Review: DOMINIX Deluxe Silky Rope Flogger

I had never tried anything from Lovehoney’s luxury bondage range DOMINIX before, but trusting their high standards, I expected an excellent quality product and that’s exactly what I got with the DOMINIX Deluxe Silky Rope Flogger.

The packaging was very simple and understated, it was just a clear plastic packet. It protects the flogger from dust, lint or damage which is all that’s really required. The product speaks for itself in my opinion, so it doesn’t really need anything fancy. I couldn’t wait to tear open the plastic and get started. I did notice that there was no information tag/guide included with the product, so for those who are interested in purchasing this and are new to spanking tools, be sure to read up on the areas of the body to avoid flogging (particularly the top of the butt near the spine) and remember to talk about safe words beforehand. This is one of the cheaper pieces from the range so I think many beginners would generate towards this and for that reason, a safety guide would have have been highly beneficial. I think as a rule safety information should feature on all bondage products.

This flogger is much larger than the others we own, making it perfect for long range impact play. It’s 28.5 inches in overall length, with 14 inch looped fronds and a 6 inch leather-wrapped handle. There is also an extra long wrist loop for added safety, comfort and easier storage. The handle is lovely and smooth, making for easy grip. The fronds are obviously made from rope, so are much thicker than the suede and faux leather floggers we have been using. I found the fronds on this to be a little heavier too. I was surprised to find this rope flogger was surprisingly lightweight considering the materials it is made from, it’s much easier to use and control than I had anticipated.


Dominix deluxe silky rope flogger 2

Dominix deluxe silky rope flogger

Dominix deluxe silky rope flogger





My other half arrived for one of his visits, knowing that we had something to test out during his stay. His initial reaction was “but won’t that really hurt?” to which I responded “yes and that’s kind of the point”. He used to be quite nervous about inflicting pain and still maintains some caution, never wanting to go too far. He knows how much I have come to enjoy it so began showing some interest in testing it out and I couldn’t get it out of the packaging quick enough. Safe words in place, we proceeded to try it out.

As I was unsure of the intensity, I asked him to start with another flogger to begin with. He spent ten minutes or so cracking the flogger with different intensities before I insisted he replaced it with this DOMINIX one. He eventually gave into my demands, slipping his hand through the wrist loop and standing behind me. He began very gently and slowly, to the point where I asked him “is that it?” oh, no. It wasn’t it. 

The flogs went from gentle taps to harder, more intense, satisfying thuds. It stings a little on impact as well as being thuddy and heavy, a sensation that I’d never experienced from a flogger before. I’ve always associated thuds/sharper stings with smaller, long-range implements, turns out, a larger long-range tool can have the same outcome. I think the material makes all the difference too, this is much tougher than the softer materials I’ve been used to and rope has a subtle texture making it all the more exciting on impact. The looped fronds also provided that sharper hit and I’m definitely going to look for something similar in the future. I really enjoy the sensations and the strong whooshing sound it makes as it is being aimed. The noise truly adds to the experience.

The next time it was introduced, it was used throughout the entire session. There was no warm-up act involved. My partner had me blindfolded and wrapped in bondage tape, proceeding to run the textured rope fronds against my bare skin. I thought he was using something else at first. It really stimulated my senses, drawing the blood to the surface and preparing me for the impact. I rather enjoyed the fronds being traced slowly across my arms, legs and down my spine. It was quite a relaxing experience, a sensual one that I didn’t expect. All of a sudden, the relaxation stopped and it was down to business. It started off softly and worked up to eye-watering thuds. This flogger is capable of leaving some red marks, but they fade with some time and aftercare.

Overall, I love this flogger being used on me and my partner enjoys using it. It’s without a doubt one of the better pieces of bondage equipment we have and one of the harshest along with the ruler. I think the sensations are versatile depending on who’s controlling it, so this could be used by everyone, regardless of experience level. There are a few different ways to use it, so it’s really up to the user and how far they want to take it. I am super impressed with the quality, appearance and sensations. I’m definitely going to be purchasing some more impact pieces from the DOMINIX range.

You can no longer purchase the DOMINIX Deluxe Silky Rope Flogger (£9.99) from Lovehoney as it has since been discontinued. Check out the rest of the Dominix range here.

We received this product free of charge in return for our honest review. All views are our own and based on our experiences. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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