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I may not be new to anal sex or using toys anally, but plugs are kind-of a new thing for me. I’ve only tried a handful so far and this happened to be my first vibrating one. I asked Fun Toys if I could review this plug as I was not only curious to see how the vibrations felt, but I was super intrigued by the idea of it being remote-controlled. I was sent the G Plug and the G Ring controller (that also happens to be a finger vibrator that can be used separately) to test out and explore in exchange for my feedback.

My package came directly from Fun Toys and was discreet as promised. Inside the box, I found both items alongside the G Vibe Mini (which I’ll be reviewing later). I fell in love with the packaging all over again. I loved the way that the items were presented in my last set of Fun Toys reviews and this hasn’t changed. Both the G Plug and the G Ring arrive in sturdy cylinders with product photos on the front, artistic drawings on the back and key features listed on the side. I think it’s classy and luxurious, as well as being a great way to store them after each use. In each cylinder I found the advertised product alongside a branded storage pouch, charging cable and instruction manual.

Fun Toys G Plug and G RingI received both products in ‘Rose’ which is a bright pink shade, but they are also available in dark blue. I would have preferred the blue, but that’s not a big deal. If I get the bigger plug in the future, I’ll definitely be opting for the blue rather than the pink. It’s not that I dislike the pink used or anything, it’s just that I have so many pink sex toys already it’s nice to add some variety whenever possible. It’s more neon than I expected it to be too and some might even say garish.

The G Plug and the G Ring are both made from silicone. It’s a premium, medical-grade material that is non-toxic, non-porous, odourless and hypoallergenic. It’s completely body-safe and free from the likes of latex and phthalates. I have to say that I absolutely love the look and feel of the silicone. It is seam free, very smooth to the touch and almost velvety. It’s more luxurious than I expected and has minimal drag. Having said that, a touch of water-based lubricant will remove any friction from the material and aid insertion. Being silicone, it attracts dust, lint and cat hair like crazy so I would recommend giving the products a quick rinse before each use. Both are fully waterproof which makes clean-up easy and aquatic fun possible. You can use soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaner following use, depending on your preferences. I like to wipe with antibacterial toy wipes first and then give a thorough rinse with soapy water.

Both products are USB rechargeable. I have to throw in a quick mention to the fact that the charging cables are red and have ‘FT’ written on them as this makes them easily identifiable in a drawer full of black cables. The USB end of the charger goes into a port and the other end is attached to the base of each product. There are two dots that indicate where to attach the cable to the product and this system is magnetic. It’s surprisingly strong and much better than some other magnetic systems that I’ve had experience with. Whilst the G Plug and G Ring are charging, the LED light will be flashing. This light stays continuously on once the charge is complete. The charging time for both products is an hour and a half. The G Plug lasts around 40 minutes on the highest mode and the G Ring can run for up to an hour.

When I was asked which size I wanted, I asked for the small. It comes in large too, but there is currently no medium option. I was quite surprised by how small the G Plug actually was when it arrived, but it’s perfect for butt play beginners. I have some experience with anal, so looking back I probably could have taken on the large, but I digress. The small has 2.95 inches of overall length, of which 1.5 inches are insertable. It has a traditional butt plug shape with its pointed tip, rounded body and slender neck. It also has that all important circular base to stop it getting lost. Never use anything in your butt that doesn’t have a flared base. As for the girth, it’s just under 3.5 inches.

Fun Toys G Plug and G RingIf you wish to use the G Plug without the remote, then that’s really simple. Just press the power button on the plug to turn on the vibrations. Continue to press to flick through the six vibration modes. I found it easiest to pick the setting I wanted and then insert the plug, as trying to operate functions between legs is not the easiest of tasks. To turn the vibrations off, you have to go through all of the modes. After the sixth setting you reach the off mode. I personally wish something had been implemented so that I could turn it off without doing this, but that’s just a personal preference and minor frustration.

If you decide to use the G Plug and G Ring together then that’s easy enough to do too. Press the power button on the G Plug for a couple of seconds. The LED light will then start flashing which means that it’s in remote mode. Press the plus button on the G Ring to complete the connection and begin the vibrations. You then have a couple of options as to do what to do next. You can increase or decrease the power of the vibrations by pressing the plus and minus buttons or change between the six modes by pressing the central button. To turn off the vibrations in the G Ring but continue to use it as a remote, simply press the mode button down for three seconds. To switch the G Ring completely off press the plus and minus buttons together.

Out of six modes, two really stood out to me. One was the constant vibration as y’all know I love those, but I also liked one of the patterns. There’s an escalation/rollercoaster mode which can be really fun to use during long-term wear for teasing. I’ve discovered over the years that my butt is more sensitive to vibration than my vagina/external nether regions, so I actually don’t mind buzziness when it comes to my butt. The settings on the G Plug are definitely what I’d class as buzzy, but they have a decent amount of strength considering how small this thing is. I could have gone for more power, but I honestly don’t know how they’d have packed it in.

Fun Toys G Plug and G Ring

In regards to how comfortable this plug was to wear, I’d have to say very. This is the sort of plug that I can wear for long-term use without having any problems. It hasn’t slipped out at any points and it’s small enough that re-lubing throughout use is not essential for me. I did have initial concerns that the plug would be difficult to insert as the neck/base are a little flexible, but this didn’t seem to affect insertion at all. If anything, it made it easier to angle, which I can being good for those who are using this for prostate play.

As for the G Ring, I prefer it as a remote control, rather than a finger vibrator. It has a very different shape to other finger vibrators we’ve used, this one is more snug and provides closer contact than any of the others. I tried it against my clitoris and although I liked the amount of pressure that I could get, the vibrations weren’t strong enough or rumbly so they didn’t do much for me. I expected this as I’m quite fussy with external vibrations. We did find that it got some use as a finger vibrator though as my partner rather likes it. It can be used against his nipples or as an added extra during a frenulum massage.

Fun Toys G Plug and G Ring

It’s fantastic as a remote. Such a great idea that really works. It’s super convenient, makes changing settings much easier and it can be handed over to a partner for some extra fun. Both products that I talked about in this post are quiet, which makes me think that they’d be great options if you’re someone who wants to wear a remote-controlled butt plug publicly, but you’ll have to be creative with ways to disguise the neon pink controller.

In conclusion, I wish I had gone for the larger size as I think that would have been more of a challenge for me, but I think the G Plug Small is absolutely perfect for first-time butt plug users, those who have little to no experience with anal and those who simply don’t like the feeling of being stretched. It’s comfortable to wear for long-term use and the power it has for its size is quite remarkable. I think the G Plug works best in combination with the G Ring and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving the set a try.

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I received the G Plug Small and the G Ring from Fun Toys in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! You can purchase the G Plug Small (£49.95) and the G Ring (£39.95) in Rose or Blue from Simply Pleasure. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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    In some cases the stickiness can be scrubbed off, but we do not recommend that silicone lubricants be used with silicone toys because we don’t know how these lubricants will affect the porosity and integrity of the toy over time.


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