Review: Dominix Deluxe Cat Claw Skin Scratcher

Dominix Cat Claw Skin ScratcherMy partner and I are becoming huge fans of sensation play, whether it’s through temperature, ticklers or spiky things, so when I saw this Cat Claw Scratcher by Dominix, I knew I had to get one. It arrived quickly and discreetly along with the rest of my Lovehoney order, in typical Dominix style of a plain, sealed packet with a branded sticker on the front.

I was impressed from the minute I removed it from its packet because the build-quality appeared to be excellent. The Scratcher is made from nickel-free metal, which makes it skin-safe and un-irritating to those of us who are more sensitive. It feels very sturdy and I can see it lasting well for a long time with some gentle care and proper storage. I would hesitate to replace it though should it ever break or go missing. It has this lovely matte black finish that furthers the intimidating look of the product, but it also makes it look classy, rather than cheap and tacky.

I noticed that the two spikes were sharp, but not extremely so. I have felt pinwheels with sharper spikes and my experience with those is new and somewhat limited. I think that this Scratcher should be suitable for people who are new to these types of bondage tools, but I would only advise to do so with a trusted partner who is cautious of the amount of pressure they are using. This Cat Claw can be gentle or intense depending on your level of experience, the amount of pressure and your personal preferences.

I love having this Cat Claw used on me as I find it really stimulating. It makes me feel extra sensitive and builds the anticipation for the rest of the session. It feels particularly wonderful whilst blindfolded and used in combination with a feather tickler, as the not knowing whether it’s next going to be a scratch or a tickle is exciting. I really enjoy the sensations from this scratcher and I think it’s the perfect combination of pleasure and stinging pain. It can be painful if used with enough pressure, but not painful enough that it draws blood or leaves permanent marks, however it is capable of leaving temporary red areas if pressed down firmly enough.

Dominix Cat Claw Skin ScratcherOverall, I’m thrilled with this addition to our toybox and I can see it getting a lot of use. The only issue that I encountered with this was the fact that it was quite large on me, which meant I wasn’t able to use it on my partner without clenching my fingers together to keep it in position. It doesn’t actually slide off because the midi ring stops it from doing so, but I am cautious that it will slide and end up spiking him somewhere I hadn’t intended.

You can purchase the Cat Claw Scratcher (£12.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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