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Shall we discuss the aesthetics of this range first? I usually select bondage pieces that can withstand the tasks I’d like to put them through, compromising on gorgeous designs for the sake of better results, but I managed to find the best of both worlds with the Black Rose range from Bondage Boutique. The rose-embossed black surface of this flogger features on the handle and the accompanying wrist strap. It’s made from supple faux leather and feels divine. It’s soft to the touch and appears to be exceptionally well put together. As the leather is of the faux variety, no cruelty to fur babies are involved so vegans and animal lovers will be able to use this with no worries. It has a large wrist loop for easy-grip, safety and accessible storage so we’ve definitely been taking advantage of it.

Black Rose FloggerWe have tried several floggers now but this is the largest to date. Most of the ones we’ve used previously have been around the same length as an average paddle but this is closer to the length of a crop. It is thirty-two inches in overall length with each frond measuring in at twenty-three inches. This meant some extra practise on a pile of stacked cushions was needed before my partner was allowed to be let loose and make contact with me. It didn’t take long as he has some experience with crops and such but it’s always a good idea to have a couple of trial runs with a new implement before use.

The tightly braided fronds reminded me of this old rope flogger that we own and love so I hoped that the sensations would be similar to that. When he traced the fronds across my skin for the first time I could have sworn he’d swapped tools but he hadn’t. My personal preference before engaging in any sort of impact play is to spend a few minutes warming up with some sensory stimulation. My partner used the tails as tickling devices to awaken the nerve endings and get my senses tingling so that the blood would rush to the surface and prepare me for the flogs that were to follow.

Black Rose FloggerHe then started aiming the flogger with gentle intent, providing some light, low-level contact taps against my behind with the odd trace against the upper thighs. This felt subtle and relaxing, which is the perfect start to a session for me, but allows some further time for my partner to get to grips with the size and work on his target area. I then began craving the next step so he obliged by picking up his pace, adding some pressure behind his swings and alternating the contact points to allow the skin a chance to breathe between strikes.

Each flog creates a delightful swooshing sound as the fronds make their way through the air and a thwack upon first contact. This sounds intimidating and cruel regardless of how much pressure is being used behind it but the noise of the harsher hits gets my adrenaline rushing every time. Having said that, the hits don’t match the exact sounds. Thwacks usually indicate a thudding sensation but this flogger results in sharp, precise and stingy feelings. It leaves a touch of redness after use as a reminder of the punishment that just occurred but no marks or bruises, so possibly not intense enough for a masochist.

Overall, the Black Rose Flogger is a pleasure to use. It’s stunning aesthetically, well-made and designed, comfortable to hold and easy to handle with some experience and preparation. I enjoyed all of the sensations that it has to offer from the gentle tickles of its soft fronds to the sensual flogger and the harder stings that followed. I think that it is perfect for intermediate bondage players and couples who like tools that offer long-range impact. I will emphasise my view that this is not a good option for a beginner due to the dimensions and potential that it has and I couldn’t advise someone with no experience to use this without being concerned about the safety of the receiver. Fortunately, Black Rose has a smaller flogger available within its range that is much better suited to newcomers and can be used as a stepping stone to this beautiful implement.

You can purchase the Black Rose Flogger (£24.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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