Review: DC Comics Superman Longline Bra

Now this is a first for this blog, but I’m no stranger to writing lingerie reviews. I’ve done a couple hundred over on Lovehoney’s site and I decided that I could introduce a few over here between all the vibrators and butt plugs, just to mix things up a bit. I’m a lingerie lover, but I did not love this piece. It has been one of the biggest disappointments of 2017 so far and I’m pretty sure it’s going to lead to a rant in a future post.

I purchased this with my other half’s birthday in mind. I know he’s a huge fan of comics, movies and all other things that relate to DC or Marvel, so I was sure this would be a big hit with him. He wouldn’t have been expecting it, as I’m usually wearing something black and lacy, so the element of surprising him excited me. I think Batman would have been his preference out of the three available options, but hey ho, I like blue underwear and I thought I could always get the others later if this went down well. After this experience, I probably won’t be doing that. I will be rocking these adorable boy shorts though.

 DC Comics Superman Longline BraQuality is an important thing to consider when making lingerie purchases, but I really had no idea what to expect from this. It could have been a really bad attempt at creating something sexy, or it could have been the complete opposite. For the most part, it was the latter. There were a few loose threads around the edges of the bra but as these could be easily removed with scissors I wasn’t too bothered. The rest of the bra seemed to be well made and the soft satin used throughout is divine.

This is where the criticisms begin. All of them relate to the fit and the way that this bra has been designed. It is made in five sizes, ranging from a six to eight to a fourteen to sixteen, which is the 1/2X. I chose the small as I wear a size four. I wear a 30 band and I usually find that bras sized on clothing rather than back and cup sizes just about accommodate me. This one seems like it was made with my size in mind. In my experience, the majority of six to eight lingerie is based around a 32-34 band, not a 30, so I was a little surprised. I can even get away with wearing it on the loosest hook and eye fastening, which is pretty much unheard of with bedroom bras and myself. I can honestly not see this fitting anyone with a larger band size than me at all, but it could be fine for those who wear a 28.

If you wear a size six and a 32 band, resulting in usually picking the small, I’d strongly recommend going up to the medium as it might be too tight to fasten in the small. Even I can’t tighten it on the tightest setting without feeling uncomfortable and unable to breathe. The Superman Longline Bra definitely airs on the smaller band sizing spectrum, so keep that in mind before purchasing. I feel like it will be the same with all sizes, in that each clothing size will only fit one band size comfortably, with the three hook and eye settings just adjusting how tight the wearer likes it to be, rather than accommodating further sizes. If in doubt, size up!

Next, we need to talk about the cups. I wish we didn’t. These seem to have been made with larger sizes in mind. It seems that fantasy and reality have been confused in the process of designing this bra as the sizing is rather unrealistic. It almost feels like it was made with implants in mind, rather than natural busts. I definitely do not have implants, nor do I have anything remotely sizeable to offer in the breast department. Think of a handful and that’s pretty much all I got. I can make the bra work for me, just about, as the lower part of the cups have padding. I can still feel some remaining space that I can’t fill out though, but this may be the case for anyone with less than perfect, surgically rounded cups.

 DC Comics Superman Longline BraI read in the product description that this could be worn as a bandeau, which was exciting as I like multipurpose pieces, but I just can’t wear it like that. I feel as though the cups begin to gape and reveal the space leftover if the straps are removed. When the straps are in place (and fully, tightly adjusted), the fit is better. I feel that cross-over strapping and caged styles are very flattering on the shape and size of my bust and this bra was no exception. It removed most of the gaping I mentioned earlier.

Overall, it might sound like I hated this bra, but I would describe it as more of a raging disappointment. The knickers from this range are fantastic, but the sizing for the bras seems to be off. It seems to have been made with the stereotypical ‘perfect’ image of women (small band & waist with big, round breasts) in mind rather than actual bodies. It could have been great if the sizing had been changed and I could see myself wearing it more, but as it currently is, I’m only going to be wearing it for superhero role play and hoping he doesn’t want me to wear it on a regular basis. 

You can purchase the DC Comics Superman Longline Bra (£27.99) from Lovehoney.

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