Review: Dominix Deluxe Braun Leather Slapper Paddle

Dominix Deluxe Braun Leather Slapper Paddle 1First of all, I’ll start by saying that I have a huge love for the Dominix Braun range. The chocolate-brown leather is a lovely change from all the black bondage gear that’s available. I’ve coveted the entire range for a while and once I noticed the blindfold was being discontinued, I knew I had to start buying the items I’ve been lusting after incase they disappeared too. I begun with the slapper paddle purely because it resembles my favourite spanking tool, which is the ruler, just with a completely different, luscious surface.

Upon removing it from the plain plastic packet that it arrived in, I noticed the immediate scent of leather fill the room, it was like being surrounded by vintage leathers in a bike shop. I am a sucker for the scent of real leather, although I like to go faux when I can. I can still pick up on the scent even a couple of months after purchasing and numerous uses. Leather is a premium material and this particular leather is of matching quality. The stitching is absolutely perfect and the wrist loop is long and wide enough to sit comfortably around any sized wrist. I thought it looked extremely well-made and definitely gives of a luxury vibe. It looks and feels more expensive than its price tag.

I couldn’t wait for my partners next visit so we could try this and when the chance finally arose, I was not disappointed. I was blindfolded and restrained, then forced onto my stomach whilst he ran the paddle against my bare skin. Whilst this paddle may not be soft and fluffy like a feather tickler, it can create the same reaction from my body when gently traced again the shoulders, arms, thighs or back. I become more sensitive with each stroke and can feel a tickling of blood as it rushes through my veins, making my nerve endings stand to attention. All of these physical reactions just build the mental anticipation for the main event.

He then began to move away from the teasing to the warm-up phase, which involves gentle taps to the backside and alternating between sides every few taps to spread out the sensation. It also includes some slaps to the backs of my thighs, which I never knew I’d like, but I do. He then increased the force he was using and became much more harsh. He knew he had a good weapon in hands when I found the sensations to be intense even at medium intensity. He liked this and played on this, aiming as hard as he possibly could, which had me screaming and writhing around in pleasurable pain. I bet the neighbours thought I was being murdered. Didn’t come to help though.

It felt brilliant every time the cold, smooth leather made contact with my skin and the sounds it made were even better. This is an incredibly threatening sounding instrument, as it creases a very loud slapping sound, even if the hit isn’t particularly aggressive. The noise level only increases as the hits get harder. Again the neighbours didn’t come to check that I wasn’t being bludgeoned. The sound a paddle makes is one of my biggest turn-ons as it leaves me anticipating where the next hit is coming from and how harsh it’s going to be.

The hits from this slapper are much more precise than those from other paddles I’ve tried, due to the slim size and long frame. The smaller the surface area, the sharper the sting. It creates a beautiful sensation with each blow and leaves a reminder in the form of red marks. These red marks do show up almost instantly when the paddle is aimed with force and by the end of the night, I could barely sit down. We’ve used this a couple of times now and each time I’ve been left sore and stained by red blotches. My partner was worried by this at first as he doesn’t like to hurt me, but my reactions told him that I was enjoying it and it was exciting for me, so he continued. He now really likes using this paddle almost as much as I like receiving from it.

Overall, I really like this slapper paddle. I find it is extremely effective and fit for purpose. It fills a hole that we had in our collection and I’m looking forward to trying out more paddles with this small surface area in the future. It provides amazing and intense sensations that are best during rougher sessions or when I’m craving something harsher than a dual-sided paddle can give. It’s not a piece of kit that I’d recommend to the faint-hearted, beginner or inexperienced, but if you can handle what it has to offer, you’re in for a good night.

You can purchase the Dominix Deluxe Braun Leather Slapper Paddle (£12.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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