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Fun Factory have created something extraordinary with their Stronic line. It introduced a whole new category of sex toys into the world. These toys are not vibrators, nor do they feel like it. They are actually pulsators and stimulate with a thrusting motion. They basically move back and forth, so are more or less a portable (and smaller) fucking machine. I haven’t tried a fucking machine and don’t really intend to, so I can’t say that it gives exactly the same stimulation, but the concept is similar I suppose. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about something that pulsates rather than vibrates, but I was very excited to give this innovation a try.

Fun Factory Stronic EinsThe packaging for the Stronic Eins was as I expected from this brand – simplistic and minimal. It’s couple-friendly, gender-neutral and non-intimidating whilst still feeling somewhat luxurious. A combination that can be hard to get right, but Fun Factory have nailed it. It has a cardboard sleeve depicting an image of the product on the front which is removed to reveal a gold storage box underneath. Inside the box, the toy can be found alongside the charger and the user manual. There is no storage bag included.

Before I could give the Eins a try, a gruelling first charge was needed. It needs to be left alone for sixteen hours, so it’s best to leave it overnight to do its thing. Good thing about that though, is that I haven’t needed to recharge it since and I’ve had it for around four weeks. It charges via a magnetic system, so you need to attach the end of the charger to the magnetic points on the base of the pulsator and plug the USB into a port. The Fun button flashes when first connected and the other buttons will then flash turning to a steady glow once the charge is almost over. A second flash of the Fun button will indicate the battery is completely charged.

After a night (and several hours of morning) of impatiently waiting, the Eins was finally ready for a test drive. I was pleased to see that the control panel is the same as it is on other Fun Factory models as this saved time getting to know the buttons. The Fun button turns the toy on and off, the plus button increases the speed/movement and cycles through the various settings whilst the minus cycles back down and decreases speed. It also has a travel lock feature which can be activated by pressing the Fun and plus button at the same time and deactivated by pressing the Fun and minus.

It is made from the 100% medical-grade silicone that I know and love from this brand. It’s completely body-safe and is free from those things we want to avoid such as latex and phthalates. It’s completely odourless as-well as being non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic. The silicone is smooth to the touch and has a luxurious, soft matte finish. It was no surprise to me that it had quite a bit of drag to it as this just seems to be part and parcel of owning a Fun Factory product. I advise keeping a thick water-based lubricant on hand, as you are going to need it, and don’t be afraid to be generous with the application. It’s fully waterproof so removing the ton of cat hair, dust and lint that the material attracts is no problem and rinsing after with soap and water is a breeze.

Fun Factory Stronic EinsIn regards to the measurements, it’s just above average I’d say. It has an overall length of 9.25 inches but only six of these are insertable, the rest is just handle room. Six inches are a reasonable amount of length for a toy of this type and I can safely say after using the Eins that anymore length would have probably been painful. It has a circumference of five inches around the widest point, which isn’t extreme but I think the firmness and drag of the material play a part in making this pulsator feel bigger than it is.

When I tried the Stronic Eins for the first time I was sort of like ‘oh, that’s what it feels like’. I felt rather indifferent about it. It wasn’t a toy that I loved or hated from the outset, but I couldn’t decipher which way my feelings were leaning. Even after five tries, I was still confused. I came to a conclusion after around ten attempts in that I do like the Eins, but I needed time to get used to it. I still prefer vibrators to pulsators, but I think there’s definitely a time and a place in my collection for something like this.

For example, I have weak wrists/joints so thrusting is not always an option for me which sucks if my partner isn’t around and I’m craving internal stimulation. This is the perfect occasion to bring out the Eins. It basically does all the work for me. All I have to do is choose the setting and hold onto the handle quite tightly. It has a slightly angled/curved tip that is pretty good for g-spot stimulation and the silicone is firm enough that I can get the sort of pressure that I require. It hits the right spots for me and feels great, but I need to combine that stimulation with a clitoral vibrator for the best results.

It offers ten different settings, the first three offer a shallow/gentle back and forth motion but improve in speeds with each tap of the plus button. The next two up the ante a little bit more. After that, the rest of the settings are sequenced thrusts with variation in terms of their speed and intensity. I particularly liked one of these settings that my partner has lovingly nicknamed ‘the hand job’. He says that holding onto the shaft whilst on that mode sort of feels like a hand job in that it starts slow then speeds up and you can feel the different points of pressure within the pulsator. The final settings on the Eins are for times when I’m need of serious stimulation. I’ve found these to be the best for g-spot stuff.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

It has a little clitoral nub located near the bottom of the shaft but I couldn’t get this to work with my body. I didn’t like to insert the full shaft of the Eins as I noticed it hit my cervix once or twice and mine is rather sensitive so it wasn’t pleasant. If you can insert the entire shaft with no problems, you might have better luck with the clitoral stimulation aspect, but for me I just bring in my trusty Tango to do that job.

Following my experience with the quieter and stronger than I thought it would be Eins, I would try another pulsator in the future, but I’d be curious to try something with more texture i.e the Stronic Drei. I wonder if the textured shaft and thrusting motion alone would be enough to bring me to climax, without needing additional sex toys. I am not sure whether I’d get along with something like the Stronic Fusion though, as I feel I may encounter similar issues with the clitoral stimulator.

In conclusion, I love the innovation behind the Stronic Eins and I think that it’s worth a try if you suffer with mobility issues/reach problems/strength or joint dilemmas. As someone with minimal wrist strength, I found the Eins to be really useful on occasions where using a dildo was out of the equation. I haven’t managed to orgasm with this alone yet, but I think some more time and testing could lead there eventually. I’m still finding my bearings with this device so I’m not ruling out future solo climaxes although I think it’s more likely that the Drei would do it for me.

I received the Fun Factory Stronic Eins (£109) from Orgasmic in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the Stronic Eins (£129.99) from Lovehoney. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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