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I feel like these boxes are mostly aimed at those who are new to adult products or just want a sexy treat every once in a while, making it difficult for those with larger collections to get any use from them. It’s highly likely those with bigger collections, especially reviewers, will have tried or owned most items in the box at some point, so it’s not really worth the purchase. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by the Dewcibox, as I’d only tried one out of 5 adult products in the box.

I was pleased with the quick dispatch and fast delivery, receiving the Dewcibox in discreet outer packaging as promised. There were no signs that this packaged contained items of a sexual nature. I opened up the plain cardboard box and discovered a beautiful, black storage box with the brand name on the front. Inside the box, I found a welcome card and a full list of all the items inside the box, with most listing the prices next to them, making my job much easier!

Dewcibox April 2016

Dewcibox April 2016

Dewcibox April 2016

Dewcibox April 2016





Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Vibrator (£12.99)

I was really pleased to find this lovely Lovehoney addition to the box, as you all know they’re one of my favourite companies. The Magic Bullet is powered by one AAA battery (not included), so it isn’t the strongest vibrator available, but it’s perfect for beginners or those who don’t need much power to get off. I personally do need more power, but this would have been a great toy for me when I was starting out. It’s non-intimidating, easy to use and couple friendly, but definitely on the buzzy end of the spectrum as I expected. It has a pointed tip which can provide pin-point stimulation, even with pressure applied, and my partner seems to really enjoy it. I think he’ll end up using it regularly.

Dewcibox April 2016



Dewcibox April 2016





Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil 250ml (£9.99)

I had never heard of this brand before, so I was interested to see what this product would be like. It’s enriched with Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Sandalwood & Calendula and it smells absolutely divine. I could definitely pick up on the Sandalwood, which just so happens to be one of my favourite scents. It has directions for all three uses on the back of the bottle and after trying them all, we think it works best for massage. It is quite runny, but still has a nice texture and absorbs really well. It feels lovely and soothing when massaged into the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed, rather than sticky. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, which is a bonus, and for further points, it’s cruelty-free and vegetarian friendly. We would use this again.

Playboy Condoms: 2 Premium Latex Condoms (12 pack costs £5.99)

We have no need to use condoms regularly, but always like to keep some on hand just incase there’s an emergency situation. It’s a nice addition to promote safe-sex, but not everyone uses condoms or likes to differ from their preferred brand, so it’s not an item everybody will be able to make use of. An option to have non-latex condoms in the box may be useful as there are some people will need latex-free options. I was pleased to find they were well in-date and nicely lubricated. They were fit for purpose and we had no problems such as splitting or discomfort.

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement For Men 4 Pack (£19.99)

I was shocked to find this was the most expensive item in the box as personally I think the most expensive item should have been the toy. I think putting a product like this in a subscription box is an expensive risk, as not everybody will be able to use products like this one, due to medications or medical conditions. My partner luckily can take this supplement and he decided to give it a go. He was nervous as he’d never tried anything like this before. He doesn’t really need to last any longer, so it’s something we won’t use again, but it was definitely an experience! It was like we were back in the early stages of our relationship again as he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Worth buying separately if you’re looking for this kind of thing.

Funkin: Mojito Mixer and Milk Chocolate Hearts (No price given)

For medical and personal reasons, I cannot use edible/drinkable items, but I have a willing partner and best friend who were more than happy to devour the chocolate hearts and make some mojitos. I think the fact that the chocolate was gone in less than a minute after taking the photos, proves that they enjoyed that addition to the box! The mixer is not something I’d have thought about putting in a subscription box, but for those who can drink, I think it works. It’s really easy to make, just add some rum and ice, and you’re all set. They went down quickly, so I think the mojitos were also a welcome addition for my willing helpers.

Dewcibox April 2016

Dewcibox April 2016Dewcibox April 2016Dewcibox April 2016





Licx Mix For Her 6 Sachets (£5.99)

I love Licx products, so I was happy to see this mix included in the box. I have recently reviewed both the Gel and Deluxe Cream Lubricants, so you can click the links and read through if you want to find out more. I’m also going to be reviewing the Arousal Gels in depth soon, so I won’t say too much, but they are fit for purpose and I will be getting more of them! I hadn’t tried the intimate wipes, so was pleased to finish my Licx collection. They are perfect for freshening up and very handy to have in your bag!

Overall, the Dewcibox is definitely worth the money. There’s just under £50 worth of products (not including the condoms or edibles) and this box only costs £25, so you’re getting a fantastic deal. There are couple of minor improvements that could be made, such as making the main focus of the box the toy, not the expensive extras and avoiding products that eliminate whole groups of people such as supplements. I do like that the toy provided was body-safe and they are promoting safe-sex with condoms, so I hope this continues with future boxes.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription with Dewcibox, which costs £25 per month. I received April’s box free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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