Ardor Bending Time Game Review

If you’re a couple like us looking for a way to enjoy your night with an adult card game, you may find it hard to choose between the various games. However, we came across Ardor Bending Time, and loved it. Below is my review on it, and hopefully helps you decide.

Ardor Bending Time Game
Ardor Bending Time Game

It’s a unique approach to card games or game night in general. It’s not limited to just a few different options and outcomes; it is designed so it has a mega variety of outcomes. I found this to be great because it means each time, we play it will be different and never the same.

Unlike other games, where after a few times it seems dull and the same, Ardor Bending Time is STILL giving us a new outcome after playing it for weeks. The scenarios include things like bedroom activities, like any other adult sex game, but in a new way.

In Summary

It’s a little more time consuming than other sex games I’ve tried in the past though. If you’re looking for a quick way to have fun, you may prefer going for a pair of adult dice or something. However, if you want something more detailed where you have time to go slow, I recommend Ardor!