Review: Desirables Adori Stone Massagers 

I recently received a review package from Desirables that included the Dalia, these lovely Adori massagers and a surprise sample of the Omeha Massage Oil, so a huge thank you to the lovely Isabelle (the founder of Desirables – read more about her here) for sending me these items to try! The discreet package arrived within a week of communications, which is super fast considering Desirables are based in Canada and I’m in the UK, so no complaints there!

If you don’t know who Desirables are yet, then let me tell you all about them. They are a fantastic company who make absolutely stunning, luxurious and high-end products. Everything they design is respectful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Great care is clearly taken throughout the entire process of making each product, which results in high-quality and well-made items. The main focus of Desirables is intimacy as opposed to a quick orgasm, which is a nice change from the mass market that just want to make cheap, buzzy things to get people off. Whilst I don’t mind orgasms at all, I love intimacy and connecting with my partner and Desirables make it fun and easy to do so with their beautiful range.

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It’s not just the products that are beautiful, as the packaging is classy, elegant and couple-friendly too. I love it, it’s really understated and simple, but at the same time it feels luxurious from the outset. I’d even go as far as to say they would make excellent gifts for your loved one without any further wrapping needed. The box is just plain white but it features a burgundy product label that has been securely placed around it. This then slides off or can be unstuck when it’s time to open the box. The label shows the product name with an illustration of the Adori on the back and includes an introduction to the product in both English and French. Inside the box, lays the three massage stones, a storage pouch, an authenticity card, a user manual and small pamphlet with basic information about holding each massager and cleaning methods.

Desirables are a company that have done their research regarding materials. They believe that the process of choosing a product in the bedroom should be filled with joy, excitement and anticipation rather than concerns over your health and the quality of the material, which is basically what bloggers have been promoting for years. I support any company who chooses to put body-safety first on their list of priorities. Desirables do not use any plastic other than medical grade silicone, but for the most part their products are made from porcelain, which is free from phthalates and other chemicals.

Porcelain is a hypoallergenic material which means it’s ideal for contact with the skin. It’s also non-toxic and retains heat, meaning the product will warm up to body temperature after a few minutes of use. It has a smooth and regular surface and can be rinsed under water which makes for a quick and easy cleaning. You can use soap or toy cleaner, as I’ve used both with no problems. It’s best to rinse before and after each use and store in the provided bag between uses to prevent lint, chips, breaks and other damage. If you’re after a deeper clean then you can submerge the Adori in a pot of water. Bring the pot to boil, boil for five minutes and turn off. Wait 30 minutes before removing them from the water and then dry with a cloth. Do not be tempted to place them in the dishwasher.

So before I get started on what each stone can do and how I found them in use, I must have a mum moment and tell you a few things regarding safety. Most important, is not to use these stones if they have slits, cracks or any other form of damage. Secondly, don’t use them internally. These stones are made for external use only, so shouldn’t be going inside your vagina/anus. Thirdly, don’t use them if the skin is flamed or swollen and don’t use them on the stomach if pregnant. Last but not least, avoid the hollow behind the knee, the highest part of the neck, head/eyes and directly on bones.

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As you can tell from the photos, there are three different sized massage stones included in this set and each does something different. They are each designed to target different muscles and apply different pressures. The ergonomic design of the Adori provides a comfortable massage in addition to reducing the pressure on joints and being easy to handle. It did take a few attempts to perfect holding them and using them, but it’s like riding a bike, you never forget once you know.

The small one is our personal favourite as it’s for deep muscle and pressure massages. This stone reaches all those hard to otherwise access locations and gets deep into the tissue, rectifying knots and areas of tension. To use this stone, you hold the flat part on the top of your palm and the handle rests between your thumb and index finger. To keep the Adori in place you simply apply pressure with your thumb. I’ve never felt something so relaxing as this stone, I mean sure I’ve had those cheap plastic hand massagers before, but nothing as luxurious and direct as this. It’s particularly great for my partner to use on the knots in my back, because his hands are far too large to reach those areas usually.

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The medium can be used on all muscles and is designed with light touches in mind. I find this stone really helps to relax the muscles and it’s said that this also stimulates blood circulation. We generally use this one to start a massage to relax the muscles and then decide which of the other two stones is desired for the rest of the session. To use this Adori, hold the unglazed surface (underneath) in the centre of your palm so the handle is again between your thumb and index finger.

The large massage stone is for the bigger muscles and gentle massage. This is the one we go for if we’re craving general relaxation after a long day of aches and pains. A session with this stone can really help to refresh the body and I’ve even managed to fall asleep whilst this was being used on me. It’s a fantastic stress reliever and the experience really brings my partner and I closer together, so mission of intimacy is well and truly achieved. This stone is held in the same way as the first with the flat part on top of the palm and the handle between thumb and index finger once again.

We generally use massage oil with these stones to help them glide naturally over the skin with little contact, but Desirables had a few other suggestions that we thought were worth checking out too. I was surprised that Talc was one of them but I’ll give most things a go once. It’s great for people like myself who have allergies or sensitive skin and actually provides a much better slip and glide than I thought it would. It’s messier than oil, but is certainly an interesting experience and once I’d recommend trying at least once. They also suggest trying creams and lotions as both as hydrating and slowly absorb into the skin. Cream tends to make the skin more slippery though, so get a good hold on your Adori before use if going with this option.

Overall, I really, truly love these massage stones and they’ve made a huge difference in our massage sessions. As a long distance couple, intimacy and bonding is extremely important on the occasions we do get to see each other and because of that massages are a huge part of our relationship. It’s great to give hands a break sometimes though and I think these stones are going to get a hell of a lot of use. We’ve had them for a couple of months now and they’ve been used on every occasion we’ve seen each other since, bar one short visit. I couldn’t rate them higher even if I wanted to.

I received the Adori Stone Massagers ($95.00 CAD/£56.95) from Desirables in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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