Review: Coco de Mer Artisan Glass Wand

Coco de Mer Artisan Glass WandI absolutely adore glass toys, as you can probably tell from the name of my blog, so I couldn’t resist buying another piece of luxury from Coco de Mer after the first experience went so well. This piece cost significantly less than the Double Pleasure, but it’s still not what I’d class as ‘affordable’ for many people. It comes in at £60, which might make you question what’s so luxurious about it, and I’ll sum it up with two key things. The way it was made and the branding that it carries. Coco is luxurious, as is everything that they stock, so this kind of price tag is expected, especially for something hand-blown.

Coco orders are picked, packed and passed onto couriers from Lovehoney’s warehouse, so you can expect discretion. The only difference between the packaging is that Coco orders come wrapped beautifully within burgundy tissue paper that is then sealed with a Coco sticker. The product itself does not have any outer packaging, which is disappointing considering the cost, but it is at least protected with a layer of foam and bubble wrap during transit.

The Glass Artisan Wand has been crafted beautifully and is absolutely immaculate in terms of quality and aesthetics, I can’t find anything to complain about. It is made from sturdy, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe borosilicate glass. Being made from this material means that this toy can be used with any type of lubricant, although I wouldn’t recommend using water-based for shower play as it will be quickly diluted. I usually opt for a slick silicone for water play and a water-based like Divine Glow in the bedroom. Glass dildos can be sterilized in the dishwasher for a deeper clean between uses, which is especially important if switching between orifices or partners, or it can be simply cleaned with soap and water.

Coco de Mer Artisan Glass Wand

One of the best things about glass is the option to change its temperature to explore different sensations. I like mine chilled, but it can be warmed up too, depending on your tastes and the type of session you’re engaging in. Glass can be left in cold or warm water for several minutes before use to change the temperature to your desired setting. It can also be put in the fridge for ten minutes for an extra special chill, but please don’t attempt to do the same thing with a freezer or microwave. Not a good or safe idea.

This dildo has a very manageable circumference, measuring in at just 3.5 inches around the widest point.  This should be comfortable for most people as it’s around the same width as two fingers. It has 9.5 inches of total length, which sounds large, but it really doesn’t look intimidating at all due to the shape of it. 8 inches are insertable, but remember, you don’t have to use the entire length to get the best sensations from this toy.

It’s double-ended, so you can use either side or a combination of the two, depending on your tastes. One side is rounded and the other has a slim pointed end.  I thought this looked best in the pictures but when I tried this dildo for the first time, I quickly learned that it wasn’t working for me. I think it’s a little too pointy for my liking and it seems to stab me regardless of how fast I use it or how I move it and position it.

Coco de Mer Artisan Glass WandThe rounded end is enjoyable though and I have managed to bring myself to gentle g-spot orgasms on several occasions. It doesn’t have an extremely broad surface area like the Pure Wand, so I don’t find myself having mind-blowing orgasms that hit every single spot, but the subtle stimulation feels lovely during a lazy masturbation session. It’s also a great toy for my partner to use on me before penetrative sex as the girth isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t make me feel super sensitive after use like the Pure Wand does.

Overall, I’m not as impressed with this piece as I thought I would be. Whilst the quality, shape and appearance are nice enough, I am not convinced this glass toy is worth as much as it retails for. Paying for the brand is fine if the product is worth it, but I am not sure this one is.

We purchased the Coco de Mer Artisan Glass Wand (£60) from Coco de Mer. This item has since been discontinued and is no longer available. No affiliate links have been used within this review.

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