Quick Review: Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant

Just Glide Womanizer LubricantI received a bottle of this Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant with the Womanizer Pro W500 I was sent to review and up until it arrived, I had no idea it even existed. I currently can’t find it for sale anywhere, but I’m hoping that some stores will pick it up soon as it’s actually a pretty great lubricant. If you want to find out exactly what makes this product great then read on, or you can just jump to the quick review for the facts.

The bottle was sealed with plastic for full assurance that it wasn’t tampered with prior to use, which I liked. I also liked that this lubricant features a pump nozzle, as this is my preferred method of dispensing. A pump ensures that I get the perfect amount of product every time and avoid waste.

I like to carry out a patch test before I apply a new a new lubricant due to my sensitive skin and past reactions. I’m pleased to report after leaving a small amount of lubricant to my skin for a while, I had no reaction whatsoever. There are no ingredients in this lubricant that could irritate me such as glycerine or propylene glycol and to make this product even better, there are no parabens either.

The first thing I noticed about this lubricant was the scent. It smells like a mix between chemicals and lemonade, which is a really strange combination. I don’t actually mind the scent of it, although it’s not the nicest smelling lubricant I’ve ever used. It’s not overpowering in the slightest, in fact it’s only noticeable when you’re an inch or two away from it. The second thing I noticed was the consistency. It comes out quite thick, although starts to run slightly if left unattended. It’s not so thick that it feels tacky, clumpy or greasy, but it’s not so thin that it’s just water. I was surprised at how long it lasts, I can easily go without reapplying for at least thirty minutes, but by then I’ve generally been long finished with the Womanizer.

This product can be used for sex or toys other than the Womanizer, but my preference is to use it with the product it was designed to be used with. A small application around the silicone head of either Womanizer is enough to make use more comfortable and reduce any friction between the head and my clitoris. It also does the same for the Femme Fatale and the Satisfyer.

Overall, I like the Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant. It’s a good quality product that contains no nasty chemicals, is safe for use with sensitive skin and has good consistency and texture. It’s long-lasting for a water-based lubricant and seems to be inexpensive. I can’t see why it isn’t more readily available.

Quick Review

Product name? Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant

Type? Water-based

How much product do I get? 50ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? No

Does it contain Propylene Glycol? No

Condom safe? Yes

Ingredients? Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Panthenol, Sodium Lactate, Citric Acid

I received the Just Glide Womanizer Lubricant in exchange for my honest review.

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