Review: COMMAND Wrist to Ankle Restraint Set

After months of being distracted by exciting suction stimulators and rimming butt plugs, I realized that it had been a while since we had tried something new in the bondage world. Our intrigue was peaked when we spotted this brand new Sir Richard’s bondage collection on Lovehoney’s website. Every piece in the range looked professional, heavy-duty and worthy of being in a dominatrix’s kit. I can definitely imagine a dungeon being kitted out with this entire collection to torment subs with. After we had put these Wrist to Ankle Restraints through their paces, we felt like we’d finally reached an advanced level of bondage play that put our old fluffy handcuffs and silk ties to shame.

From the moment I saw the packaging I knew that these restraints were going to be good quality. The box has a solid black and white theme with some shots of the cuffs in use, their key features and some rough guidelines for use. There’s a section on the back that reads “the Command collection is for serious BDSM connoisseurs who demand the best” and also mentions that they are suitable for “extreme fetish play.” If they are good enough for those extreme players then they are definitely good enough for me.

Command Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set

Command Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint SetCommand Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint SetCommand Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set





The Command Wrist-to-Ankle Restraints are made from black industrial strength nylon and are finished with stainless steel hardware and carabiners. They look tough and like they mean business, and as someone who’s been restrained with them, I can vouch that they live up to their aesthetic. One thing that I particularly liked about this set is that it’s vegan friendly. A lot of bondage products use leather which is something an animal lover like myself would rather avoid, so it’s great to see a range providing viable high-quality alternatives.

Made up of two parts, this restraint set arrives separated which makes getting into them much easier. The set consists of an expansion strap and some looped restraints. My partner slipped one pair of the looped straps around my wrists and the other around my ankles. He pulled the strap through the buckle until there was a tight enough fit and then asked me to check whether I could wriggle around or get loose. I couldn’t. Once those straps had been adjusted to fit me, there was no getting out of them until my partner loosened them.

Command Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint SetAccording to him, I have small ankles and wrists, which makes finding suitable restraints difficult. Over the past couple of years we have tried a bunch of options that have been far too big for me and it’s especially rare for us to find suitable heavy-duty restraints. These cuffs are so adjustable (each cuff can adjust up to twenty inches in circumference) that we encountered no problems in getting them tight enough to fit me securely. If you’re in the same boat as me then the Command range is well worth a look.

There are three main ways to use the restraints. The first is as separate wrist and ankle restraints. They hold limbs together well and would be a great starting point for those who haven’t tried more restrictive restraints before but want to up their game and have something inescapable. The second method is as a hogtie. I have been wanting to try one of these for a long time and it was very easy to create one by removing the expansion strap and attaching the clips to the buckles on the restraints. The final way to use them is as pictured on the box. Add the expansion strap to both cuffs for ultimate, maximum restriction.

Command Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint SetWe mostly used the second method of me in a hogtie as the expansion strap just doesn’t work for me unless I’m standing up. It’s hard to do anything other than spanking whilst standing due to the height difference between my partner and I. I’m only five foot tall (damn stunted growth) so when laying or sitting the strap is just long and loose and I can move more than my partner would like.

My six-foot two partner can stretch the strap out enough for it to work as intended which makes it obvious to me that this range was designed with taller people in mind. If it had an adjustable slider it would have been able to work for both of us so that’s something I’d like to see on any future additions to this collection.

Overall, the Command range looks intimidating with its stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty branding and so far, these restraints have lived up to that perception. For that reason I would not be comfortable recommending this range to bondage beginners at all. These are tough restraints and don’t offer an easy escape like quick release clips and velcro fastenings do. I would recommend starting with some of the softer restraints first and work up to pieces like when you have time, patience and experience under your belt. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player that’s into the idea of not being able to release yourself then this range is perfect for you.

You can purchase the COMMAND Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set (£39.99) from Lovehoney.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. This is no way changes our opinion on the item. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.


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