Review: Ann Summers Magnetize Rampant Rabbit

When I received my review package from Ann Summers recently, I was expecting to find two rabbits inside. Both of which I’d requested. The Moregasm Contour and The Curved One sat at the top of the box, but I could tell there was something underneath. A third rabbit. I had not heard of this one before and I could not find it on their website, so I had to do a little research and discover that it was part of a new collection. I was intrigued from the very first time I saw the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit as the box stated that it was powered by magnets. I remember thinking “well that’s new”. I hadn’t seen this kind of technology before and I was drawn in further by the promise of 147 possible function combinations. I have had this toy for several weeks now and I don’t think I’ve explored even half of these settings yet but I like that as it will keep me interested in this vibrator for some time. I have finally got to know it well enough to write this review, so read on to find out more about the Magnetize and how it works.

The packaging for this rabbit is different to that of the other Rampant Rabbits I’ve tried. It came in a white and silver box with pink lettering that had a clear plastic sleeve over the top for protection and easy toy viewing. The rabbit was laying within some polystyrene casing, with the user manual and charging cable stored underneath. It does not come with any storage which might disappoint some people (me included) as this is not the cheapest toy available, but you can pick one up separately at Ann Summers for a couple of extra pounds.

It’s a rechargeable vibrator and does come with some initial juice, maybe around ten minutes worth of use or so, which is not long enough for me to get use out of so I placed it on charge immediately. There’s no indication given in the manual as to how long this should take, so I’d have to guess based on my experiences and say it takes roughly two hours. It has provided me with around an hour of use per charge, which isn’t bad. Once the jack is plugged into the barely visible port on the toys base and the USB into a laptop port, a light should flash to indicate that the charging has begun. It will stay lit once finished.

Ann Summers have spoiled their customers with the gorgeous silicone that has been used on this vibrator. It feels extremely high-quality and luxurious and has the aesthetics to match. It looks elegant and feels smooth to the touch, providing only a low-level of drag. It has some drag to it around the texture of the shaft but nothing that a slick coating of water-based lubricant couldn’t solve. The external arm is quite firm so I discovered a dot of lubricant on this arm was helpful and allowed me to remain comfortable during longer sessions.

Ann Summers Magnetize Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers Magnetize Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Magnetize Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Magnetize Rampant Rabbit





Silicone is hypoallergenic, odourless, non-toxic, latex free, phthalate free and easy to clean. This body-safe material only has one downside and that’s the fact that it attracts every spec of lint and cat hair known to man. Luckily, the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit is fully waterproof so it can be rinsed thoroughly with warm water before each use to remove any traces of unwanted fluff. After use, it can be rinsed again with soapy water or sex toy cleaner and dried with a lint free cloth.

There are three buttons on this device. The lightening bolt/flash button at the bottom of the control panel turns the toy on or off when pressed and held for a few seconds. You can also press it to change through the three available speeds when the other buttons are in use. The left button controls the ears and the right is in charge of the shaft. The buttons are actually small diagrams of each part of the rabbit, which I think was a nice touch. There are seven modes in the ears and shaft and the arms can be used alone or together, which is perfect for those of us who prefer high intensity on one arm and low intensity or patterns on the other.

Dimensions wise, the Magnetize is a pretty standard rabbit. It has a maximum insertable length of around four and a half inches, which seems to be the average amount of usable length for these toys, and a maximum girth of four inches. I don’t think these measurements are unmanageable for most people with some penetration or sex toy experience, but do keep in mind that this toy is rather firm which makes it feel a touch larger than it actually is.

The Magnetize is powered by Ann Summers exclusive Climax Technology which is said to send deep, low-frequency waves of vibration through the entire body. I think that this technology works very well on the internal arm. I could feel those deep, rumbly vibrations throughout the entire shaft (although they were most prevalent at the bottom) and these sent my nether regions into a blitz attack of sensations. I unfortunately can’t vouch for this technology being successful in the clitoral arm though. It seems to be the case with a high majority of dual stimulators that one arm (usually the external) is less intense in power than the other and offers simple buzzy vibrations. This can be frustrating for lots of people (me included) who need more power externally than internally and aren’t fond of higher frequency settings.

This rabbit features targeted magnets inside and these are designed to increase blood flow and sensitivity for better orgasms. There is a magnet located in the base of the shaft and another located inside the clitoral arm. I can’t say that I noticed anything immediately obvious that made this stand out from other rabbits but over time I’ve concluded that there is some subtle happenings going down beneath the silicone surface. I do now think that these magnets have increased my sensitivity levels and made me more susceptible to the strength of the vibrations on offer.

Ann Summers Magnetize Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers Magnetize Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Magnetize Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Magnetize Rampant Rabbit





Fit is one of the hardest things to get right with this category of sex toy. We all have different anatomies so not every rabbit will work with every vulva which is why I generally prefer to use two separate toys rather than one stand-alone product. The Rampant Rabbits have done me well thus far and I’d say that the fit of the Magnetize is very similar to that of The Curved One. It has a short clitoral arm which works best for me as someone who has a clitoris rather close to their entrance. The ears sit directly against my clitoris, allowing me to make the most of the vibrations. A touch of extra girth on the internal arm would have been appreciated, but what it lacks in width, it makes up for in firmness.

With gentle ridged texture against the slightly bulbous head and a smooth, shallow curve that leads to the shaft, the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit practically screamed g-spot stimulation. It has a desirable amount of firmness which the Moregasm Contour sadly lacked and I can easily achieve a suitable amount of pressure against that spot in the process of trying to reach a climax. I found twisting to be more effective than thrusting with this particular toy as the texture provided extra stimulation by targeting the vaginal walls. This is something not many rabbits can achieve, unless they’re particularly girthy of course.

Now, I’m not going to say that I’m completely sold on rabbits as I know I’ve been pretty lucky with the few I’ve been able to review from this Ann Summers line so far and not everyone will share my experiences, but I will say that this rabbit stands out to me. It has very interesting technology in the form of magnets and this is something I’ve never experienced before. I think I’d have to try another Magnetize toy to be certain on whether it’s the magnets doing their job right or whether the internal arm on this toy is just spectacular at its job, but as it stands, I’m pretty enchanted by it.

Overall, I was surprised, impressed and slightly confused by the Magnetize. It took me through a range of emotions and feelings but it has come out on top. I am wowed by the amount of potential settings that this product offers and I can’t wait to explore them more over the coming months. It has a lot of other cool features too including the fact that it’s body-safe, textured, waterproof, quiet, rechargeable and unique. If Ann Summers Climax Technology had been as prevalent in the external arm as it is in the internal then I think I’d have rated this at a hardly ever given top score of ten. For now though, I can only give it a solid eight.

You can purchase the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit (£80) from Ann Summers.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


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