Review: Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant Rabbit

When I started reviewing sex toys a couple of years ago I thought of it as just a bit of fun, but then I became more interested in it and started to dream about road testing some products for one of the most popular sex shops in the UK, Ann Summers. I recently was given the opportunity to do just that and naturally I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I asked for a couple of rabbit vibrators as I don’t have many of those in my collection and we all know that these toys are what Ann Summers are famous for. I had tried a couple of the battery operated models before on behalf of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel, but as there’s such a huge range I wanted to try a few more and hopefully get my hands on one of their rechargeable options. The Moregasm Contour is one of their more expensive Rampant Rabbits, so read on to find out what it has to offer and see whether it’s worth the price tag or whether it’s best to stick to the classics.

The parcel arrived quickly and I was pleased with the presentation. The Moregasm Contour Rampant Rabbit comes in a black and pink box with a product shot on the front. There’s some key features listed on the side of the packaging and an overview and description on the back. The box has a magnetic cover on the front that I thought was going to lead to a viewing window but it actually leads to another cover with some further information about the product inside. Opening that up I found the Contour inside some plastic casing and the charging cable and user leaflet underneath.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant RabbitAnn Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant Rabbit





Ann Summers have really treated their customers with this one as it’s made from a gorgeous dual density silicone that moulds to the body. I’ve never tried a dual density rabbit before so this was news to me and a welcome change from the regular silicone bunnies I’ve owned. Dual density silicone is no different to regular in that it’s hypoallergenic, odourless, free from latex and phthalates, non-toxic and easy to clean but it’s definitely different in terms of texture. It’s silky smooth and luxurious to the touch with barely any drag, but it has more give to it than regular silicone would. It still requires a coating of water-based lubricant though of course and attracts some level of lint and cat fur.

It’s listed as 100% waterproof so it can be rinsed thoroughly with warm water before each use to remove any traces of the above mentioned lint. After use, the Contour should be rinsed again with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner and dried with a lint free cloth. It doesn’t come with any storage which is slightly disappointing considering the amount it costs, but Ann Summers do sell storage bags for their rabbits separately so I’d recommend picking one up to keep this in tip-top shape.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant RabbitThe Moregasm Contour is a rechargeable vibrator and arrives with some initial charge, maybe around fifteen minutes worth of use or so. I experimented and played around with the settings during this time then set it up to charge properly. I placed the USB into my laptop and the jack into the barely visible port on the base of the toy. It flashes whilst charging then becomes solid once complete, but there’s no time frame as to how long this should take noted in the manual, so I’d have to guess based on my experiences and say an hour and a half to two. This gave me roughly an hour of use.

One thing I love about this rabbit is the control panel. It’s not the most obvious to view, but it is simple to get to know and understand. It has three buttons. The bottom button is located on the R near the base of the rabbit and this turns the toy on and off when pressed and held for a few seconds. A solid light will come on once the rabbit is turned on and ready to use. You can then press the ‘ears’ of the R to activate the vibrations in the individual arms. The left side controls the motor in the external arm and the right controls the internal. Just tap each one to start the vibrations and press up to six times to cycle through the functions. This is great as you can use each arm on a different setting depending on your preferences or even have one turned off if you wish.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant RabbitIt has just over seven inches of overall length with four and a half inches being insertable. The maximum girth is around the head and measures in at 4.75 inches. It makes it one of the larger rabbits on the market, but not the biggest, and in no way unmanageable for most. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to a complete beginner as I feel the girth may be too much too soon but anyone with penetration experience or similar sized toys in their repertoire should be fine.

The give to the silicone that I mentioned earlier is particularly prevalent around the head of the shaft which makes it extremely comfortable to insert and thrust with. I was glad to discover that the ears are still firm as I require hard clitoral contact and I can get that from these as needed. It has a similar sized clitoral arm to the Ann Summers The Curved One Rampant Rabbit that I reviewed previously which makes it a great fit for me. It’s fairly short and as my clitoris is close to my entrance, this length is ideal for me. It manages to rest directly on the clitoris, which is great for getting that precise contact I need.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant RabbitSo, there are three speeds and three patterns to choose from in both the ears and the shaft and the differences in the types of vibrations was rather obvious to me. The clitoral arms vibrations sound noticeably more high-pitched and that’s because they are. I’d classify them as buzzy but tolerable, although I can’t have them on for long as I think they become numbing after a certain point.

The shaft has a rumbly motor, particularly on the first two settings. I can feel a deep, low hum that feels insanely good and is by far my preferred type of vibration. If I’m honest I’d have preferred these sensations to be swapped around as I prefer rumbles externally and don’t mind buzzing so much internally. The strength of both arms was fantastic though and reaching an orgasm through them was not a difficult task.

The bulbous head and gentle curvature make the shaft divine for internal stimulation but unfortunately I couldn’t get it on board with my g-spot. It did try and cuddle up against it but the head was a bit too squishy for my bodies preferences and I couldn’t get the pressure I needed. It still felt enjoyable for general vaginal stimulation due to its satisfying girth and shape, but it wasn’t out of this world amazing without the help of the clitoral arm. If you are not used to or don’t need as much firmness or pressure against your g-spot, you might get something out of the Contour this way but for me, it was sadly not meant to be.

Noise wise, I don’t think this is a loud rabbit. It’s not the quietest one I have, but it’s not as noisy as the battery operated versions of the Rampant Rabbit that I’ve tried. I’d still suggest closing the bedroom door and playing some sort of background music if others are home though. Just to be sure.

Overall, the Moregasm Contour is definitely a luxurious rabbit and that’s apparent from the second it’s removed from the box. If you can afford to splash out on a dual stimulator that will last a long time, then this one is one to consider. It’s dual density body feels exceptional. It’s smooth, elegant and the squish that makes insertion so comfortable is a dream come true. The dimensions are ideal for experienced toy users or those used to penetration and for bodies with similar anatomy to mine I’d highly recommend it. I love the control panel, the way it’s been designed and the overall feel this has. In my opinion, I know this is more expensive than some of the other Rampant Rabbits but if you look after it then you should have many happy years together.

You can purchase the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rampant Rabbit (£70) from Ann Summers. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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