Review: Coco de Mer Feather Tickler Blue 

Coco de Mer Feather Tickler BlueI purchased the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler shortly after it landed at Lovehoney, because I couldn’t resist the colour scheme and I wanted to see how a tickler could be so luxurious that it was worth this sort of price tag. I was underwhelmed with the first one that I received, but the Customer Care team at Lovehoney are wonderful and sent out another. It arrived a couple of days later, inside a plain plastic packet. I would expect more from the packaging considering this is a luxury product, but this was not the case.

When I examined it, I was much happier with what I saw. The first hadn’t been made as well as I’d expected, but the second was better. The tickler felt soft, full and fluffy and was far more luxurious than the first. The blue feathers appeared more vibrant and noticeable amongst the black with this one as all the feathers sat upright as shown on the product photos. My first tickler was slightly tilted and as a result of that, the blue feathers were hidden behind the black. I did notice upon closer inspection that there was some dried glue around the bottom of the feathers, but there was not a huge amount and it didn’t affect the overall appearance as it couldn’t be seen unless close-up.

I really like that the handle of this tickler is wooden, as it feels really sturdy and solid. Many ticklers come with a flimsy plastic handle that I worry will snap or break during use or storage, but a wooden handle is nice and rigid. It’s completely smooth, so is very comfortable to hold, but my partner did point out that it’s quite short, so his hands tend to cover the bottom half of the feathers when he’s holding it. I would have liked a couple of extra inches of handle room to avoid this happening.

I placed a blindfold on my other half and gently traced the tickler across his arms and chest before working down to his stomach or back (depending on his positioning) and moving to his inner thighs. It received great responses from him each and every time the feathers made contact with his skin. It awakens the nerve endings, bringing blood to the surface and heightening whatever sensations come next. It’s a very subtle way of turning somebody on and I think this is a piece of kit everybody needs in their collection to explore their partners body during intimate, sensual sessions.

I will say that he prefers some of our other ticklers to this one, purely because they’re fluffier with a longer handle, but this one is still fit for purpose and fantastic for a luxury treat. I quite like this tickler myself, when it’s used on me, be that on my inner thighs, neck or spine as it really builds up the anticipation of what is coming next, adding further excitement to a session.

Coco de Mer Feather Tickler BlueOverall, I’m glad I gave the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler a second chance because the replacement I received was much better in terms of aesthetics and quality. I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s worth the £25 price tag and I think it would probably be sold for less if it wasn’t for the branding. Having said that, I think this would make a lovely gift for your partner if you want to add something a little more luxurious to your bondage collection.

You can buy the Coco de Mer Feather Tickler Blue (£25) at Coco de Mer. Affiliate links have been not been used within this post.

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