Review: Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Die Cast
I had wanted a Doxy Massager for a while so when I saw this gorgeous black edition, I quickly managed to find the funds and add it to my basket before I could even really think about the mega bucks I was spending. I have to say that I don’t regret this decision at all because I’m well and truly in love with this sparkly, beautiful Die Cast. It has been at my constant beck and call since I got it, even beating out my love for the Tango and Rosa Rouge at times. Even I didn’t think I’d crave it that much.

Opening up the exterior box pictured, I was slightly disappointed that there was no sturdy, storage case to keep the wand in. The other versions I have seen of this particular product do come with one, but at the time of purchase, this one didn’t. I was expecting one considering the price that I paid for it, so I stored it in its original box for a long time until I found an alternative. I found that it fit perfectly within a storage bag I received with a crop recently and although that’s not as protective as a case, it’s better than nothing.

Doxy Die Cast

The head of the Die Cast is made from silicone, which is medical-grade, odourless, hypoallergenic and free from things such as latex and phthalates. The original Doxy’s head is made from PVC, which is the main reason I opted for the pricier version. As this head has been made from silicone, I would advise against using any lubricants that aren’t water-based, to avoid degrading the material. I don’t find there to be much friction from the silky, luxurious finish of the silicone, but the vibrations seem to feel much better with a coating of lubricant. For cleaning purposes, I use antibacterial toy wipes or cleaner as it’s mains-powered and obviously not waterproof.

The Die Cast is approximately 13.25 inches in length, which makes it slightly longer than the Lovehoney Deluxe, but they both share the same head circumference at 7.5 inches. This seems to be the standard for wands of this stature, so most attachments should fit with no problems. I’m yet to purchase any, but I shall hopefully be trying a few out in 2017 and may then come back to update. It’s the heaviest wand in my collection, weighing in at 680g without the plug. If you have mobility issues or weak arms/wrists like myself, it may be worth investing in a toy mount or such to place it in.

Doxy Die Cast

The easy to use control panel is made up with three buttons, a power button which switches it on and off instantly, a + button which increases intensity and a – button which decreases. You can press the buttons gradually and work up to the higher settings or you can hold the button in to whip through your options quickly, which is great for those occasions where you just need an orgasm and you need it yesterday. The Die Cast also offers patterned vibrations and these are activated by pressing the power button and the – button together. One other great thing about this panel is that the buttons light up blue when in use, which is incredibly helpful if you’re using this under the covers or in the dark.

After getting a feel for the vibrations in my hand, I couldn’t wait to try them out elsewhere. I plugged it in and turned it on, using it over my underwear at first. I could have probably used it through my pyjama bottoms, which is something I now regularly do (sometimes lazy masturbation is a must!), but I was so excited to explore that I didn’t even think about that during its first trial. On the highest setting, I found that I could happily orgasm in less than a minute, even with a fabric barrier between us. It’s also possible to have multiple orgasms, all of which are the leg-shaking, eye-rolling, close to drooling type.

Doxy Die Cast

When I removed the barrier and it was silicone on skin, I knew I was in for a treat. I didn’t even need to use the highest setting. Medium was perfect, although it did take a few moments to get to climax. If I want a quick, intense, clit-blowing orgasm, I’ll use the higher speed and get there in half a minute, but generally, I prefer the medium settings so I can take my time. I don’t want to just use a beautiful toy such as this for thirty seconds at a time – I want to use it as much as possible! My partner gets a fair amount of use from it too, despite not being a power queen like myself. He usually sticks to the lowest setting and holds it against his glans.

We have found the Die Cast to be too bulky to use between use during penetrative sex, but it is a great aid to have whilst playing with hands and toys. If my partner is using a glass dildo on me for example, I like to have clitoral stimulation at the same time, so this is where the Doxy comes in. I find it easier to orgasm vaginally once I’ve had a couple of strong clitoral orgasms, so this has become a bit of a game changer in our bedroom. We have used it on ourselves, each other and even shared it on a couple of occasions, but I won’t elaborate as to how that worked! It has a long cable (2.8m) so easily reaches from the sockets to the bed, without me needing to get an extension out and kill the mood.

Doxy Die Cast

Overall, I am in love with this thing. It never leaves my bedside. It’s one of the best vibrators I’ve tried in 2016, and possibly, in my life. I have heard that the original Doxy has slightly more strength, which is probably due to the silicone head of the Die Cast blocking some of the vibrations. I usually avoid PVC but as I trust Doxy to make it as safe as possible, I’m going to try and get my hands on the original in 2017 and see for myself. The only downside to a toy such as this is the noise. I live at home still, so unfortunately, I can’t use it as much as I’d like, because it’d be too obvious.


You can purchase the Doxy Die Cast (£149.99) from Lovehoney in Chrome or Sparkly Purple. Affiliate links have been used within this review.

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