2 ($99/£73.95) in black or purple from Kiiroo.

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


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Share Our Shit Saturday – Week One #SOSS

So, I’m late on this one as things have been hectic the past few weeks but I felt that it was important for me to start pitching in with this new weekly roundup of my fellow bloggers posts. One of the best in the biz, Girl on the Net, recently wrote about her frustrations with social media policies and their attitudes towards the sex community. This is not a new problem, social media has always attempted to keep erotic authors, cam models, sex bloggers, sex educators, adult film stars (plus many more) on the back burner.

You would think that people would be more accepting of a sex positive, resourceful community in late 2017 but this is unfortunately not the case. Open conversations on sex, relationships, anatomy and health should be the social norm and welcomed. Sex is one of the most natural things on the planet and it’s something that a large percentage of the world’s population engage in. So why the hell aren’t we allowed and encouraged to discuss it in a safe environment where it will reach and help more people?

I don’t have an appropriate answer to hand over but I can assure you that our voices will never be silenced. We blog, write and review because this is something we are passionate about, it helps us deal with our personal traumas, it allows us to share our experiences so people don’t feel alone when they encounter something new and scary, it enables us to provide answers to questions that people may want to ask but can’t elsewhere for whatever reason and most of all we do this because we care.

The Share Our Shit Saturday hashtag was created as a way of supporting each other, getting people’s voices heard and introducing people to new content that they might love. If you enjoy reading a bloggers posts please consider sharing them on social media. The more people who step forward to say “hey, this post was useful – check it out!” the more our voices will be valued and hopefully one day, respected, and welcomed with open arms. A simple share that takes two seconds may help us show social media platforms that we deserve to be recognized and acknowledged.

With all of that said and done, let’s get stuck in to the posts that I’ve been loving this week!

I am an exhausted Feminist by Isabelle Lauren.

I resonated with this post so strongly because I too am exhausted. This post covers some thoughts on the recent #MeToo campaign and the feelings that it has unearthed for those who’ve had something to discuss, share or think about through this hashtag. It talks triggers, constantly feeling the need to explain ourselves and defend our decisions to speak up or stay quiet. It’s a really heartfelt post that struck several cords with me and it definitely had to be one of my favourites this week.

Erotic Advent Calendar Review by Scanderella.

We checked out Lovehoney’s advent calendar last year and although we didn’t write much about it here, it was tons of fun to explore. It has been great to relive that experience and see what Orion included in their erotic calendar this year through the eyes of Scanderella. This review is being updated daily with the contents behind each door and a few thoughts on the product inside. I know I’m going to be continuing to check back each day to see what other surprises it has and so should you!

Paddle Ex Animo with Hearts Review by Joanne’s Reviews.

I’ve been a big fan of Joanne’s Reviews for some time now and they are my go-to blog when I’m looking for reviews on products that might be a little bit different. This week I noticed this review on my timeline and was drawn in by the beautiful product shots. The detailed feedback that Joanne gives in this review would be incredibly helpful to anybody who’s looking at purchasing this product or anything similar to it. If you’ve been looking for a paddle that may be able to induce orgasms from the sensations alone then Joanne may have just found it for you!

Rocks Off Purple Heart Review by Petra Pan.

Hearts seem to have caught my attention once again this week as I thoroughly enjoyed reading Petra Pan’s guest review of the Rocks Off Purple Heart over at RandomRedRose. The shape of this vibrator was rather intriguing to me and it was great to find out that it could be used for multiple types of stimulation. I like both pinpoint and broad stimulation so this review made me think that I should take a look at this toy myself as it may just work for me too.

Win a Doxy Number Three For Free! by Cara Sutra.

Now there has been multiple exciting giveaways popping up on my news feed this week as everyone  has been getting into the festive season and wanting to thank the people who read/support their blogs but this one grabbed my attention instantly. A lot of people in the blogging community rave about Doxy and their Number 3 Wand has to be one of the most coveted products this year by far. I almost reached into my pockets before I’d got people’s gifts this year after reading Cara’s review as it sounds too good to not own – but then I spotted that she’d managed to wrangle one to giveaway. Good luck to all who are entering – fingers crossed!

So that’s all for my first contribution to Share Our Shit Saturday but I’ll be back next week with another roundup of my favourite reviews, articles and giveaways. Have a great weekend all! x

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Review: Red Corner Wet Look Dress with Lacing

Lingerie is one of the true loves of my life. That might sound super dramatic but it’s true. It’s helped me reach a point where I can be comfortable being intimate with my partner and it also gives me a temporary confidence boost. I was delighted to get the chance to try out a few pieces from Orion recently and I knew I had to save the best one until last. My favourite of the three items simply had to be this gorgeous Wet Look Dress with Lacing from Red Corner. Like the Peplum Wet Look Dress I also reviewed from this range, I had nothing quite like it in my lingerie collection. I don’t actually have many bedroom dresses at all but after these experiences I’m positive that these are styles that I should be exploring more.

