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Anonymous: One of the most important policies that I have is for companies, manufacturers and readers alike to respect my wishes. I blog anonymously for a reason and I’d like it to stay that way. Any personal information you receive from me, be that at the hands of a business discussion, giveaway or review agreement, should be kept between us.

Communication: I am a blogger. I write. If I wanted to talk about these topics out loud, I’d be a vlogger. It’s not that I don’t like to communicate about these things – I’m more than happy to with those I know offline, but I am an anxiety sufferer and do not like to talk face to face, through the phone or on video chatting services. Please do not ask me. I am happy to answer any and all questions via the internet. Feel free to get in touch via email, my contact form, the comments section or social media.

Moderation: I currently have all comments under moderation. I will not post anything that is offensive to others, off-topic or an obvious attempt at trolling and/or spam. I have no problem with disagreements, but I will not approve these comments if they are worded disrespectfully or are capable of causing upset. If you want a friendly discussion, more information or advice about something – go ahead! That’s what the comments are for. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sex Toy Reviews

Body safety: I will only use, test, review and write about body-safe products. I do not use, test, review or write about toys made from questionable, porous or toxic materials. There are a couple of exceptions to the porous rule, but these are for TPE materials from trusted brands like Tenga. If I come into contact with something that I believe to be in violation of this policy, then I reserve the right to discard this product and not write a review. I will not recommend any products that I believe to be toxic or unsafe and will always suggest a body-safe alternative where possible. I do affiliate with some companies who stock some of these products, but I will always advise against using them and point you towards the safe items.

Things I do not review: At the moment there are specific items that I will not review at the present time, but these are subject to change. I currently do not review any form of herbal/medicinal supplements, penis pumps, clitoral pumps, desensitising anal creams/lubricants, penis extenders, strap-ons and harnesses, fucking machines, prostate massagers or porn. Things that I will never review include gags, hoods, sex dolls, realistic masturbators, anything that’s toxic/unsafe and electrosex products. (I’d love to, but I have a heart condition). My partner is extra cautious about the things that he will and won’t use, so please contact or email me at natalie@coolerthanaglassdildo.com before sending something intended for a penis to make sure that it is suitable.

Stipulations: Once I am sent an item, it is mine and I will not send it back or pay for it under any circumstances. The only exception to this rule is the rare occasions where I am sent a prototype to feedback on – I am more than happy to post these products back for changes to be made. I will not return for any other reason, especially if it is because you are unhappy with the content of a review or how long the post took to create. If there are specific conditions to reviewing for you such as a certain time-frame or a need to keep it secret until a given date, then these need to be spelled out clearly before the product is sent. Any stipulations that are sent after the item are void.

Content: I will not write a positive review because a product was sent “free of charge”. A product is not free in my opinion as I spend hours upon hours testing, writing and editing before the review is published. I work hard to be honest and thorough in my feedback and do not take kindly to requests to behave otherwise. I always state my opinions, experiences and thoughts in their true form. I will not be influenced by the price of an item or how it was received. If you are unhappy with receiving constructive criticism or negative feedback, you probably shouldn’t be making/selling sex toys.

Editing: I do not send out feedback to be proofread, edited or changed before the post goes live on my site. I will not do so, unless the feedback is to be posted elsewhere, such as a retail site. If you are unhappy with my conclusion, you can contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss the issues I encountered further. If you believe there was a fault with the product that may have affected my experience, then I am open to editing the content in the case of a fully working replacement being sent. The only other times I will edit a review are to update with new thoughts, any changes that the product has gone through since the time of receiving it, and to add disclaimers, should a company start to behave badly.