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Adrien Lastic SymphonyI’m back with another review for Adrien Lastic and this time I chose a toy that I’ve been curious about for quite some time, called the Symphony. It’s a rechargeable, cordless wand vibrator with a very interesting twist, literally. Its unusual curvy handle is what attracted me to this product in the first place. I knew the power wouldn’t be comparable to my beloved Doxy, but I did wonder how it would hold up in comparison to something similar I have, namely the Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand.

The packaging of this product is quite simple and features the same theme as the other products I’ve already reviewed from this company. It has an outer white sleeve, with a product photo on the front and the key features on the back in multiple languages. Underneath the cardboard sleeve, a pink box with Adrien Lastic branding houses the Symphony, the charging cable, a multi-lingual instruction manual and a satin storage pouch.

It’s made from a combination of abs plastic and silicone. The handle is plastic and it has a glossy, glittery finish that I wasn’t aware of until I got close to it. It truly is beautiful and pictures don’t seem to do it justice. The head is made from silicone, which is velvety smooth and almost seamless. It doesn’t have much drag to it, but I would advise using some water-based lubricant if you’re planning on using this against the clitoris, as it will make things more comfortable. It is splash-proof, so it can be rinsed under water after use, but excessive water-use and submersion is not advised. I tend to just rinse the head and add a spray of toy cleaner, then wipe down the handle with an antibacterial wipe.

Adrien Lastic Symphony

It arrived without charge, so I placed it on for a full one before I got started. It’s a quick process, just insert the USB into a charging port & the jack into the DC port on the control panel. A steady red light will glow when charging and this turns off once it’s complete. It only takes around ninety minutes, which is pretty good, but this only gives forty minutes of play time, which is not as wonderful as I’d hoped. This also lessens if using consistently on the higher speeds, so for me, it only lasts around 25-30 minutes before I need to top it up.

Just like the other wand I mentioned earlier, the Symphony has a flexible neck. I find this one feels slightly sturdier than Lovehoney’s and I’m not worried about it snapping should I want or need to alter the positioning. It really allows you to individualize your experience with that toy and place it in a way that feels right for you. It also allows for great access during a massage, as you can reach into all those difficult areas that are hard to get to with your hands.

To begin the vibrations, press and hold the singular button for a few seconds. To cycle through the various settings, continue to tap. When you are finished, press and hold again for a few seconds. There are ten functions to choose from, three of which are speeds and the remaining seven are patterns. There are a nice variety of these settings, but as you probably know by now, I’m not fond of anything that isn’t a constant vibration, so they don’t do anything for me.

Adrien Lastic SymphonyThe constant speeds, however, are definitely my sort of thing. I wasn’t sure whether they’d be strong enough for my inner power queen, but once I hit that third speed, I was aware that I would be able to get something from them if I was patient. I usually opt for rumbly vibrations and the Symphony has the opposite type, but they aren’t numbing, desensitising or off-putting so I can totally work with them. I can’t get off with this vibrator within seconds like I can with the Doxy, but I can get off in under fifteen minutes, which is good enough for me.

Overall, I have to say that the Adrien Lastic Symphony is the slightly better wand in my opinion. It might cost a few pounds more, but it has the edge in terms of performance and aesthetics. It’s one of the quietest wands that I have, making it great for those who need discretion and the fact it’s so lightweight makes it ideal for those with grip issues or weak arms/wrists. It also feels slightly stronger than the Lovehoney wand in my opinion and has the bonus of being at least splash-proof. Its unique shape and glittery shaft make this toy the winner in terms of appearance and overall, I think this is my favourite of the two.

I received the Adrien Lastic Symphony from Adrien Lastic in exchange for my review. Thank you! No affiliate links have been used within this post.

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