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingIt arrived presented in a stylish red and black cardboard sleeve complete with stunning model shots on the front and back. Inside the box the dress was folded inside a plastic packet and protected with tissue paper. I feel like this piece of lingerie could be given as a gift as is, all you would need to add is a nice pair of underwear (thong, string or whatever the giftee prefers) and a note advising that this look is best served with some killer heels.

Red Corner, a part of the prominent Cottelli Collection, was a brand new line to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of standards. I like to hope for the best each time but my expectations are set high as I want both comfort and sex appeal. It appeared to have been made well with no ugly seams, unfinished stitching or loose threads to be found and I believe it will last a long time with proper care. So far it has held up well during the cleaning process. I’ve simply handwashed it in the bath with lukewarm water and baby shampoo and this has worked like a charm.

As the title and photos suggest, this dress has been made with a wet look appearance. It actually consists of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The garment feels lovely and has a stunning high-shine, gloss finish that almost sparkles and dazzles under the light. I have a tendency to be drawn towards lace or satin lingerie so those materials make up a huge percentage of my collection and although my partner loves those options too, the shiny materials get his heart racing the most. It could be wet look, latex, vinyl, datex or leather – he’s not fussy about the specifics. If its patent and glossy, he’s interested. This seemed like a great choice to incorporate some of his preferences into my outfit repertoire and he would certainly agree.

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingI received this little wet look number in an XS which is equivalent to a uk six to eight. As I’ve done with my previous lingerie reviews I’ve showcased the outfit on my glamorous model Berta, who is based on that size range, for an accurate representation of what it looks like. Y’all know body issues are very prevalent for me (which is why I’m not modeling anything) so this is the best way to show this dress off in all its glory. I wear a uk four to six and the fit is very similar on me although Berta has the adjustable height advantage which makes the hem sit in a slightly different place.

The high in the front and low in the back style skirt has become a popular trend in clothing items this year although I haven’t seen it done in lingerie very often. This dress has this feature and it suits the rest of the design perfectly. It comes mid-thigh on me in the front and low thigh in the back. If you like to be covered up in the back then this could be a great choice for you. It will sit around mid-thigh on most people who aren’t stuck at the five foot stance they reached at the age of twelve (me) and just below the butt on those who are around six-foot.

It fastens around the neck via a slip on halter style strap, that cannot be adjusted, so it’s an item that can be pulled on quickly if you should wish to surprise a partner and don’t have much time to change. It’s not completely unadjustable though as the lace-up detailing can be altered to fit the desired tightness and create different looks. You can make the laces sit wide apart to reveal cleavage or a bit of bust if you’re blessed in that department or you can position the laces close together for a more toned down hint at what’s underneath. Multiple looks and reactions can be achieved by playing around with the laces and that’s one of my favourite things about this.

Red Corner Mini Dress with Lacing

Red Corner Mini Dress with LacingRed Corner Mini Dress with Lacing Red Corner Mini Dress with Lacing





Small bust city is where I’m living, so finding lingerie that fits this area (even though it’s proportionate to my shape) can be something of a challenge. These cups don’t have padding or underwiring or any other type of support for that matter which can sometimes result in a flattened effect. This did not occur with this piece at all. The cups were genuinely flattering on me despite having room remaining for other cup sizes. I think the XS size could take two sizes bigger than I but whether I’d recommend it for those who have a larger bust would depend on that persons support needs. If it’s essential, then this is obviously a no-go but if you don’t mind going without for bedroom wear, then I’d be happy to suggest giving it a go.

Overall, I am infatuated with this dress and I think it has become one of my favourites for when the mood for something different or fetish suited strikes. My partner is in love with this also and he’s definitely hoping that I’ll be getting more items like this in the future. It ticks all of the boxes for him and most of the boxes for me so this has to go down as a success. The only thing I wasn’t in love with was the fact I had to wear seamless underwear underneath to avoid visible panty lines as it’s very difficult finding seamless knickers or thongs that aren’t plain and boring. Outside of that minor irritant, I am very pleased with this piece and the Red Corner collection in general so I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more like this from them in 2018.

You can purchase the Red Corner Wet Look Mini Dress with Lacing (€49.95/£43.99) from Orion.

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This in no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


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