Review: Desirables Omeha Massage Oil 

Desirables Omeha Massage OilI recently received a review package from Desirables, to find that the lovely Isabelle (who is the founder of Desirables – read more about her here) had included a sample size of their Omeha Massage Oil with the items I’d requested. I wasn’t expecting it and thought it was really sweet, so huge thank yous, Isabelle! My discreet package arrived within a week of communications, which was super fast considering they are based in Canada and I’m in the UK.

Desirables are a fantastic company, with absolutely stunning products. Everything they make is respectful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Great care is clearly taken throughout the entire process of each product, making them extremely high-quality and well-made. Their main focus is intimacy rather than a quick orgasm, which is a nice change from the masses of strong vibrators and heavily textured dildos. I do love both of those things, but connecting with my partner is important too.

The sample version arrives in a small bottle with a screw lid and needs to be poured into the hand to dispense whilst the regular version is presented in a 120ml bottle with a pump/spray function. As soon as I removed the lid, I picked up on the immediate scent of Ylang-Ylang. I absolutely love the soft, floral notes of Ylang-Ylang and find it’s extremely effective in bringing about a sense of relaxation, which makes it the perfect ingredient to find in a massage oil. It’s a very calming fragrance and seems to help in releasing feelings of tension and irritability. It’s even said that it can increase sexual desire, although I can’t be sure of this. Ylang-Ylang is not the only scent that I could pick up on though, I also noted the subtle hint of Rosewood, which smells divine and is also said to be an aphrodisiac.

The scent is light and fresh, not overwhelming in the slightest. The scent may be noticeable, but it’s not strong or overbearing, it’s just enough to create the perfect atmosphere for your massage. The Omeha Massage Oil is made from luxurious sunflower oil and premium quality essential oils such as red mandarin, pink grapefruit and bergamot as well as the two mentioned above. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, parabens or glycerin, which makes it totally body-safe and suitable for sensitive skin. I did a patch test on my partner and I just to be sure, with neither of us having any reaction.

We really enjoy massages and they are a huge part of our relationship, especially as we’re currently long-distance, so giving each other a massage is an important way of connecting when we do see each other. I think this particular massage oil will be primarily used on me as it’s slightly floral in scent and my partner prefers deeper, muskier scents, but he still commented that it smelt nice when I handed him the bottle for the first time.

When it was applied to my skin for the first time, I noticed that the smell of the grapefruit became more obvious, making the massage oil smell even more fresh and clean than before. I immediately relaxed as my partner began to work the oil into my skin and started using the Desirables Adori Massage Stones to distribute the oil evenly, getting into all the key areas such as shoulders, elbows and the back of the knees. The oil glided smoothly, even without the use of the Adori and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It didn’t feel tacky, sticky or greasy in anyway, which is great as I hate massage oils that require a shower straight afterwards, as this defeats the point of relaxing in the first place.

Overall, I love the Omeha Massage Oil and I would definitely consider buying a big bottle once this one has ran out. It has a great consistency, scent and ingredients list, so there’s nothing obvious that I can think of that would improve this product.

I received the Omeha Massage Oil free of charge. You can purchase this product in a 120ml bottle from Desirables for $ 35.00 CAD / £20.46. No affiliate links have been used in this post.
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