Review: Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Masquerade Basque

If you’ve seen the Fifty Shades Darker movie then you might recognize this sexy get-up as Ana wore a very similar one during the ball scene. For me, it is the standout piece of the fifty Shades Darker lingerie line and is my obvious favourite of the three pieces I have. I went back and forth in it for a while, but I knew that I couldn’t resist the temptation and not have this basque. It’s a touch pricier than the pieces I usually go for, but I hoped that Coco de Mer’s luxury take on the design would make it worth the spend.

My initial impressions were that of disappointment as I found the packaging underwhelming. I am in no way asking for layers of extravagance, but I would have appreciated something nicer than a plain plastic pouch. This is not a cheap item of lingerie, so I feel that it deserved a better presentation. I did order through Lovehoney, not Coco, so I can’t be sure that Coco wouldn’t wrap it up in their signature burgundy tissue paper, but I still feel something extra would be needed. A lovely satin gift bag perhaps?

Fifty Shades Darker Masquerade BasqueUntil this range launched I had never had the pleasure of trying lingerie designed by Coco de Mer. They are known for their lavish tastes, so I expected this basque to be immaculate in terms of quality and it truly was. I could not find any flaws with it whatsoever and it appeared to be made beautifully. It’s made up of two main materials, one being satin and the other being mesh. Both felt great to the touch and I was particularly impressed with how soft and comfortable they were. Mesh can sometimes be itchy or irritating, but it wasn’t the case on this basque.

For the original £60 price tag I thought this basque would come with matching underwear. Perhaps that was naive of me and maybe I’ve been spoiled by the additional thong thrown in with cheaper sets, but it bugged me. I would have been pleased with a plain mesh thong with silver trim, but as it didn’t come with anything I’ve been wearing it with regular black undies in the closest material I can find to match. You can pick up a thong or pair of high-waisted briefs separately, but these were not stocked at Lovehoney when I made my purchase.

32B was the smallest size available in this basque and I wear a 30A so I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to fill out the cups or the band wouldn’t fit, but I needn’t have worried. There are three hook-and-eye fastenings on the back and I wear this on the tightest setting. It fits great. From my experiences with the Fifty Shades Darker collection I’d say that the sizing runs small. I wouldn’t consider it to be out of the question for someone who wears a 28 back size, but I think it might be skin-tight on someone who wears a 32.

Fifty Shades Darker Masquerade BasqueAs for the cups, I seemed to fill them out well. I obviously am lacking in the bust department, but there was no gaping or anything like that. I did notice a bit of leftover room as expected, but this wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me. I actually found them to be very flattering, supporting and comfortable. I think they even gave me a bit of a boost too, which is a bonus. It didn’t flatten the little I have to offer, so I’m pretty pleased with the overall fit on the bust.

One thing that I was impressed by was the boning. I have tons of basques and a huge percentage of them look great when standing or sitting still but start to stick out win any sort of movement. It’s not particularly flattering and the odd bump created in the material ruins the look of the outfit and douses water on the sex appeal. The Masquerade Basque doesn’t give me those sort of problems. The boning still moves as I do, but it doesn’t stick out or bend, so no odd bulges appear. This is exactly what I’d hoped it would do, so I was very satisfied. This made it worth the spend for me if I’m honest.

The final thing that I feel is worth mentioning is the suspender straps. These are not removable but can be adjusted. When I’ve pulled them up as much they will allow I am able to attach them to thigh-highs with no problems. I struggle with straps being too long for my five-foot frame all the time, but these seem to run small as the rest of the basque does. That’s great for shorter women like myself, but it means they may not be long enough for those who have a foot on me.

You can purchase the Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Masquerade Basque (£65) from Coco de Mer. No affiliate links have been used within this post.


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