Review: Crowned Jewels Farringdon S Curve

In case I didn’t make it clear in the last two reviews I did for Crowned Jewels products, I absolutely adore this company and the things that they make. I have now have seven pieces of theirs and I’m sure I will buy the remainder of their catalogue too at some point. This time though, I’ll be talking about the Aluminium Farringdon (s-curve).

Crowned Jewels FarringdonThe Farringdon arrived, as expected, in a wax-sealed tube. I would say that the packaging for these products is some of the nicest that I have ever experienced. It’s simple, but classy, elegant and luxurious too. It’s almost so lovely that you don’t want to open it. I never want to break that beautiful seal, but then I remember what’s inside and have to explore. Once the tube is open, the dildo is revealed. It’s wrapped inside some black tissue paper, inside a black storage pouch and comes with a small leaflet. This doesn’t give any directions for use or cleaning directions, it’s simply a photography booklet of their inventory. You can easily find the necessary information through their website though.

Crowned Jewels are a company that strive to make exciting, luxurious and beautiful adult products that are hand-crafted from high-grade, body-safe materials. They partake in regular quality testing to maintain their high-standards and also make sure they’re in compliance with all British and EU rules regarding safe metal sex toys. This particular toy is made from medical-grade aluminium and does not include latex, phthalates or nickel. It can also be purchased in coloured Titanium.

As it’s made from this material, any type of lubricant can be used with it, be that water-based, hybrid or silicone. I have often found that I don’t need to use a huge amount of lubricant with toys made from metal as the material glides pretty easily, even with minimal natural lubrication but I do so anyway. I generally prefer to use water-based when I’m using this in bed as I don’t want to be staining my sheets, but I will switch to something like Sliquid Silver if I’m using this in water. I haven’t and probably never will use this in the shower as I picture my clumsy self dropping it and breaking something, be that the dildos perfect finish or a toe (which would be an awkward explanation at A&E!).

Crowned Jewels FarringdonOnce again, it was lighter than I had expected it to be (172g), which makes it comfortable for long-term use. I would definitely advise you to consider Crowned Jewels over nJoy if weight is something that you struggle with for whatever reason. I personally have weak wrists and have managed to sprain myself when using the Pure Wand, so this toy is much safer for me to use. It is still heavier than most of my glass toys though, so it’s worth looking at if weight is something you’re interested in.

Another thing that might peak your interest in the temperature play aspect. This is one of my favourite things to do in the bedroom and is one of the main reasons I’m so fond of metal and glass sex toys. These toys can be warmed up or chilled, although I generally don’t explore warming much as I prefer my dildos to be cold. It can be placed in a bowl of warm or cold water for twenty minutes before use to created your desired temperature or placed in the fridge for an extra chill. Please don’t be tempted by the freezer. Have you ever seen someone get their tongue stuck to a metal pole? Ouch.

I would class this toy as slimline and manageable for most. It has an overall length of just over seven inches and a maximum girth of 3.6 inches around the widest point which is the fourth bulb. I love toys of all sizes, small, medium and those verging on large, but I think my favourite insertables to use have to be textured and of small/medium variety. I would put this in the small category, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a great entry-level metal dildo and I think it’s spectacular to see smaller options that people with vaginismus and such conditions could possibly enjoy.

Crowned Jewels Farringdon

It has two usable ends, one is smooth and slightly pointed and the other has four graduating bulbs. Both ends have similar, slimline tapered tips which allow for easy insertion and comfortable penetration, but I prefer the bulbed end. It seems to hit my g-spot at precisely the right angle almost every time. The smallest bulb is not quite wide enough to hit the entire spot, but it still feels fantastic when it catches part of it. If I clench around the toy as I gently thrust it, I feel each bulb as the pressure begins to mount against the spot, which feels out of this world.

As for the other end, I generally use this for finishing off. As the small bulbed end doesn’t quite hit everything, I move to the larger side to get to a climax. It works just as well for g-spot stimulation, but it doesn’t have the addition of the mounting pressure from the bulbs, so I need to bring a clitoral vibrator into the mix for the finale. If I then increase the speeds of my movement and put the vibrations on high, I can have a highly satisfying orgasm within minutes. I can even achieve multiple internal orgasms, which is something I don’t experience a whole lot, especially with metal toys as the weight usually becomes too much after one stimulation explosion.

I decided to compare it to the toys that I have with a C curve to see if I had a preference between the two shapes, but it seems that my vagina is not as fussy as I thought. I like both shapes equally and I think that’s down to the versatility, firm pressure and temperature sensations that these toys provide.

Crowned Jewels Farringdon

In conclusion, the Farringdon is another fantastic toy from one of my favourite companies. It might not be big enough for some people, but for me, it was great. The only thing that could make the Farringdon better for me would be having a coloured edition. I might have to invest in a Titanium version at some point so that can happen.

You can purchase the Farringdon S Curve (£72.99) from Crowned Jewels. No affiliate links were used in this review.

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