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I had been looking forward to the launch of the Fun Toys G Pop for a long time, so when I received the email asking if I’d like to be one of the first to review it, I jumped at the chance. I’m a big fan of this brand because of the assortment of interesting products they’ve created and my positive experiences with them. I wasn’t sure what I should expect from their latest invention as it’s marketed for two main uses. G spot stimulation and prostate massage. Most toys that can stimulate one of these spots is suitable for the other too (providing there’s a flared base for safety) but I’ve never had the opportunity to see this for myself. My partner seemed excited about the prospects of this toy as it fell within his comfort size range, so we couldn’t wait to give it a test run and see if it shined.

My package came directly from the brand in bland, unassuming packaging as promised. Inside, I found the all-too-familiar but absolutely lovely sturdy cylinder with the product image on the front. It also had some artistic drawings and key features listed on the back. I’m very fond of the packaging style that this company uses as I feel it’s classy and simple and can be a great way to store the items after use. It’s a little bulky for me considering the size of our collection, but may work for others. If you do need to dispose of the tube, never fear, as a storage pouch has been included for lint and damage protection. There’s also the needed charging cable, user manual and the toy itself.

Fun Toys G Pop

Fun Toys G PopFun Toys G PopFun Toys G Pop





The G Pop is made from a seamless, silky silicone that feels elegant and smooth to the touch. It is odourless, non-toxic, phthalate free and body safe. The silicone is luxurious and doesn’t have much drag to its surface at all, but I do recommend keeping some water based lubricant on hand anyway. Especially if the plan is to use this for prostate stimulation. It does attract it’s fair share of lint so be sure to rinse thoroughly before each use. Afterwards clean with soapy water or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. I’d suggest the latter if switching between partners/multiple orifices. I have had no problems doing this and it’s actually my preferred method of cleaning as this has been used in both a butt and a vagina.

A common feature of this brands products is a magnetic charging system and this toy was no exception to that. It has two magnetic points on one side of the finger loop that attach to the magnetic connector on the charging cable. The other end of the cable has a USB which can be placed in any fitting port. A blue light will flash on the base to indicate that the connection was successful and this will turn steady once complete. The manual suggests an initial charge time of two hours, but it has only taken one and half with future charges. It is said that this will last up to four hours per charge, but again, it’s slightly less in our experience.

Fun Toys G PopThere is one button on the G Pop and this is located on the base of the finger loop. You tap once to start the vibrations and tap further to cycle through the six available modes. Press and hold for a few seconds to turn it off. It also has a travel lock which can be activated by pressing and holding for two seconds. It’s easy to understand, but my partner found the positioning tricky.

It was fine during vaginal use as I can simply look down and see what I’m pressing, but when it’s used in someone’s butt, changing settings become harder. My partner needs to be on all fours for anal so he can’t see what he’s doing and has to resort to fiddling around to change the function. An included remote or app controller would have been an excellent addition so I don’t have to creep between his legs and push it for him!

I mentioned above that there are six settings, three are constant modes of vibration and the other three are patterns. I’d describe all six of them as buzzy rather than rumbly, but this is pretty typical of the motors that Fun Toys use. It’s the kind of buzzy that I don’t mind. Shallow, surface level sensations rather than the swarm of bees that numb and desensitize the area in which the toy is being used. I’m not bothered by buzzy vibrations internally and my partner actually prefers them, so we were fine to go ahead and use the G Pop for it’s designed purposes.

This cute treat measures in at just under five inches in total length and offers an understated three inches in insertable pleasure. It’s short and sweet, but long enough to hit the g and p-spot in our experience. If it had been a couple of cm shorter, then this would not have been the case, but thankfully I can sing its praises with the dimensions it decided on. It is pretty slim as well as short, rocking in at just three and a half inches at the widest part of the bulbed head. It’s definitely what I’d call petite, but it can do the jobs it’s designed for if you take the time to get to know it.

Fun Toys G PopI was on the fourth testing session before I figured out how to use it in a way that works for me. It turned out to be a gentle twist and grind of the bulb caressing the g-spot that created success. It is pretty precise with its contact and the way it nudges up against this erogenous zone is rather arousing. I discovered that this toy was not designed to be a thruster, it was designed to be a subtle, sensual experience that helps you get to know your pleasure places at your own pace. Going slow and steady is most likely to get you the results you want from the G Pop.

Both my partner and I had a similar experience with this massager. We both said that the bulb was firm enough to provide suitable levels of pressure to our stimulation spots but the stem flexible enough to make maneuvering a breeze. We both found it comfortable to use and wear, with the curvature to the shaft being in the perfect position to work in our bodies favour. I personally could have used a touch more girth, but my partner stated that the size was perfect for him as a newbie. I needed to combine a clit vibe with the g-spot massager in order to orgasm as the vibrations weren’t strong enough for me on their own, but they should work well for the non power queens of the world. My partner on the other hand found the vibrations to have the perfect intensity for him and had no issues reaching a climax. It’s  the first anal orgasm he’s had from a toy, so I’d consider that a strong indicator that this works perfectly for his prostate.

Fun Toys G Pop

Overall, I think the G Pop is a great introductory massager, be that for prostates or vaginas, and I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like a lot of length or girth and only needs average intensity vibrations. It barely makes any noise, in fact it’s one of the quietest internal toys that I’ve used recently so would be perfect for someone who requires discretion. It may not have blown my mind, but I’m not sure it was supposed to. It feels like a tool made for discovery, rather than full intensity pleasure marathons.

I received the Fun Toys G Pop from FT London in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the G Pop ($55.99/£42.66) from Dallas Novelty. No affiliate links have been used.


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