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Fun Factory MoodyI absolutely adore Fun Factory. I have several of their products now and I just can’t get enough of their stunning designs, colour options and innovations. I have chosen to review the Moody first, as this is the one that I’ve used the most thus far and it’s also my favourite out of the collection I’ve accumulated, closely followed by the Tiger.

The packaging was the same style that I’ve encountered with products I’ve previously purchased from this brand and I’ve come to love it. It’s understated and simple, but there’s something luxurious about that in my opinion. The front of the cardboard sleeve contains an image of the Moody, which is actually true to size and underneath this, a gold box is revealed. Inside the box, you’ll find the vibrator under a strip of cardboard along with the user manual and the charging cable.

The Fun Factory Moody is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, which is completely body-safe and free from latex and phthalates. It has absolutely no odour, which is great and it also has the bonus of being hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-porous. The silicone is smooth to the touch, thanks to the luxurious matte finish, which makes this toy extremely pleasing to the eye, but means it attracts a ridiculous amount of lint. Luckily, this vibrator is completely waterproof so rinsing before each use is no problem and cleaning afterwards with toy cleaner and water is effortless. As the finish is matte, the material has more drag to it than I expected, so plenty of water-based lubricant is needed and recommended for reducing that friction.

Before I could use the Moody, I had to place it on a full charge. The manual recommends around eight hours for the first time and six to eight afterwards, which might seem like a long time, but it’s totally worth it. From my experience, a full charge lasts around two to three hours of use on the maximum speed. To charge it, simply plug the USB into your chosen charging port and attach the other end of the charger to the magnetic points located at the base of the toy. The charger lights up permanently when in use and the Fun button flashes when first connected. When the toy reaches its halfway charging point, you’ll notice that the minus button has a steady glow and the plus button flashes faintly, which leads to both glowing steadily as the charge increases. Once the charge is at 100% the Fun button will once again begin to flash.

Fun Factory MoodyAfter several hours of impatiently waiting, the Moody was finally ready. It’s operated via a three-button control panel, a fun button & a plus & minus. The fun button turns the toy on & when held down for a few seconds it turns it off. The plus button increases the intensity & cycles through the various settings, whilst the minus button decreases the intensity & cycles back down through the functions. It also has a travel lock which can be activated by pressing the fun and plus buttons at the same time & deactivated by pressing the fun and minus button.

I decided to use this against the clitoris to begin with, which I wasn’t sure would work due to the squishy tip, but surprisingly it somehow managed to do it for me. I tend to prefer harder toys against my clitoris as I like firm pressure without the toy moving or the vibrations being dulled, but for some reason, the Moody went against those things and still won me over. It wasn’t on par with the strongest toys that I own, but it’s still a powerful toy so the vibrations felt great and an orgasm was possible. I would happily use this toy for that purpose again, although I think it shines best at it’s designed purpose as a g-spot stimulator.

Coating the vibrator with a generous serving of Sliquid, I inserted it and found it slid into position with ease. I thought it was really comfortable due to the flexibility of the top portion of the shaft and the squishy tip that I mentioned earlier. It has a fantastic shape for g-spot stimulation and the curved tip is absolutely excellent at finding the right spots to hit. If I use quick thrusting or a forceful rocking motion I can have my world rocked in a matter of moments. I think the reason I can orgasm so easily with this toy is because of the additional stimulation of the vaginal walls. The textured swirls in the shaft can be felt against the vaginal walls stimulating away whilst the head targets the g-spot. The combination of the two is bliss.

Fun Factory MoodyIt doesn’t quite hit the a-spot, but I think the sensations it brings to other areas of the vagina are more than enough. It has a satisfying girth of 5.3 inches around the widest part of the shaft, which feels slightly bigger due to the texture, but is not overwhelming. It is a toy that makes me feel full, but it doesn’t cross the line into uncomfortable, so I think it would be manageable for anybody who has some experience with insertables and enough lube on hand. The length is around four inches, which might not sound like much, but it’s really all that I need with a vibrator like this.

I absolutely love the vibrations that this toy has to offer and they feel similar in strength to the G5 line. I personally feel that settings one through four are rumbly whilst five and six are slightly buzzy, although it’s not by much. I think these vibrations feel strongest in the widest point of the shaft, but they travel well throughout the entire toy. The strength is great and it’s more than enough for me to orgasm with, particularly internally. It has six patterns that all have a nice amount of power too, although they don’t do anything for me as I’m more of a constant vibration kinda girl.

The only downside that I can think of is that the vibrations travel through to the handle, which can numb the hand during use and feel slightly irritating. It’s something that I can cope with in the name of awesome orgasms, but I’d much rather it didn’t happen. If Fun Factory could find a way to make these handled toys without the vibrations travelling to the handle, I think I’d have absolutely nothing to complain about other than the amount of lint the toys attract.

Fun Factory MoodyIn terms of noise, I did my usual test of standing outside the bedroom door with it left on full intensity whilst on a flat surface. I find this is when a toy is at its loudest, so it’s the most accurate way to tell if it can be heard or not from the hallway. It could be picked up on very faintly without any background music, but any sounds from a vibrator are soon gone once the bedroom door is closed. If you’re using this with a closed-door and a fan or the tv on in the background, I can’t see there being any problems with discretion, so based on that, I’d be happy to recommend it to people who value quietness.

You can purchase the Fun Factory Moody ($139.99/£109.28) from Bettys Toy Box. Affiliate links have been used within this review.

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