Review: Amore Meo Kissable Massage Gel Vanilla

Amore Meo Vanilla Massage OilThe Amore Meo Kissable Massage Gel Vanilla arrived quickly and discreetly as advertised, with the labelling for the product itself being simplistic and inoffensive. I feel that it’s plain enough that it could be left out without drawing unwanted attention as there’s no garish images or language to spark interest. It came shrink wrapped to provide full assurance that it hadn’t been tampered with prior to its arrival, which we both liked. It dispenses via a pump which is our personal preference as it’s convenient and prevents spills, waste and mess.

I was stoked to receive this massage gel as my partner and I get through products like this so quickly. If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll know that I am currently in a long-distance relationship and as a result we use massage products almost every time we see each other. I feel that massages are a huge part of our relationship and they’re key for sensual, sexual and comfort purposes. They can be great for foreplay, aftercare and simply just connecting with each other. If you just want to know the highlights of this product, then skip ahead to the quick review and I won’t be mad, I promise.

Scent wise, I cannot get enough of this. I absolutely adore vanilla as a general rule so I had high hopes for this product beforehand and I was not disappointed. Vanilla scents can be hit or miss and often I’ve found them to be too sickly, but this one was perfect for me. I’d describe it as vanilla essence, so if you’re fond of the scent of that, then I think this product will be one for you. My partner mentioned that this was a little bit sweet for him and as a result he didn’t want it to be used for a full body massage, but he was happy enough for it to be used on his back. Me on the other hand, I could have this rubbed all over my entire body on a daily basis and never get bored with it.

In terms of the consistency, I can’t really fault this massage gel. It has a great texture and is definitely what I’d consider to be more of a gel than an oil. It isn’t the thickest, but it’s slick and not runny, which is definitely what I like in these products. It doesn’t provide that sticky, greasy feeling that some massage products do and I feel it has the perfect balance between greasy and not wet enough. It glides freely and easily across the skin and afterwards I can go about my day without feeling like I’ve been pushed into a fat fryer from head to toe. If I feel the need to jump straight into the shower after use, I won’t even use the product a second time, but I’ve used this upwards of six or seven times, so that shows that I am enjoying it.

Overall, I would definitely use this again and I more than likely will be getting myself some more bottles in the future. I love that there’s no residue following a thorough application and adore the way that it leaves the skin feeling after use. Baby-soft, nourished and hydrated are the words that I’d use to describe it. It provides the relaxing sensual experience that I ask for from a massage product and it works in perfect combination with a massage stone like the Desirables Adori. It has this warming effect too, that makes the experience all the more interesting. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, but it does provide a warm sensation for the first few minutes of application.

Quick Review

Product name? Amore Meo Kissable Massage Gel Vanilla

Type? Massage Gel

Amount? 125ml

How does it dispense? Pump

Does it contain Parabens? No

Does it contain Glycerin? Yes

Does it contain Proplyene Glycol? Yes

Price? €9.90/£8.39

Ingredients? Glycerin, Water, Propylene Glycol, Aroma, CI 19140, Sodium Saccari

We received the Amore Meo Kissable Massage Gel Vanilla (€9.90/£8.39) from Meo in exchange for our honest review. Thank you! No affiliate links were used in this post.

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